“This kid,Babble”Lin Lian shook her head。

Fuming put the iron box in a small hole under the bed,Buried tightly with soil,After burying,Just have time to look good
This halberd,The whole halberd is about one person tall,Half the thickness of a human arm,Halberd head is divided into three heads,Longest in the middle。
Half moon shape on both sides,Dark silver overall,Look in the light,Very sharp,Three words are engraved on the head of the halberd‘Halberd’!
“Domineering name,Judgment,Ruin the life of God?”Fuming sighed。
“Hehe,Since Uncle Wang gave it to me,Uncle Wang’s craftsmanship is so good,It’s definitely not bad for me!”Fuming thinks so,Pretty beautiful in my heart,But he doesn’t know how many people can be crazy with the weapon he holds!
“Nothing more,Time to sleep,Really looking forward to it”Fuming and looking at the stars outside,Full of expectation。
And Uncle Wang packed his bags,Left the village quietly,Walked to the cliff not far from the village,Looking at the man standing on the edge of the cliff and said:“I’m coming,Can go”
The man looks at Uncle Wang,Respectfully salute“Xiao Feiweng, one of the six generals under the Saints,Have seen the king。”
“Ha ha,Don’t need to be so polite to me”Uncle Wang waved his hand。
“Now that your business is done,We should go too,Master Shengshen is also waiting”Xiao Feiweng stimulates genes in vivo,Attribute activation,Is water。
Attributes condense wings shape,Into the sky,And the fire-colored wings appeared behind Uncle Wang,The unremarkable Uncle Wang turned out to beaClass fighter,But why did he tell Fuming that he has no genetic lock?,Uncle Wang glanced at the village,And followed Xiao Feiweng to the sky。
(Please look back patiently,Will satisfy you,If something is not good,I will correct,Please give pointers)
Chapter two:Sky falls,Heartbroken
The next morning,Fuming got up early,I washed my face with cool water,With him,The air today is exceptionally fresh,starting today,Do not,From this moment on,Your life will change drastically。

Above the surface of the earth3.5Distance of ten thousand kilometers。

The satellite is orbiting the earth。
This artificial satellite,It was specially customized by Li Ming in Qiulongxing,Twelve,Its reconnaissance ability far exceeds earth technology。
Baba is also connected to twelve satellites,Gather confidence。
“recent,Nothing special happened。No other human beings in the universe come to earth,There is nothing wrong with the earth itself,There must be no planetary geological disasters,There is no problem with those ruins。”
Babata is investigating while analyzing the data。
Babata’s face suddenly changed。
“Found what?!”Li Ming Q&A。
“I just used twelve horned dragon stars to produceDXA-15Satellite scan,No problems,Not even the satellites are found。”
“But use the detectors arranged before Meteor Star to detect,Discover the original Hawaiian islands of the earth,Because it’s close to the so-called Bermuda on your planet1Ancient Civilization Remains,In fact, it is also an important place in the line of our Meteorite Star,Found that a meteorite appeared suddenly!”
“A meteorite found suddenly?!”Li Ming felt the strangeness。
“If it is a real meteorite,DXA-15It’s impossible to detect!”Babata says:“The probe that we deployed before the Meteorite,Actually no problem,It just shows that it is a very ordinary meteorite。But a meteorite that cannot be found with ordinary satellites。。。Then it is worth pondering!”
“Meteorite?”Li Ming nodded,“Whether or not,Go and probe。Babata,Lock me where the meteorite fell。”
“Ok,Locked position,I will guide you directly。”Babata nodded,He also felt the seriousness of this matter。
Li Ming flew directly out of the wandering martial arts headquarters,Tissot flashed under her feet,Fly directly towards north east。
At Li Ming’s current flying speed,After a few breaths, I reached the Pacific Ocean over the Hawaiian Islands。
Before Nirvana,Here are the best beaches on earth,It’s also the biggest place for sightseeing。
But during the Nirvana period,Lu Shen was destroyed by monsters a long time ago。

