China Mobile released "Heart Service" brand and "TOP100 brand alliance" plan

On November 2, at the main forum of China Mobile Global Partner Conference, China Mobile and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Mango Super Media, Science and Technology News Flying, China Resources Wanjia, Waha Group, Ctrip Group, etc. jointly held "heart service" The brand and "TOP100 brand alliance" release ceremony, officially launched the customer service brand "Heart Service" to launch the "TOP100 Brand Alliance" program.

China Mobile’s specific service, Zhizhi service, convenient service, transparent service, safety service and emergency service, etc. First-class service, shape quality, character, quality brand image, strive to create a better smart life experience for our customers. Among them, "Heart Services" is China Mobile’s latest customer service brand. The brand vision is designed to "win customer trust in excellence", which is committed to bringing "comfortable," A beautiful experience of intimate, warm heart. From "communication from the heart" to "wholeheartedly", "Heart Service Let Love Connection", behind the "Heart Service Let Love Connection", and continuously upgraded service slogans, is China Mobile’s unremitting pursuit for customers.

"TOP100 Brand Alliance" is an important measure of China Mobile’s well-known brands, a new customer brand alliance, enhancing customer service level, is an important manifestation of China Mobile’s rich "heart service" customer service brand connotation.

TOP represents "top", 100 represents "satisfaction".

"TOP100 Brand Alliance" thought that customers provided top-level, satisfactory services, will increase the cooperation between global communication and business, financial, medical, culture and other fields, providing more exclusive courtesy for global customers; increasing the dynamic zone and trend , Play, education and other fields of branding, providing young customers with multivariate interesting products, rights, activity experience; increased the brand cooperation in the fields of gods, food, living, and other fields of Shenzhouxing and life, providing more intelligence for our customers Convenient service.

Since 2019, the global pass, the dynamic zone, the three major customer brands of Shenzhouxing, China Mobile actively carry out brand cooperation, launched a number of popular activities, rights, products, such as global airport high-speed rail lounge, global health consultation rights , Dynamic zone peace elite card, etc.

(Editor: Xiao Yuan, Danglong).

Beijing junior high school students will receive online counseling: deepen the active exploration of "double reduction"

Beijing Youth Daily reported that the Beijing Municipal Education Commission has released "Beijing Middle School Teachers Open Online Counseling Program (Trial)." From January 1, next year, Beijing Middle School Teachers Open Online Counseling Implementation to the city, 330,000 school students in 646 schools in the city will receive online counseling.

Online counseling disciplines include Chinese, mathematics, English, morality and rule of law, physics, chemistry, biological, history, geography, etc. In principle, there is no holiday and cold summer vacation).

After the implementation of the "Double Reduction" policy, the online school training of students in the compulsory education is strictly prohibited, and the education sector and the society are strictly supervised by the "double mining" work, "double mining" preliminary achievement.

In this context, Beijing Middle School Teacher Open Online Counseling Plan expands the scope of implementation, providing online discipline counseling for the city’s junior high school students, may make people feel a "off-campus discipline training". In this regard, the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission clearly stated that open online counseling is not "online replenishment", nor organizes students to launch a simple repetitive study, but a public resource that cooperates with the supply of campus, providing personalization for junior high school students , Differentiated feature classification counseling.

The reason why open online counseling is not a "off-campus discipline counseling", mainly after the plan is not implemented in the "Double Minor" policy, it does not have the purpose of providing "change form" for prohibited out-of-school discipline counseling. According to reports, the plan launched the first stage pilot in Tongzhou District in November 2016. In March 2018, in October 2019, the second phase was launched in several other districts, and the third stage pilot, the top three phases were good. It has promoted the balanced development of regional education, and has become an organic component of basic public education services.

Now, the plan is implemented to the whole city, and it is a comprehensive implementation of the "Double Reduction" policy and integrates, and should become a positive exploration of "double reduction" policy. The reason why open online counseling is not "online replenishment", mainly in the program for online counseling provided by junior high school students, not repeated or "supplement" for school teaching content, but for each student’s specific situation, matching students actually Demand personalization, differentiated counseling. The relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission believes that after the implementation of the "Double Reduction" policy, the re-answer demand for students can be resolved in the school. I hope that parents and students will rationally look at online counseling, and there is a technical use of the scientific use of the platform when they need. Open online counseling responds to students’ personalization, differentiated counseling needs, but not to provide "less than enough extracurricular bails" or "others must make up, I must also make up" discipline, there will be no new "education" Anxiety "" Education Inline ".

