WuXi PharmaTech (603259): Strong growth highlights leading temperament

WuXi PharmaTech (603259): Strong growth highlights leading temperament
Investment Highlights Event: WuXi AppTec released its 2018 annual report. The company’s performance in 2018 maintained strong growth and achieved operating income of 96.14 ppm, an increase of 23 in ten years.8%; net profit attributable to mother 22.61 ppm, an 84-year increase.2%.Increase income 2.21 yuan, an annual increase of 70.0%. Opinion: Strong revenue growth and rapid profit growth.The company’s operating income increased by 23 in 2018.8%, calculated at the average exchange rate of the same period last year, with a growth rate of 25.4%.In terms of business segments, China’s laboratory services realized revenue51.13 ppm, an increase of 24 in ten years.09%; CDMO / CMO services realized revenue 26.99 ppm, an increase of 28 in ten years.00%; U.S. laboratory services achieved revenue of 12.40,000 yuan, an increase of 6 in ten years.10%; revenue from clinical research and other CRO services5.85 ppm, a 64-year increase of 64.17%.The company’s net profit attributable to mothers increased by 84 in 2018.2% to 22.6.1 billion.Changes in the fair value of the company’s venture capital bids generate revenue.1.6 billion.Deduct non-net profit 15.59 ppm, an increase of 59 in ten years.18%.The non-IFRS attributable to parent net profit increased by 75 in 2018.5% to 24.6.4 billion.Adjusted non-IFRS net profit attributable to mothers increased by 23.3% to 17.4.2 billion. Laboratory services in China, CDMO’s two leading segments drive rapid growth, cell and gene therapy CDMO, and clinical CRO two potential markets have expanded smoothly.China’s laboratory services in the “integrated, end-to-end” R & D service platform have outstanding advantages, the penetration rate of old customers has increased, and new customers have continued to develop.The CDMO service focuses on improving customer stickiness. Through the clinical phase of the customer, the value of the project continues to expand, helping to continue the rapid and rapid growth of revenue.The company’s forward-looking layout of cell and gene therapy CDMO is expected to improve the success of Duanquan Pharmaceutical and WuXiBiology in the fields of small-molecule drugs and large-molecule biomedicines respectively; the growth rate in the second half of 2018 will be from the first half.46% increased to 28.41%.Clinical research and other CRO services have achieved rapid growth; mainly due to the rapid development of the domestic new drug clinical trial market, as well as the company’s clinical trial CRO and SMO service quality, scale and capabilities have increased significantly, and the number of customers and orders has grown rapidly. The company’s overall gross profit margin was 39 in 2018.45%, down 2 every year.38 points.Mainly due to the appreciation of RMB against USD and USD in the first half of 2018 compared with the same period of the previous year; meanwhile, the expansion of new capacity and the rapid deployment of potential businesses; and the gradual decline in the gross profit margin of laboratory services in the United States.87 points.We expect that after gradually absorbing capacity through the expansion of new customers, the gross profit margin is expected to rebound.Management and R & D expense ratio, sales expense ratio remained basically stable compared with the same period, of which sales expense ratio in 2018 was 3.51%, a decrease of 0 every year.24pc; management and R & D expense ratio 16.30%, a decline of 0 every year.05pct.The financial expense ratio has decreased significantly due to new stock financing from February 2017.38% acknowledged zero in 2018.58%.The company’s customers continue to increase, with more than 1,400 new customers and more than 3,500 active customers in 2018. In terms of quarters, the company’s operating income growth rate and the non-net profit growth rate have been increasing quarter by quarter since the second quarter of 2018. We expect to continue to maintain high income growth through new capacity expansion in 2019.Gross profit margin decreased in the fourth quarter of 2018, which was a decrease from the previous quarter, mainly due to the expansion of new production capacity, new employee employment, and exchange rate changes. Unicorn of innovative pharmaceutical industry chain, with global competitiveness, strong internal growth momentum!The proportion of innovative drug research and development scale continues to increase, the expansion of pharmaceutical service to China, the breakthrough of domestic innovative drug services, and the industry is expected to maintain a continuous growth of about 20%.The company is one of the best companies in the global service outsourcing industry; the company stands out from the fully competitive market of global pre-clinical CROs, and has become one of the most comprehensive leaders in the global pharmaceutical outsourcing service industry.With strong competitiveness.The company covers the most long-tail customers, and the number of new customer developments continues to grow.At present, it has the world’s most pre-clinical CRO projects and is included in the clinical stage CRO. With the enhancement of CDMO capabilities, customer retention can bring rapid internal growth.Participate in innovative drug projects through venture capital and DDSU models, provide more professional analysis and forecasting, provide R & D services and diversify investment, reduce risks and increase endogenous returns. Earnings forecast and estimation: We forecast the operating income for 2019-2021 to be 1南京桑拿论坛22.06 billion, 152.9.8 billion and 191.45 ppm, an increase of 26 in ten years.96%, 25.33% and 25.15%, net profit attributable to mother is 22.4.7 billion yuan, 29.13 ppm and 37.51 ppm, a ten-year increase of -0.59%, 29.61% and 28.79%.The company’s revenue will maintain a rapid growth trend, but the net profit attributable to the mother as of 2018, the huge amount of changes in fair value, the increase in profit and loss, and the increase in incentive costs will apparently fail to grow at the same pace as revenue.Maintain high growth.The current corresponding PE in 2019 is 50 times, and the company is considered to be an innovative drug industry chain enterprise with the strongest innovation ability; the industry is in a high prosperity, and the company’s industry leader is stable. Related domestic comparable companies can give estimated premiums.Maintain “Buy” rating. Risk reminder: the risk of intensified market competition in the pharmaceutical R & D service industry; safety and environmental protection risks in the drug production process; technical risks in the contract execution process; exchange rate fluctuation risks