Ma Xiao saw Hu Shin, etc. who are being smashing.,Directly。

Hu Shin was also scared by Ma Xiao.。
Immediately turn your eyes to Li Hui。
He is the person under the bottom of Li.,Li Hui Feng said how to do,How can he do it?。
From the other party,I am not a good thing at first glance.。
“Continue to smash!”
Li Hui is very calm and said to Hu Shin.。
Hu Shin He heard this,It is also without hesitation.。
This is just anger Ma Xiao.,He started when he was mixed with the four seas,When did you be ignored??
“You a few,Give me a death,I have a disabled.。”
This exit,Originally, I followed the people of Ma Xiao.。
They also like to see that the feeling of fear is full of fear.。
“Horses,do not worry,These people don’t have a good time today.。”
Say this,Several people rushed to the Hoodlin in the past。
A few people in the Hu Shulin are also preparations.。
Ready to counter。
But the few people have not waited for the Body of Hu Shulin.,It was blocked by Li Hui.。
“how?We have already retired money to him.,We can’t take our decoration materials.?”
Several blending in Ma Xiao saw Li Hui Feng dry this way,Directly slap in the head of Li’s wind。
“Don’t want to die,Roll away……”
I haven’t finished it yet.,Hand has not fallen yet。
It is directly sent to Li with the wind.。
Several fewers have not yet, and they have fallen on the ground.。
Lightning speed,Let the few people fly out。
A few people see Li Hui Feng.,They are surprised,But the same Li Hui’s hand is also given him aesthetic pill.。
“You continue to demolish,Don’t tell us,Then we don’t have to reason.。”
Ma Xiao also didn’t expect that Li Hui Feng will have such a hand.。
Immediately after scared。
“superior,Give me up,Give me a guy。”
Ma Xiaogao shouted,But the few people in the ground, but there is no gathered.。
Li Hui rushed to Ma Xiaomo,Laugh:“Let’s talk about it.,Which boss behind you is??Ling Sihai?Ye Fengchun?Still Fanzhong!”
I listened to Li Hui.,Ma Xiaoyima also has some scared faces,Immediately install a self-fearful look。

Refining the road end,Means Liao Wenjie must leave,Two snakes are free。

However, Liao Wenjie promised to accompany them a lifetime,Naturally, it will not brag,Chat with the law,I will find a way to re-return to this world.。
The only thing,It is his promise that he will often accompany the absence and leave.。
Maybe Liao Wenjie’s words and deeds have expressed what,Bai Suzhen and Xiaoqing have feel,I have been sticking around him tonight.。
Be right,Two snakes are also in the bath。
As for only the shadow,Didn’t see the snake shadow,Know all,Do not understand。
suddenly,Liao Wenjie brow wrinkled,Saving your clothes fromside,Get upright,Steaming body,Set of clothes disappeared。
In the bath,Xiaobai Xiaoyan probe,The face is not clear.。
Liaofu,Liao Wenjie appeared,Quickly rush to the distant alley,Remove two people who have a blood from the shadow。
Emido and small jade。
The former,Three blood circles in the chest and abdomen,Death is only halfway,the latter……
Have already cold。
One of Liao Wenji,Running a hurry,Taoism to show spring,Pulled it from the death line。
“Jie Ge,The situation is a bit serious.!”
“It is very serious,Xiao Yu people are gone。”
“Do not,I am not a small jade,She is fine,Can’t die,I will find a way to save her.。”
Emptomend relies on the wall,Failed fans behind your ass,I am angry with fan:“I follow your intelligence,Night exploration Yuan Bawen old nest,As a result, this goods hide several evil spirits,It seems to know that I am going to,Prepared in advance, the trap is waiting for the rabbit,Also grabbed the small jade……”
Emptive episodes, before the consequences,He uses the fan asked the ambassador to do the upper body.,Press the demon of the demon。Never want to,The last effort of the Dadozu teacher has just passed,Yuan Baotian suddenly entered the magic,Twisted hostage small jade neck,I have been smashed with three knives.。
Pu fan can show three gods within one day,The first time I was seriously turned into the game,The second time was taken by him,The third time is to strategically press Yuan Ba Tian’s demon ghost under the Leifeng Tower.。
“Tower on the side of the West Lake,I have observed it for a long time.,I always feel missing.,It turned out to be something。”
Empty color pale,Touching the wine gourd and drink a bite:“Unlucky,The difficulty of the illusion of the nine evils has increased,And there is no one behind him.,Depressed me。”
Liao Wenjie heard the words,Half-awaited。
“Jiege,Your face is wrong.!”
Emperor is confused:“It is not clear enough.,Or, what did you notice??”
“nothing,Compared to Yuan Baimen’s demon ghost,I am more concerned about the situation of Xiaoyu,How do you plan to save her??”
“I secretly tell me you.,Don’t say。”
I have a little bit,Small channel:“Kunlun Mountain ganoderma sesame can be returned to life,It is a fascinating in the early days of Antarctic.,There is a fairy crane long-term guard。”
“Uh,Don’t tell me,You have to sin, South Polarovilion。”
Liao Wenjie black face,More, I feel that Lyon and Jiyi appear,A mad,An epilepsy,And all people hate dogs,I will be disappeared if I go.。
“That is not,But I have to sin.,I want to get the spirit of the grass this time.,Can only be cheated,no,Can only be wisdom。”Emperor is serious。
“whatever,Anyway people do things,You are like a side。”
Liao Wenjie vomiting,If you don’t make a mistake,The Ganoderma lucidum in Kunlun Mountain should be taken by Xiaobai and Little Couton.,Just because Xiaoyan’s drink under the rice wine is revealed, the original shape will scare Xian Xian.。
The law of the National Qing Temple,Pooh,It is the behind-the-scenes of the scene. I feel that he is more worker than Xu Xian.,Temporary rewrite script,Replace the male protagonist,I have no Xu Xian now.,There is also this paragraph that was scared.。
Liao Wenjie thought that there was no such thing as a spirit.,I still want to go away when I am leaving.,It seems that it is no chance.。