The reason why open online counseling is not a "off-campus discipline counseling", nor is it simple "online replenishment", but also the plan is not only personalized, differentiated special classification counseling for junior high school students, but also a promotion of teachers The "growth plan" of its own quality and education and teaching is an educational development plan that promotes the teaching of teaching and promoting basic public education services. Implement an open online counseling plan, gives students to choose the autonomy of teachers and courses, given parents and society’s supervisory rights to teachers’ online counseling, and evaluation rights to program implementation.

At the same time, the education sector can monitor the teaching behavior, counseling process and its quality of teachers through technical means for large data analysis. In these aspects, government projects as public education services will focus on the consideration. If it is a variety of completions including the proofreading, it will not pay special attention to this. In order to avoid opening online counseling, it is "online replenishing courses", which is not only clarified from the nature, implementation principles, development direction, but also clear from implementation rules, technical management, performance evaluation. specific measure.

For example, strictly control the time of online counseling (only for each semester of the school calendar to Monday to Friday 18: 00-21: 00), prevent online counseling into a holiday, cold and fake courses; strict control students a single acceptance of counseling time ( Do not exceed 30 minutes), students will trigger the system alarm if it is too dependent on or even adds online counseling.

The teacher obtains the corresponding labor income by online counseling, but the open online counseling program does not make simple substance incentives, and avoids teachers to weaken the position of the classroom teaching in the school due to online counseling.

During an open online counseling program, it is also necessary to prevent certain deformation or alienation. For example, it should be prevented from being interested in guiding students to concentrate on selecting certain hours, some subject counseling courses, or focus on certain teachers’ counseling courses, so that online counseling has become an in fact extracurricular concentration.

If this happens, it is obviously violated the "Double Minus" policy. The education department should monitor and contain the above abnormal conditions and contain the above abnormal conditions. It can be expected that the open online counseling program launched in Beijing will produce demonstration drive effects in some other places.

Places in financial conditions can be purchased through the government, providing students with free online counseling services, and in place in financial conditions, there is a possibility that the cost of online tutoring services or all of the student parents.

This situation must also be avoided. The relevant places should be measured, and they do their best, increase the investment in basic public education services according to law, and resolutely prevent the economic burden of aggravating parents in the "double reduction" education reform.

78th store in the country, Beijing first direct intelligence fox delivery center

On October 10, Beijing Yizhuang store, Beijing Yizhuang, Beijing, Daxing Yizhuang Development Zone, officially opened.

The store is the 78th store in the national channel construction planning planning, which is also the largest and most comprehensive delivery center of the best-fox in Beijing. Its completion, indicating the landing of the new sales service system of the Neptune Automotive.

The Beijing Yizhuang store Beijing Yizhuang is an important one of the polar fox car to build sales and service system innovation model layout. As the deputy general manager of Beiqi Xin Energy, Wang Qiurong, Vice President of General Fox Automobile, said in the completion ceremony: "From the first day of the birth, it will be user-core. We sincerely hope to make friends with users, listen from users Sound, I hope to create with the user ‘to push the growth of the polar fox brand.

Here, we solemnly promise: any problems encountered in the car, we will quickly solve it in the first time.

"The center can deliver more than 30 new cars at the same time every day.

For the owner, a new car is more likely to go to the café to enjoy a pleasant tour.

The first floor of the store is a broad delivery area, and the new car stops on the parking space.

The second floor is a public leisure area, not only offering a snack tea break, but also has an active interaction between the owner, a technology lecture hall. Here, the owner can learn the trick of the car, with the riders, or travel in the multimedia audio area.

At the same time, Yizhuang store also provides users with sufficient parking spaces and charging facilities. Behind the continuous growth of the polar fox sales is inseparable from the precision of consumer diversification.

