Yingrun beauty in the autumn wind


Yingrun beauty in the autumn wind

With the autumn wind, the skin will have symptoms, dry wrinkles, violent skin, dandruff, small fine lines . These are all related to the season.

The seasons change, the climate changes, and your skin care products should change.

Hurry up and adjust your skincare products. Those annoying minor symptoms will disappear immediately!

  Face alarm together with the autumn breeze, the gloss of the face will fall down two levels immediately. The autumn breeze will easily take away the moisture from the surface layer of the skin, and even a small dry skin will burst on the nose.

  One of the best ways to moisturize your face is to make your own moisturizing mask. 1: Put your usual lotion (it must be alcohol-free, so that it will not cause irritation and allergies).Feels moisturized and hydrated.

  TIPS: 1.Can not use ordinary tap water, tap water can only allow the moisture on the skin to evaporate and be transformed.

  2.This mask can only relieve the dryness and tension for a while, and the effect will not last long.

  3.If you want to stay longer, apply a moisturizer immediately.

  Mask 2: Take a piece of aloe vera leaves to make a paste, spread it on a piece of gauze or used mask paper, then lay it on a wooden board and lie still for 20 minutes.

Wait for the moisturizing ingredients in the aloe to gradually penetrate into the stratum corneum. After 20 minutes of washing, the skin will become more moisturized, and the small dry skin on the nose must be gone.

  Second, the skin cream is immediately adjusted into a moisturizing type.
Immediately adjust your skin care products to hydrating.

Good-quality hydration products can not only replenish the skin with moisture, but also replenish the skin with moisture, forming a moisture barrier on the surface of the skin and preventing the moisture from easily evaporating.

  TIPS: 1.For very dry skin, use a moisturizing lotion instead of a cream.

The difference between lotions and creams is in the right amount.

A lotion is a milk-like product that contains much higher moisture than a cream-like product, so that it can be quickly opened on the skin and absorbed by the skin as soon as possible.

  2.Use the moisturizing lotion within 5 minutes after washing your face.

Can the stratum corneum be filled at this time?

Water molecules and nutrients easily penetrate into the skin and are absorbed.

  Third, the hydrating mask SOS cheeks are dim and dehydrated, apply the hydrating mask quickly, and it will take effect immediately.

When the hydrating and moisturizing mask is tightly attached to the skin’s surface layer, the temperature of the skin surface rises, and the slenderness promotes blood circulation. At this time, the moisturizing factors will spread deeper and wider, moisturizing those “waiting to drink” keratin cells.

  Tips: Moisturizing facial mask must not choose to tear apart, because the moisturizing ingredients cannot make the mask dry and tear off, so there must be no moisture peeling in the peeled off mask.

Self-massage helps lower blood pressure


Self-massage helps lower blood pressure

Those who really understand massage will know its benefits, but people who do n’t know will ask how good massage is, and he certainly will not understand the function of massage to help lower blood pressure.

  Sticking to self-massage helps lower blood pressure. Some people have proposed the six-character massage method, which is easy to learn and has a better antihypertensive effect.

  Rub the sides of the head with both palms 36 times each.

  Wipe the index finger of both hands, the middle finger and the ring finger of the ring finger, wiping from the center of the forehead to both sides to the temple, 36 times each.

  Comb both hands with ten fingers, starting from the forehead hairline, past the top of the head, and combing to the back hairline 36 times.

  Roll your hands and make a fist, with your fist eyes facing the corresponding lumbar spine, and roll slightly up and down 36 times, with a larger adjustment of the rolling amplitude.

  Rub the palms of your hands crosswise and overlapping, stick to the abdomen, center around the umbilicus, and press and knead 36 times clockwise and counterclockwise.

  Massage Chi Feng points (between the trochanter and straight depression and mastoid, between the trapezius and the upper end of the sternocleidomastoid muscle), Laogong (central palm), Hegu (the first and second metacarpal bones on the back of the handBetween, near the middle point of the second metacarpal bone), Neiguan acupoints (forearm, 2 inches above the wrist) and 36 points each.

  Others: ① bath surface wipe method: rub your hands, wipe from the forehead to the lower jaw from the pathological department along the ear, repeat 20-30 times.

Then use both hands and four fingers to spread from the Yintang acupoint along the eyebrow arch to the two temples, repeated several times, and gradually moved up to the hairline.

The technique is easy and soft, and the Yintang acupoint is slightly pressured to produce a local warmth.

This method can lower blood pressure and improve facial gloss.