“It really is Qiao Tianyu!”Lily did not expect,Qiao Tianyu really came back!

But Lily doesn’t understand,Qiao Tianyu just vomited1.06Trillion dollar yen,Now he is throwing the dollar again,To exchange for yen,What way?Playing around?
Although Lily didn’t reflect what Qiao Tianyu wanted to do for a while,but1000Billion dollars in yen is not a small sum。
If the Bank of Japan doesn’t hurry up and pay the bill,Will cause the yen exchange rate to rise,At that time, Japan’s import and export trade will also be a fatal blow!
“eat!”Lily has no other choice,I had to order to take orders。
But for Lily and the Bank of Japan,Although I just used US dollar reserves to eat Japanese yen,It needs to be calculated carefully,After all, no matter how many dollar reserves Japan holds,There is always a number,Run out and run out。
But let’s talk about using yen to eat dollars,But no worries about this。
Just like the U.S. dollar is printed by the U.S. central bank,So in transactions involving the use of U.S. dollars,The Fed absolutely plays the role of an omnipotent god,Can continuously provide dollar shells without hesitation。
The yen is printed by the Bank of Japan,same,In transactions involving the use of yen,The Bank of Japan plays the role of God again,As long as it wants,The Bank of Japan can also provide a steady stream of dollar shells without hesitation。
So use yen to eat dollars,Lily has no psychological burden at all,At this time, she completely changed from the perspective of God,She wants to see where Qiao Tianyu, the beam jumping clown, is going to jump!
See on the international foreign exchange market1000Billion dollars in Japanese yen were eaten instantly,Everyone in the Horizon Fund headquarters turned their eyes to Qiao Tianyu again。
Everyone at this moment feels almost the same as Lily,Were all confused by Qiao Tianyu’s accidental move,I don’t know what Qiao Tianyu wants to do,Are looking forward to Qiao Tianyu’s next move。
On the other hand, Qiao Tianyu,Seeing that the Japanese yen bill she made was quickly eaten by Lily,The corners of Qiao Tianyu’s mouth rise slightly,Nodded very satisfied。

Looking at Crawford’s tangled expression,Many Lucy felt a bit of pleasure out of thin air:“Isn’t the meaning clear??Mr. Crawford,from now on,Intel is no longer the only one for usCPUsupplier。

Oh,correct,Say hello to you in advance,Given the poor quality of Intel memory,Mr. Crawford,I suggest that Intel not participate in the day after tomorrowDRAMBidding for the project,This is better for Intel。”
People have to bow their heads under the eaves,Crawford feels like this now,When Intel is no longer unique to data research companies,Crawford’s greatest reliance is gone……Although Intel has received some news before,But blind confidence covers Intel’s eyes,right now,It’s time for Intel to pay the price:“Lady Dorothy,I admit,Previously, Intel was not careful and cautious in handling the relationship between the two companies,Intel agreed to your request,We can sign a draft share transfer agreement now……”
Without waiting for Crawford to finish,Dorothy looked at him pityingly,Shook his head:“Mr. Crawford,You still haven’t figured out one thing。”
Facing Crawford’s astonished and puzzled eyes,Dorothy said:“bossIn the beginning,Just hope to ensure the security of chip supply,But you refused without hesitationbossAfter the holding requirements,Intel will no longer be the exclusive chip supplier for data research companies,Do you understand?”
Can’t become the exclusive chip supplier of data research company……exclusive……
Become Intel’s CEO,Crawford is naturally not stupid,He immediately understood what Dolucy meant:Intel will not be the only chip supplier for data research companies,But it does not mean that Intel was kicked out of the data research company。
Fernandez·Chen needs Motorola chips to counterbalance Intel,But he’s not afraid that Motorola’s tail will be too big?Of course there is this worry too,As long as he is worried that Motorola will have moths on the chip in the future,Data research companies still need Intel。
Although it’s different from the previous treatment,,But at this moment,Crawford was still relieved:As long as Intel is not completely kicked out。
“I understand,”Crawford nodded:“What will Intel do?”
Dorothy took out a document from her bag,Push to Crawford:“Look at this document,Sign it if it’s ok。”
Open the file and glanced quickly,Crawford’s face instantly turned pale,My lips started to tremble,He looked up at Dolucy,Hard way:“Lady Dorothy,This……This……”
“how?”Dorothy raised her eyebrows:“Do you think this price is unacceptable?”
PS:Finally finished the Dutch paragraph,Scared to death!
First693chapter Career stains