The three products of the great fox are characteristic, meet the needs of different consumer people in different scenarios. Among them, the extreme fox alpha T positioned all-dimensional performance pure electric SUV, NEDC maximum achieved 653km battery life, equipped with adaptive all-terrain four-wheel drive system, with snow, mud, sand, three driving modes. Extreme Fox Alpha S is located in a new generation of intelligent luxury pure electric car, with 708km long battery life, both car comfort, SUV passability, also equipped with a travel car; the back design provides huge luggage space , Easily put down 2 28-inch suitcases.

In addition to the listed Alpha T and Alpha S, the Polar Alpha S Huawei Hi version will be started in the fourth quarter, as the world’s first mass production car equipped with 3 laser radar, with Huawei’s highest intelligent driving level, self After the Shanghai Auto Show was unveiled, it was greatly concerned by the industry and consumers. For the extreme fox alpha Hi-version, the poke in the special "Extreme Plan" is also specially launched.

Data show that the express delivery volume increased for 6 months for 6 months, and the monthly average growth rate was 53%, only 183% of the delivery in the third quarter, which also benefited from the expansion of the Extreme Fox channel. At present, the poor fox car has accumulated that the authorized construction network is more than 120. For the fast energy supply of the user, the Neptune Automobile Plan is in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Suzhou, in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and 16 destination station, 84 certification stations, 267 seats. Pilot station; in addition, it will also further deepen cooperation with national network electricity, special electricity and other partners to gradually form a charging service of superchard 750V grid.

Polytead Employment Construction Quality Association Jinan City released ten "hard nuclear" measures to improve business environment

Original title: [Building a strong environmental gathering of the first-class business environment, the construction of strong provinces] Promoting the "Human" Protection System of "Sleep" Protection System in Jinan Released Ten "Hard Nuclear" Measures Recently, Jinan City issued "Jinan City further improves the 10 measures" (hereinafter referred to as "Ten Measures").

On the afternoon of the 16th, the press conference of the Jinan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government was held to interpret "Ten Measures". "Ten measures" focus on current enterprises and the masses reflect the strongest, most concerned business environmental key areas, from the full life cycle of service enterprises, improve investment attractions, optimization supervision and services, and other dimensions, targeted reform measures.

  "Ten Measures" proposed, promoting the "one handle of" all-in-law services ".

Practice "window acceptance, direct transfer, classification, whole journey, tracking the results" model, concentrate on accepting the exchange of Hui En-enterprises policy to fulfill the application, and realize the "Handling" policy of the Hui En-enterprise policy.

Focusing on the resolution of the Hui En-enterprise policy to honor, multi-run problems, integrate the city’s Hui En-enterprise policy resources and various departments involved in service functions, create a "three library one platform", the market main library, Hui Enterprise policy bank, government resource library and corporate synthesis Service platform, truly realize the "one-point handling" and Hui En-enterprises policy "". In order to help companies deliver a buffer opportunity to spend short-term business difficulties, let the enterprise "wake up" more energetic, "Ten Measures" proposed, and implement the "sleep" protection system.

Allow corporate main body (non-listing, listing companies) to apply for "sleep" according to their own operations, and a single "sleep" period must not exceed two years, and it can be independently applied to return to normal business.

  Focusing and serving the Yellow River Basin Ecological Protection and High Quality Development Major National Strategy, "Ten Measures" proposed, "cross-regional, cross-layer, cross-sectoral" joint operations.

Accelerate the high-frequency matters "off-site universal" between China, the Yellow River Basin and Beijing-Tianjin, Yangtze River Basin, and Beijing, China, and Guangdong Province. Through each approval service system, interconnection, depth docking, and promote the development of urban clusters in the Yellow River Basin. Comprehensively promote the "one-stop, one-button" for talent services.

"Ten measures" clearly rely on "Jinan Talent Network" to establish the city’s talent policy bank, strengthen policy classification, accurate push, one-button straight, and accelerate the implementation of "people to find policies" to "policies".

Broaden the "Quancheng Talent Service Gold Card" service area, actively introduce market-wide service main body, enrich the customized service of pension, traffic travel, legal advice, and wealth management consultants, build a happy orientation, scan code, enjoy the full life cycle service system.

  Focus on Jinan’s new and old kinetic energy conversion start zone institutional mechanism innovation, "Ten measures" clearly explore the "New District Special" mechanism in Jinan’s new and old kinetic energy conversion start zones. For the start of economic administration, the commercial registration "Instant Office" is promoted, and the implementation of the subject registration and confirmation system is implemented, and the registration materials submitted by the commercial subject registration shall implement the formal review, and the business license is issued immediately.