Weir shares (603501): Self-developed business continues to deepen active CIS

Weir shares (603501): Self-developed business continues to deepen active CIS
[Event]The company released its 2018 annual report and achieved a total operating income of 39 in 18 years.64 ppm, an increase of 64 in ten years.74%; Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies1.390,000 yuan, an increase of ten years.20%; excluding the impact of the company’s 2017 amortization of the stock equity incentive plan in 2018, the net profit attributable to the non-recurring gains and losses of shareholders of the listed company is 3.460,000 yuan, an increase of 117 in ten years.64%.The annual report pointed out that the main reasons for the substantial decline in Q4 net profit: (1) the decline in semiconductor design and distribution business; (2) the decline in the prices of some of the agency products of the semiconductor distribution business, and the gross profit margin decreased; (3) the full calculation of the price reduction products(4) In the fourth quarter, we paid resistance to intermediaries for the implementation of major asset reorganizations. Intermediary fees continued to deepen IC design, expand research and development, and promote the growth of alternative product layouts. The company’s semiconductor design business achieved revenue in 18 years.8.3.1 billion, accounting for 20% of revenue.99%, an increase of 15 per year.19%, the company’s self-developed semiconductor products include discrete devices and analog chips, which continuously improve product performance and further complement product specifications required by different application markets.In the field of power management chips, the company’s annual report for LDO products shows an expansion of more than 100 million, and the number of transfers in the consumer field ranks first among domestic design companies, and it continues to maintain the company’s core competitive advantage in the TVS field.With the breakthrough of new products and new customers of the company and the acceleration of import substitution, the self-developed design business is expected to become one of the highlights of the company’s performance growth. The mobile market is still the key to the CIS industry and gradually penetrates into high value-added areas: due to the lack of major mobile phonesThe demand for innovative consumers for mobile phones is weak, and the terminal mobile phone market is weak. However, due to the 3D camera, the trend of single-camera to multi-camera becomes more and more hot. According to a related report by Yole, it is expected that 2016?The compound expansion CAGR of the CMOS image sensor market in 2022 is 10.5%, the camera drives the CIS industry chain from 2D to 3D, and gradually realizes human-computer interaction.CIS has gradually penetrated into higher value-added areas, including automobiles, security and medical care. With the rise of intelligent driving and ADAS, the number of sensor cross-fused vehicle cameras will increase significantly.At the same time, CMOS image sensors also play an indispensable role in areas such as drone shooting, biometric recognition, and VR / AR.If the acquisition is successful, the company will hold 10南京龙凤网0% equity of Beijing Haowei and directly and indirectly hold SBICO 85.With a 31% equity interest, it is actively engaged in the high-, middle-, and low-end areas of CIS, which is expected to contribute breakthrough performance elasticity to the company. Investment suggestion: Give Buy-A investment rating.We expect the company’s net profit for 2019-2021 to be 4 points.02 ppm, 4.4.1 billion, 4.9.6 billion; meanwhile, Howell Technology 19?The 21-year commitment result is not less than 5 for non-net profit.4.5 billion, 8.4.5 billion, 11.26 trillion, Spike 19?The 21-year commitment to deduct non-net profit is not less than 25 million yuan, 45 million yuan and 65 million yuan. Assuming that the company starts consolidation in 2019, it will follow the minimum commitment performance and issue 3.9.9 billion shares (revised draft of 重庆耍耍网 issued shares to purchase assets) calculation (after the completion of the issuance, the total share capital is 8.5.5 billion shares), considering the company’s analog IC and power semiconductor industry advantages and industry scarcity, as well as the integration effect of image sensor chips, the 6-month target price is 59.2 yuan. Risk reminder: Macroeconomic downturn, new product market development is less than expected, acquisition integration