Before Chen Geng,Although there are also precedents of Chinese serving as mayors of certain cities in the United States,But those cities are not so much“city”,It’s better to say it’s a county seat……A city that doesn’t even have Wal-Mart, the largest supermarket chain in the United States,Embarrassed to call myself“city”Is it?

In addition,Chen Geng’s appointment also created a lot of history,such as:
He is the first in American history to receive the President and Secretary of State of the United States on the day he took office.、White House Chief of Staff congratulates the new mayor on the phone;
He is the first American mayor to receive a congratulatory call from the heads of state of China and the United Kingdom, two permanent members of the United Nations, on the day of his appointment.;
He is the first day in American history to take office,The governor of the state where he lives with all members of the state cabinet came to the scene to congratulate the mayor of the United States;
He is the first mayor in U.S. history to receive a message from a trade association on the day he took office;
He is also the first in American history to deliberately move the start date of the Major League Soccer and Major League Football to today.、To celebrate his appointment as mayor……
be honest,When these news came,Even the common people of Detroit are suppressed:We all know that Mr. Fernandez is very goodX,But he is so awesomeX?!
Bros,long time no see
Brothers,long time no see,Long time no billing chapter,It’s been almost three or four months,The reason why there is no billing chapter for so long,One is because the previous update was not strong,For an author, the update is not strong and there is no face to send a single chapter.,The second reason is that everyone was fighting the epidemic before,Thousands of years are silently praying for our nation like everyone,Just keep some words in my heart。
But today,Different。
on the one hand,Our anti-epidemic situation has fully improved,Today, we went around for a thousand years,In addition to the catering industry on the street,The other stores have basically opened,This shows what?It shows that with the concerted efforts of our whole country,The most difficult stage has passed,As the saying goes,Difficulties,Thousands of years firmly believe that the difficulties this time cannot help our Chinese nation,I can’t help the readers brothers who have lived for thousands of years;
On the other hand,This is not last month’s update, it’s a good idea,Thousands of years this cheeky came out again,I hope to use the character that I saved for a whole month last month to ask everyone for a guaranteed monthly pass。
As for the last one,Write here,It’s almost finished,About two or three months,The new book has also been conceived,And have already written part of it,and so,In the last few months of this book,I also ask you brothers to give more strength to the millennium,here,Thank you brothers and sisters for thousands of years。
Sincerely, Millennium
First1159chapter Stabilize the police system
30% of the captured will be called back to the police system?

Soon,Liu Wenzhang is back with Gao Dajin。

Just walked in,Gao Dajin leaned forward with a smile,Said:“Boss Wu,You can make money this time?Is there any good business to take care of my brother??”
Other words with puns,I’m actually talking about the hunt for Elder Liu。
Elder Liu’s information was sold to Wu Hao,It turns out that the front foot is sold,Elder Liu was slaughtered,Know without thinking,Wu Hao definitely did this!
It’s just that Gao Dajin is not sure,Wu Hao did it himself,Or is there a master behind him to drive。
“If there is any inconvenient goods,give it to me!Guarantee fair price。”Gao Dajin smiled。
Lu Menglin shook his head,Tao:“Not needed yet。”
“Isn’t it?Then what are you looking for?Isn’t it because you want to kill someone??My little heart can’t stand fright!”Gao Dajin pretended to panic,Patting his chest。
if we assume,In Tianzun God City,What other people and forces Lu Menglin still can’t see through,Then Gao Dajin in front of him and the grassroots gang behind him,Even one。
Gao Dajin laughed and scolded,Looks gag,Not like a serious person,But he is the kind of person who can really solve problems。
At least Lu Menglin can’t get the top secret information in Prince Ning’s Mansion.,But Gao Dajin just got it。
And this guy is extremely cunning,As if nothing can be hidden from him in God City。
“okay!Lao Gao,It’s serious to see you!Tomorrow noon,I will have a party at the Guangming Dragon Temple,Public auction of our special products and long-term supply rights of Bairimen,You know。In addition,Don’t hide,I got a good ability from the sacrifice,I think there may be great business opportunities。Priest of Thunder,And the Sixth Prince,Have been notified,Every big family in the city will send people over。How about you?Your friends in the arena,Are you interested?How about joining in for fun?”