Promote high-frequency matters "Wisdom Office", add 50 non-artificial interventions to residents and enterprises to approval high-frequency service.

Promote the project "Commitment Office", strengthen the previous design program review, and innovate the "credit + commitment" construction project approval model, and explore key major projects to implement "first construction". In addition, "Ten Measures" proposed, fully implement "no differential academic accepted", focus on solving problems such as running, returning running, etc., optimizing the government service hall window settings and functions, achieving all approval matters, upgrade help The agent service, earnestly enhance the efficiency of the mass service and service; comprehensive implementation of the project construction project "Integrated Approval", focusing on the solution and accounting of engineering projects, complicated procedures, improve engineering project approval, acceptance and other full cycle management; Creating a door to "convenience in the door", focusing on improving the ability to work in the masses, strengthening the construction of the office service infrastructure construction in the masses, enhancing the convenience of the masses; establishing the communication mechanism of the normal government and enterprises, focusing on enterprises, industry, industrial development Situation and practical problems, increase the power of good health, build the government-enterprise direct communication platform, create frequent interaction, close "pro-war" relationship; comprehensive establishment of the business environment "put the pulse will diagnose" mechanism, surrounding the universal diversity Acceptance channels, through establishing a company, citizens, to promote the company’s business environment continuous optimization.

(Wang Tongpeng Zhang Wei) (Editor: Gong Xing, Xing Manhua).

The National Bureau of Statistics announced the latest urban rating Yunnan has 3 medium-medium-medium-medium-media cities

  Recently, the National Bureau of Statistics announced the latest urban rating. According to the seventh national population census data, there are 1 large cities in Yunnan, 3 medium-second medium, and Kunming has ranked among a large city.

  The three medium-sized cities in our province are Qujing City, Dali City, Yuxi City, which is only a thousand people from the big city. 11 ι-type small cities, Zhizhan City, Mengzi City, Xuanwei City, Wenshan City, Zhaotong City, Baoshan City, Anning City, Pu’er City, Jinghong City, Old City, Lijiang City; II Small City 11 One is Linyi City, Mang City, Kaiyuan City, Ruili City, Maitreya, Tengchong City, Lufeng City, Lishui City, Shangri-La City, Shuifu City, Chengjiang City. It is understood that urban scale is divided according to the "Notice of the State Council on Adjusting the Regional Classification Standards of the Regulation of the City", the city under the urban resident population is small cities, of which more than 2000,000, the city under Type I small cities, 200,000 The city is type II small cities; the city under the urban resident population is more than 1 million cities for medium cities; the cities that have more than 1 million in urban areas are more than 5 million people, of which more than 3 million 5 million are Type I Big cities, more than 3 million cities under the Type II major cities; the city under the urban resident population is more than 10 million cities; the city that has more than 10 million people living in urban areas are super large cities.

Reporter Hu Xiarong).

Datong City Rural (Community) "Two Committees" re-realization age education "one liter"

  Original title: Datong City Rural (Community) "Two Committees" re-realization age education "One drop and one liter" December 10, Yang Gao County, Lion Town, Yanggao County, Poverty Alleviation Vegetable Greenhouse Park, Yugui From time to time, vehicles are next to the big trucks of the hosters, people come, a busy scene. Village Party Branch Secretary, Gu Aijun is busy helping the villagers selling vegetables. The "Village ‘two committees" will end, these days, the cadres are busy helping the villagers selling vegetables, online orders, online transactions, live broadcast, new The village cadre has a culture, technology, this year, it helped the villagers, 210 vegetable shacks became the ‘Jubao shed’ in the village. "This year, Datong City has firmly established" based on the development of development and conversion, grasp the development "The concept, not only successfully completed 1426 administrative villages in the city, 395 communities" two committees "exchange, but also achieved the expected goals of age education" one drop. " This year, the city’s 35-year-old (community) "two committees" cadres account for more than one percentage points from the previous one.

In particular, all townships and the streets achieve at least 1 35-year-old "two committees", all administrative villages, and communities realize at least 1 young cadres under the age of 35.