Fire Communication (600498): No pole Tailai single Q3 improved significantly

Fire Communication (600498): No pole Tailai single Q3 improved significantly

The incident describes the company’s third quarterly report for 2019.

On January 9, 2019, the company realized revenue of 177.

75 ppm, a ten-year increase2.

32%; net profit attributable to mother 6.

19 ppm, 10-year average1.

86%; single quarter revenue 57.

90 ‰, ten years ago 6.

28%, net profit attributable to mothers1.

92 ppm, an increase of 16 in ten years.


Incident review Optimized revenue structure, strengthened cost control, and performance began to improve: The company continued to optimize its revenue structure and proactively abandoned some low gross profit margin projects. Q3 gross margin improved significantly.

Gross profit margin for the first three quarters of 21.

93%, with a ten-year average of 1.

32 pct; but gross margin of 24 in the third quarter alone.

78%, an increase of 1 per year.

59 points, up 7 from the previous quarter.

06 points.

The company strengthened cost control. The company’s sales, management and financial expenses in the first three quarters decreased by 11 respectively.

20%, 11.

70%, 12.

75%, sales in the third quarter alone, management expenses fell by 11 respectively.

35%, 11.

76%, financial expenses increased by 154 in ten years.

16%, quality and efficiency were further strengthened.

Huodan’s 3Q results improved significantly, and the inflection point has now been reached.

5G transmission bidding is imminent, and Fibonacci sharing can be expected: China Mobile’s 5G transmission bidding plan was first released in November, with an estimated size of more than 20 billion U.S. dollars. Telecom and China Unicom follow closely behind, and the total scale plan is comparable to mobile.
Intermodal transport, China Mobile’s 2020 GPON equipment new collective procurement bidding, the use of 杭州夜网 flexible business strategies, beacon cover half of the share, warm up 5G in advance, and the company’s early 5G transmission test outstanding performance, we believe that the domestic 5G transmission equipment market pattern is expected to reshape,A total of fire can be expected.

The convertible bonds are about to be released, helping to set sail again: The company’s convertible bonds have been approved by the Securities Regulatory Commission on September 3, with a scale not exceeding 30.

US $ 8.8 billion, focusing on the main 5G optical communication and information security industry. With reference to historical conditions, the company is expected to release the “Convertible Bonds Prospectus” (locking transfer proposal) in the near future. Convertible bonds will be released to reduce funding pressure, consolidate 5G & security foundation, and helpThe flames set sail again.