  ② Rubbing the Zhuzhu points: Use both hands to press and rub each side of the Zhuzhu points about 100 times, using even force.

This method can reduce headaches, dizziness and other symptoms.

  ③ Wipe the bridge bow: With the head deflected to both ends, use your hands and four fingers to press the big tendons down to the thorax of the thorax at the bulges of the contralateral ears, alternately with your hands, repeatedly.

This method has a significant antihypertensive effect.

Kiwi’s lightweight body has a coup

Kiwi’s lightweight body has a coup

Kiwi (also known as carambola, mangosteen, or pear), converts many mineral elements such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, and is rich in vitamins.

The protein content is 1 per 100 grams of pulp.

6 grams, is a nutrient-rich, large shrinkage, low yield conversion fruit.


hzh {display: none; }  中医认为,它是辅治肥胖症的果类,它利水,化痰,润肺,健脾胃。 Here’s how to eat kiwi: Sanpin’s raw materials: 250 grams of kiwi, 1 apple, 1 banana, 30 grams of sugar, starch replacement.

  Method: ① Wash the kiwi into a bowl and steam it. After taking out to cool, squeeze out the gravy with net gauze. Wash the apples, remove the skin, cut into small cubes, and peel the bananas into small cubes.

  ② Add an appropriate amount of water to the pot, add sugar, and kiwi juice to boil. Put the diced bananas and diced apples into the pot one after another, and then boil them.

Elderly diet to achieve a combination of thickness

Elderly diet to achieve a combination of thickness

Because there is nothing wrong with it, you can eat and drink, and often exercise. Before the onset, there is no bad feeling, except for a little bloody stool.

However, the results of the doctor’s examination are unquestionable. In the middle and late stage of colon cancer, the doctor said that it is relatively timely, and the surgical resection is not bad. It is hard to say later.

  Colon cancer: eating too good digestive tract disease colon cancer is a common digestive tract tumor, with the highest incidence of 40-50 years old, its incidence and death rather than common malignant tumors such as gastric cancer, esophageal cancer, lung cancer, etc., butThe incidence is now getting higher and higher.

  Common causes Previously, due to differences in lifestyle and diet between the West and the West, patients decreased, but most had a significant increase.

  The cause of colon cancer is not yet clear.

But there are mainly the following factors.

  Genetic causes Some diseases such as familial polyposis, colon adenoma, schistosomiasis colitis and ulcerative colitis are closely related to the occurrence of colon cancer.

  Dietary factors are high, high meat, low-fiber diet and colon cancer have a certain relationship.

It is generally believed that sorghum recipes and insufficient cellulose are the main causes of the disease.

  Studies have shown that a diet of saturated fatty acids increases the concentration of bile acids and neutral steroids in the colon and alters the composition of the coliforms.

Bile acids produce carcinogens through the action of bacteria.

  Food fiber, including cellulose, pectin, hemicellulose, lignin, etc., absorbs water, increases the amount of feces, and replaces the concentration of intestinal residues, which can reduce the time that feces pass through the large intestine and reduce the time when carcinogens come into contact with intestinal mucosa.When plasma fiber is insufficient, it is one of the pathogenesis factors of colon cancer.

  The incidence of intestinal cancer in chronic intestinal inflammation such as ulcerative colitis is higher than that in the general population. In the development of proliferative mutations of inflammation, polyps are often formed and further developed into intestinal cancer.

According to statistics, in patients with colon polyps, the incidence of colon cancer is five times that of patients without colon polyps.

Familial multiple intestinal polyposis, the incidence of cancer is higher.

  Early detection of colon cancer should not be difficult to find the above clues, should go to the hospital as soon as possible.

It mainly includes the following aspects: regular fecal occult blood test for middle-aged and high-risk groups, digital rectal examination and fiberoptic colonoscopy may be an effective method for early rectal cancer and colon cancer.

In particular, alternating constipation and increased frequency of bowel movements accompanied by blood in the stool must be checked as soon as possible.

Some patients refuse to check because of the ease of rectal examination, which often misses a good chance of early detection of colon cancer.

  The blood in the stool is checked once a year for people over the age of 50, which can be used as a primary screening method for large-scale colon cancer screening.

Fecal occult blood test can also suggest stomach ulcers, stomach cancer, large intestine polyps and other digestive tract diseases.

  Endoscopy includes examinations such as proctoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, and fiberoptic colonoscopy.

Those who are eligible to check from the age of 50 for three consecutive years, once a year.

If it is negative, it will be checked every four years.