The city’s village (community) "two committees", the average age of cadres drops, the degree of hearing is greatly improved, and the vitality of rural residence is further excited. In the "two committees" in the city (community), the city focused on the main factors of "people", targeted, and opened source choices.

Before the continuation, the county and township party committees have a village cadres, a village of the county and township, and the village of the village, and the people who are talking about, and they are not nominated by 2925 people, and 1425 people transfer, and formulate specialized work programs synchronously. "One person Sustatch, ensure stability.

At the same time, the city planned, focusing on the demand, and the universal cultivation of 370 high school education in Datong University in Jutong University, 35 outstanding rural backup cadres.

In this session, 192 people entered the "two committees" team. For the "no one can choose, some people is difficult to select", they will take a directional selection. The city has selected 515 institutional institutions cadres to the village to carry out, of which 207 undergraduate or higher degree or above is 35 years old.

At the same time, the city uses township industry to prepare, recruit 470 years of age, undergraduate and above graduates to the village, covering 33% of administrative villages, injecting "source live water" into the grassroots. The reporter noted that the city served as the Secretary of the New Village Party Organization, there were 544 foreign countries, 400 cadres issued by the institutions, and 80 guards were returned to the country, and the retired soldiers, the homeland University graduates, the agency The outstanding party members of all walks of business units, the college village officials, village medical village education, etc. also have become the brightest point of the city. (Zhao Zhicheng Du Jianfeng).

Shanxi: "Double Eleven" agricultural products are more smooth, and the courier is more powerful.

The courier Song Hongwei said that the salary rose.

Since September 1, this year, the express delivery piece has been charged by 1 cents. He can send a piece of 300 to 400 orders every day. The daily income can increase 30 to 40 yuan, and October is more than 1,000 yuan more in October. "The two days of delivery doubled, and I sent 740 orders yesterday.

Although I am tired, I am very excited, full of dryness! Song Hong smiled. In addition to salary to the express delivery, in order to protect the rights of the courier, improve the customer’s cost standardization, bill transparency, Zhongtong take the courier to send the power chain, through the courier working App Direct settlement Fees, that is, the delivery of the delivery of the courier wallet, the intermediate link will not be intercepted.

"Implement the dispatch line-chain mode, simply, the salary is ending." Shanxi Zhongtong Network Management Department Qin Yizi introduced that the day payment on the day, solve the timeliness problem of the courier dispatch settlement, improve the courier professional satisfaction It is conducive to retaining people to cultivate people, and then strengthen the stability of the mesh.

In addition, Zhongtong has helped the courier through the end of the end of the end, and the delivery cost is reduced and increase efficiency, thereby improving the courier’s income. Double eleven, double 12 and the Spring Festival do not fight, Zhongtong Express can generally have a welfare reward for dispatching, holiday red envelopes, and red envelopes.

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Shanghai Wenfeng apologizes, consumers prepaid consumption will dock the government cooperation supervision service platform

  Wen Feng Hairdressing Beauty: Consumer prepaid consumption will divert the government collaborative supervision service platform recently reported on public opinion, Shanghai Wenfeng Hairdress & Beauty Co., Ltd., announced the declaration of the 12th, indicating that consumers’ prepaid consumption and government collaborative supervision service platform information Docking, this work is expected to be completed in ten working days. The boss engages in personal worship, blowing "Rainbow Fart", and the corporate culture of Wenfeng wonderfully has recently triggered the network "onlookers".

Since then, the official website of Wenfeng is unable to open, and it is positioned as "Hao Ge Thought, Hao Gong Decoration, and Wen Feng Information", "Today, Fengfeng" WeChat public account has been all deleted. Wen Feng said in the latest statement, it will establish corporate culture that meets the socialist core values, and accepts the supervision of society, the media, and the relevant government functional departments, and is working hard to rectify. The depth survey of Xinhua News Agency, "a small", the "one small", the road "an old" – see how this chain company pointed out "shampoo brainwashing" ", Wenfeng store has launched a variety of money to consumers." Product + Service "Package package, essentially the prepaid consumption behavior, through this" set ", Wenfeng can avoid relevant prepaid cards and prepaid fund supervision laws and regulations. In response to prepaid consumption, Wenfeng is in the statement that the Wenfeng Direct Camp and Folk Chain Store Business System and Government Collaboration Supervision Service Platform business system will be docked in accordance with the relevant management regulations of the single-use prepaid consumption card. It is expected to be completed in ten working days.