“what’s the situation?No time for your clock?Don’t give face?”Xiaoqu cold road。

Zhai Xiaoxin frowned,Looked at the people in the box,Suddenly patted the small window on the box door,Made two gestures at the people outside。
The ladies outside turned around and left,Not at all muddled,I guess it was called。
Zhai Xiaoxin turned his face,Sneered:“I know,You guys are here today!Want to fuck me?”
Liu Taosheng saw her look like this,Heartache again,Panic again,Shook his head quickly:“Do not,no!We didn’t expect to meet you。”
“Pooh!You are an idiot as an old lady!”Zhai Xiaoxin yelled viciously。
Liu Taosheng is sad,Shook his head:“you,How did you become like this?You are obviously not like this!You are in my heart.”
The voice has not fallen,Zhai Xiaoxin has choked:“enough!I never liked you,You are a fool!Do you know why I found you?”
Speaking of which,Zhai Xiaoxin looks around,The line of sight fell on Lu Menglin’s body。
“It’s him!He doesn’t accept me,I went to tease you on purpose,Just want him to regret!”Zhai Xiaoxin points to Lu Menglin,Sternly。
Uproar,Even Lu Menglin looked dazed。
Liu Taosheng’s face changed from surprised to stunned,silently

The girl spent the night in Liufang,Many ideas,Seeing Kim So Yeon now,I especially want to know if this superb beauty will be like myself,Also have some other ideas。

After all,Wang Yanan stayed at Wang Shaoxiao’s house all night,Although she doesn’t say anything,Actually, I have a lot of criticism about Wang Shaoxiao’s family environment,I began to wonder if I was blinded。
Whether it’s the big environment of Liufang,Or Wang Shaoxiao’s family situation,So she can’t see any power,Instead, I feel that this kind of old state-owned enterprise is already a building,The decline is obvious。
It’s just that she is still a little curious about Lu Menglin,Wonder where they earn their money。
If you just rely on those half-dead game halls,You must not be able to enter Miss Wang’s law。
Seeing Jin Suyan and Lu Menglin are still so close,There hasn’t been any change due to the other party’s family situation,Wang Yanan couldn’t help being a little surprised,Decided to continue to observe for a while。
Four people seated,The restaurant started serving food soon。
“You come to Liufang,Must try this dish!This dish is roast chicken with winter bamboo shoots,I use the freshest bamboo shoots of the season,Only in our place of origin,You can never eat it outside。”Wang Shaoxiao introduced with a smile。
In addition to roast chicken with bamboo shoots,Also served a plate of braised prawns,Also specialties,Not to mention chef craftsmanship,It’s just the midwinter season,Can eat fresh prawns,This in itself is the biggest feature。
Wang Shaoxiao smiled at Wang Yanan:“This shrimp is delicious,You eat more。I’ll peel it for you later!”
Look at the fat guy so considerate,Lu Menglin couldn’t help but smile,It seems that he really likes this girl。
Wang Yanan smiled softly,Nodded:“Thank you!I can’t eat so much。”
Wang Shaoxiao’s aggrieved expression:“That won’t work!Otherwise, who should I strip it to?
?Sister Jin will definitely not eat what I peeled,Want me to peel shrimp for a man,Why don’t you let me die!”
Wang Shaoxiao’s non-stop playing treasure,The atmosphere at the dinner table is quite harmonious,Plus the food is really delicious,Everyone eats well。
See everyone has eaten almost,Wang Shaoxiao got up and put a drink in Lu Menglin’s cup,Then he said in a deep voice:“I went around the street in the morning,All five stores in Liufang went。Similar to Xiaofu’s situation,All gambling machines。Only the main store where your mother is in the town is not on the gambling machine。”
Lu Menglin heard these words,I couldn’t help but narrowed my eyes,Thoughtful。
When I first decided to open the Jiehuang Game Hall,Lu Menglin and Fat Dun have the words first,The game hall only plays games,No gaming machine。This is what the brothers all agreed。