Where there is a change in blood in the stool or stool, and no abnormalities are found by digital rectal examination, routine sigmoidoscopy should be performed.

In addition, CT, B-ultrasound, and ultrasound colonoscopy are helpful for the diagnosis and metastasis.

  The main alarm signal of constipation and bloody stools is worthy of attention. The early stage of colon cancer is asymptomatic, leading to an increase in the size of the cancer and secondary complications. Only when it is discovered, most of the time has arrived.The middle and late stages of cancer have made it difficult to treat.

  Therefore, paying attention to some changes in the body is very helpful in preventing colon cancer.

The main symptoms are: gastrointestinal dysfunction, intestinal obstruction symptoms, bloody stools, abdominal mass, systemic symptoms (may have varying degrees of malnutrition, systemic failure, and dyscrasia, etc.) and anemia and weight loss.

  Surgical treatment is the best way. If you want to find the above symptoms, you must first actively treat chronic complications such as colon or rectal polyps, schistosomiasis, bacterial dysentery, amoebic and chronic ulcerative colitis.

Once the diagnosis is clear, in addition to the advanced cases, early surgical treatment should be performed and a phase of eradication should be performed.

  It is recommended to eat more vegetables and eat less meat. The current cancer-causing factors are: (1) The incidence of colon cancer is proportional to the amount of food and animal protein consumption, that is, high animal protein, high feces can easily lead to colon cancer.

  (2) The incidence of colon cancer is high in economically developed areas, which is mainly related to their alternative structure. Except for high animal protein and high feces, the diet is too fine, such as beef, less cellulose and refined rice noodles, so-called “Western”Cultural diet, prone to colon cancer.

This is mainly because adults in food and their breakdown products may have carcinogenic or synergistic carcinogenic effects.

The dietary supplement of less cellulose reduces the amount of feces, reduces the length of the stool through the interconnection time, and causes the concentration of synergistic carcinogens in the feces to increase, and the time of contact with the colonic mucosa is prolonged. Carcinogenic substances may be cancerous if they are in contact with the colonic mucosa for a long time.

  Therefore, colon cancer can be prevented from the following two aspects.

  (1) Should pay attention to eating more fruits and vegetables, such as spinach, rape, cabbage, celery, fruit, etc., in order to keep the stool smooth, reduce the contact time of carcinogens in the feces and colonic mucosa.

  (2) Reduce the intake of aunts and animal proteins in food.It can reduce the carcinogen production and carcinogenesis of its decomposition products, in order to reduce the potential risk of colon cancer.

  Colon cancer high-risk group Men over the age of 40 are high-risk colon cancer patients. If you have a colonoscopy every year, it is best not to give up because of the substitution during the examination, because the characteristics of colon cancer and other cancers are characterized byThe sooner you find the treatment, the better.

  The doctor also reminded that patients who do not like to eat vegetables and who have chronic enteritis are at high risk of colon cancer.

How to bring healthy meals to a white-collar worker

How to bring healthy meals to a white-collar worker


For the choice of the insurance lunch box, if the office worker replaces the plastic lunch box, it is necessary to pay attention to the manufacture of the material, and it is best to choose the product made of PP.

However, too many microwave food plastic boxes are made of PP, but the lid is not, so it is best to remove the lid when heating food.

The best choice for utensils with rice should be glassware, which can effectively protect the nutrients in the food.

The high temperature and high temperature heating of the plastic easily destroys the plastic molecules and becomes fine and durable. Therefore, it is found that the plastic box becomes hard, becomes transparent, atomized, deformed or scratched, and if other such lunch boxes are put into the microwave oven, they will be released.A substance that harms the body, so change the lunch box regularly.

Also be sure to thoroughly clean before using the lunch box.


For the choice of food, the choice of the office worker is best for rice.

The choice of meat is preferably low-fat. It is best to pick beef, chicken, lean meat and other meats.

For vegetables, it is best to choose tubers, eggplants, and potato vegetables such as tomatoes, white radishes, lotus roots, carrots, potatoes, and yam.

Do not choose green leafy vegetables, because green leafy vegetables contain different amounts of nitrate, which will turn yellow and taste after heating. Nitrate will be reduced to toxic nitrite by bacteria, which is carcinogenic.

Some foods are not suitable for bringing rice.

For example, salad dishes, because the cold vegetables are prone to deterioration after overnight; the eggs are not suitable for taking meals overnight; the fish and seafood with rice always have a taste and taste, which will cause harm to human health, because the fishAnd seafood is prone to protein degradation after overnight, which will damage liver and kidney function.