  As of December 7, 2021 Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee system received 476 complaints on Wenfeng, an increase of 45% year-on-year. Complaints are concentrated in induced large consumption and refuse to refund, after-sales service delay, and by "franchise store", I will be responsible for enterprise responsibility.

  Shanghai Putuo District Market Supervision Department introduced that Shanghai Wenfeng Hairdressing Beauty Co., Ltd. has illegal acts such as single-use prepaid consumer card, price and advertising publicity, has been investigated by the case, and the current case is under investigation. .

The country "sweeping the yellow and fights", the national "counterfeiting knock" office report: I seized a group of "three fake" typical cases

The fake documents used by the personnel involved.

"Sweeping Yellows" is available for the map of the People’s Network Beijing December 7 (Reporter Lu Wei) Since this year, the social community has reflected strong fake media, fake reporter station, fake reporter ("three fake") violations, Interfering with the problems of the grassroots social order, all localities have vigorously carry out special actions of "autumn wind 2021", continue to carry out the special action of "combating news extortion and fake news", will play "three fake" as a key task, and to monitor the monitoring, Every clue of the masses reported one by one, and the use of administrative punishment and criminal recunition, strengthening deep digging, severely intensing, and investing in a group of "three fake" cases in time, forming a powerful shock, maintaining news publishing order. Recently, the national "anti-pornography" office and the national "counterfeit knock" special action work office were published from all over the case, and 12 models were published to expose illegal behavior, showing the results of combating.

12 cases of cases are just as follows: 1. Hebei Province seized a fake reporter extorted a case of fake reporters.

The Bengbu City Public Security Bureau received a report clue, and claimed to be the author of a regular magazine to extort a corporate in the name of media supervision. After investigation, in August 2019, Yan Mou became a name "某", a member of the cattle and a new media company, with the name of the company and the third party Beijing, a bookstore, to obtain an economic and trade magazine advertising agency and the official website management authority And to recruit front-end agent and backend editorial (no press). Since 2020, members of the gang have relying on the economic and trade magazine, based on the economic and trade magazine, the magazine reporter is in Hebei, Shandong, Shaanxi, Shanxi, etc. More than 20,000 yuan have been found, more than 30,000 yuan.

At present, the police have arrested 4 criminal suspects and take 6 criminal compulsory measures, and the case is in further investigation.

2. Beijing City to review a fake media fraud case. Recently, the Beijing Second Intermediate People’s Court reviewed a case. After investigation, Feng Sougame and others in March 2015, in March 2019, in the name of "China’s Rule of Law, the Foundation of the Rule of Law", "Rule of Law China", lying, can help petitioners solve involving problems and The v. Personality realizes the demand, defrauding the trust of relevant personnel, and then, then, in his guys, he fooled the money from the victim, and a total of more than 40 million yuan.

Xicheng District People’s Court sentenced the defendant Feng a confident fraud, sentenced to seven years in prison, deprived of political rights one year, and penalized the RMB 800,000. The case was maintained in the second intermediate People’s Court of Beijing.

3. Shaanxi Weinan to review Yang’s climbing reporter fraud case.

In March 2021, the public security organs of Linyi District, Weinan City conducted investigations in accordance with the report.

After investigation, Yang Mou climbed a temporary employment personnel in a newspaper, and left for many years, never got a formal reporter certificate. Its fake reporter identity can be used for others to do things for others, and more than 31,000 yuan in the case. On April 20, Yang was arrested by the crime of fraud. On June 15, the case was transferred to the review and prosecution. Recently, the people’s court of Weinan City made a judgment, sentenced Yang to five years in prison, and penalized 20,000 yuan, ordered to return the total amount of the victims.

4. Shanxi Cangzhou review fake reporter gang set up a fake reporter station extortion case.

At the end of August 202, the Zhangzhou Intermediate People’s Court extorted the "4 · 30" fake reporter gangs and ruling the final judgment in accordance with the law: dismissed the appeal, maintain the original judgment; sentenced the defendant Liu Mouhai and others to sentence the sentence of 11 years seven The month is not equal for three months, and the fine is 50,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan. It is not equal to the illegal income and crime tools that are arbitrarily returned, ordered to return the victim extortion.

After investigation, since 2017, Liu Mouhai, Li Mouchun successfully established "News – Legal System and News" "China Traffic Online – Shanxi Channel" "2020 New Language" WeChat group and registered from the media account, set up false The reporter workstation, through the manual news of the relevant party and government organs, enterprises and institutions and individual operators, etc., implement criminal activities such as extortion, forced transactions.

5. Henan seized Luomi and others to rely on fake media extortion.

On November 8, 2021, Xinyang Intermediate People’s Court conducted two-instance priests in the series of cases: Lu Mouyou was sentenced to 11 years in prison and penalized gold 200,000 yuan, and other people were sentenced to ten months to six years. Not equal. After investigation, since 2017, the criminal suspect Lu Mouyou created the "Golden Eagle Express" and other self-media network platforms, with illegal possessive, pigeon, Lu Mouu, Hu Mou, Hu Moupeng, etc., pretending to reporters Identity, in terms of reporting, exposing related enterprises to destroy the environment, violation production is a means of issuing a negative article online to delete the article, and the provision of the news extortion is 28, and the amount is 10,000 yuan. 6. Liaoning Dandong seized fraud cases of counterfeit TV station columns. On July 1, 2021, according to the "Sweeping Yellow Tap" office, the municipal public security bureau seized Wang, Zhao’s quiet and others were named "China Central Digital TV Dandong Working Group", and counterfeit journalists engaged in news interviews. After checking it, it is Somena.

Further identification, from 2020 to 2021, Shi Xu, Lin, Liu Souming established the "China Central Digital TV ‘Care Next Genealogy", and established a logo "CCTV, China Central Digital TV "The word website has been fraud in Liaoning, Jiangxi, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, etc., illegally profitage over 450,000 yuan.

At present, three suspects have been detained according to law, and the case is in further investigation. 7. Shaanxi Hancheng investigated the "6.12" series of counterfeit reporters extortion. Since June 2020, according to the report, the Hancian public security organ has verified the same clues of the Longmen Industrial Park enterprises by fake reporters, and detect the series of counterfeit reporters extortion. After investigation, Moumou and other people, the fiction reporter identity, with the negative exposure of the company, and extort the money and cultivation of many chemical enterprises in the park, more than one million yuan. At present, 33 suspects arrested.

As of September 2021, the Hancian People’s Court had pursued 9 criminal responsibilities, and the rest of the cases were underway. 8. Hubei Huangshi check Huang Moumou and other counterfeit reporters extortion case.

On January 31, 2021, the public security organs arrested Huang Mouqiu and Chen Sheng.

3 criminal suspects such as Huang Shuang have set up a fake media "" China’s record "Yellowstone editing center", counterfeit reporter identity, the organs of the local public opinion, enterprises and institutions, with the network exposure, and then pay Delete the post and carry out the name of positive propaganda to sign the contract to implement extortion. As of July 2020, three criminal suspects were jointly or 50,000 yuan in the case of 50,000 yuan.

9. Ashui Suzhou seized the "2 · 26" counterfeit CCTV channel fraud case. In February 2021, the public security organs of Suzhou City were investigated by trails suspected of fake CCTV reporters.

After investigation, Zhou Mou is waiting for the "CCTV HD Variety Entertainment Channel" in the Internet. It is running in all years to shoot in the nominal interview, and the video information is cheated.

Preliminary verification involves a number of victims in Anhui, Henan, Jiangsu, Shandong and other places, more than 100,000 yuan. The public security organ has arrested three people, seized a large number of prints, flags, interview equipment such as CCTV identification from the criminal suspect.

Currently, cases are in further investigation. 10. Chongqing cracked the "International News Alliance" fake media fraud case. Chongqing Jiangjin District Public Security Bureau detected the case, the arrest of 3 people, banned 3 illegal news organizations, collecting the fake reporter certificate (edience certificate) and other fake documents.

After investigation, in August 2019, Wang Moujun registered himself from the company "International News Alliance Overseas International Channel", which is known as a formal news media, illegal setting by Wang Moujun, Xie, Yinmong and others. Branch. The gang mainly uses "CCTV" to carry out an interview and set up two self-media websites to conduct publicity, and also issued a reporter and edience certificate in various places. As of the case, the accumulated defrauded the victim for 20,000 yuan.

At present, the case has been transferred to the procuratorate review and prosecution.

11. Jilin investigated the "China 9-channel News" fake media case. In September 2021, according to the transfer of clues, the Jilin Provincial Party Propaganda Department conducted an investigation on "China 9-channel News" and its organizer Jilin Female Movie Culture Media Co., Ltd. After investigation, the company opened the "China 9-channel news" website, registered "China 9-channel news" from the media account, a large number of release, reprinting news reports, and launched a reporter station in Jilin. The Propaganda Department of Jilin Provincial Party Committee closed the "China 9-channel News" website and related accounts, and banned 10 journalists stations set up in various cities.

12. Hainan investigated a medical company counterfeit media case. In March 2021, according to the transfer of clues, the Hainan Provincial Travel Law Enforcement Bureau filed a case, suspected of leaving the news interviews. After investigation, Zhang Mouxing cooperated with a media company in Beijing to set up Hainan Base Company. In some websites, the "Asian Brand News" session "" Direct Hainan Training "column, unauthorized engaged in news interviews in the name of the news organization.

On June 17, the law enforcement department shall order the parties to immediately revisit illegal acts, making a warning and administrative punishment of 20,000 yuan. (Editor: Wang Zhen, Lu Wei) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

“Hey,What are you doing?Treat you,for free。”

“That won’t work,To get,To get。”
“A bowl of wonton is not worth a lot of money,What are you polite?”Cui Minmin’s mouth pursed。
“Not worth a few more money,Can’t eat for nothing。”Li Tianchou finally found the change,Handed over。
Cui Minmin’s face changed,Suddenly stepping across the door,Put the big bowl heavily on the table,Turn around and leave。
“Hey,Hey,You haven’t got the money yet……”By Li Tianchou,I don’t know why Choi Minmin suddenly became angry。
“Eat while hot,I’ll collect the bowl in a while。”Such a sentence floating outside the window,The little girl has gone far。
Few days,Liang Hui discharged,With a spirited look,Everyone has to say a few words about how brave and brave I was on the day of the petition,Skillful,Only in front of Li Tianchou not dare to brag。
The most shocking thing is Liang Hui’s first day at work,Let Captain Hao lead the talk,Let Fatty Zhu go at night to be safe,So angry Old Comrade Hao jumped and scolded,Also dropped a teacup。But Captain Hao is absolutely impossible to talk,I can’t do anything to Liang Hui,He knows that he can do anything with this second pole,Not provoke。
But Liang Hui is really good enough,The hatred for Fat Zhu keeps increasing。He didn’t just talk about it,This guy actually conspired with Weidong to follow Fatty Zhu,Decided to take advantage of no one,Use a sack to wrap up this fat guy and beat him up,It’s also good for Li Tianchou to speak badly。
Weidong always feels a bit suspicious,Hesitating for a long time,Still revealed the matter to Li Tianchou。The fat man’s plan naturally died。
Li Tianchou angered Liang Hui again,Although this second item is horizontal,But he’s still obedient in front of Li Tianchou,Finally, without repeating the guarantee,Li Tianchou just let go of this fellow。
This matter makes Li Tianchou a headache,Although these brothers are reckless,But all for your own good,But keep going like this,Maybe something will happen,I seem to be right to leave the company early。
SZA top club in the eastern suburbs of the city,Piaoxiang Yunhai。Although the location is very partial,But business is excellent。Customers who come here to spend are either rich or expensive,It can be roughly judged from the luxury cars next to each other in the parking lot。
Evening,In a very elegant private room on the second floor,Two middle-aged men sitting opposite each other,Listening to the Guzheng playing with great interest,Savour the tea slowly。
The middle-aged man on the left is in black casual clothes,Have seen gray hair at the temples,Just sit quietly,But there is a strong aura all over,Gives an unspeakable sense of oppression。The strangest thing is,In a private room with insufficient light,This person is wearing a pair of sunglasses。
Middle-aged man on the right,Keep a head start,Eyes like torch,Although the face is thin,But sharply angular。A long dark brown scar on the right side of the forehead,Adds a bit of fierce momentum。