Investment suggestion: Since this year, the company has continued to drop by 5%, fully reflecting the negative fundamentals. The third quarter net profit has improved, and it is expected to gain new attention in the market.

5G transmission tenders are about to start, and the industry’s high-boom cycle is about to start. As a leader in 5G transmission equipment, Beacon will be the first to benefit.

In the past 3 years, the company’s estimated range of 32-46 times, currently corresponding to 31 times the current estimate, is located at the bottom, and the allocation value is prominent.

We estimate the company’s net profit attributable to its parent to be 10 in 2019-2021.

09 billion, 12.

6.1 billion, 16.

3.9 billion, corresponding to PE 31 times, 25 times, 19 times.

Considering that the company will re-enter the rapid growth stage (transmission + overseas + ICT equipment) in the next 3 years, and at the same time the deployment of operator transmission equipment bidding and convertible bonds is expected to land soon, the company is highly deterministic and recommended.

Risk Warning: 1. 5G commercial construction is less than expected; 2.

Fiber optic cable industry cycle impact.

Daily limit resumption: turnover of the two cities 1.

4 trillion technology can be strong again

Daily limit resumption: turnover of the two cities 1.

4 trillion technology can be strong again

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  Sina Finance News February 25 news, affected by the overseas stock market crash, the three major stock indexes opened lower.

Subsequently, the Shanghai stock market index fluctuated and stood back above 3,000 points again. After several twists and turns, the stock index turned red again and strengthened again.

On the disk, the rise of wheel rotation speeded up, the masks, antiviral drugs sector bucked the trend, the related concepts of smart cars rose, and the agricultural sector rebounded slightly.

The market closed early in the morning, and the market situation suddenly changed. The three major stock indexes weakened rapidly. The CPI once fell by more than 4%. The Shanghai and Shenzhen stock indexes also expanded.

After the short-term bottom, the three major stock indexes rebounded rapidly, and the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges traded more than 900 billion yuan in half a day.

On the disk, in the early session, the strength of the strong sector was fully narrowed. Masks and anti-virus concept stocks were stubborn. The gold sector rose slightly.

In the afternoon, the index continued to strengthen, and the index index staged a deep V reversal and turned red, falling more than 4% in the early morning.

On the surface of the disk, the concept may continue to recover, and the car-related concepts are rising.

The panic in the early morning continued to be released, the bombing rate was reduced, and the market gradually stabilized.

At the end of the day, the decline in the Shanghai Index narrowed again, the Shenzhen Component Index rose and turned red, and the CPI once rose by more than 1.

2%, a new high of rebound.

Disk, 5G, semiconductor and other technologies can fully strengthen, and the market sentiment has risen again.

  The turnover of Shanghai and Shenzhen markets reached 1.

42 trillion, a new high since November 2015, and also maintained above 1 trillion for 5 consecutive days.

Shenzhen’s turnover exceeded 900 billion yuan, and GEM’s turnover exceeded 320 billion yuan.

  Specifically, at the end of the day, the Shanghai Composite Index was quoted at 3013.

05 points, down 0.

60%, the turnover was 513.1 billion (the turnover on the previous trading day was 451.6 billion); the Shenzhen Component Index reported 11856.

08 points, up 0.

71%, with a turnover of 902.2 billion yuan (7704 trillion in the previous trading day); the Pioneering Index reported 2287.

31 points, up 1.

03%, with a turnover of 320.3 billion yuan (the turnover of the previous trading day was 280.5 billion yuan).

  First, the daily limit data Shanghai and Shenzhen daily limit of 147 (covering new stocks and ST), 2 daily limit, an increase of 1158 stocks, 44 flat, down 2677 stocks.

  Second, the attractions sector 1, mask search Yute, Huasheng shares, Daun shares, Yanjiang shares, Teda shares, Zhende Pharmaceuticals, Xinlong Holdings Nanwei shares and other shares rose.

  News: Recently, the number of confirmed cases of new coronavirus infection in Japan and South Korea continues to rise, among which the number of confirmed cases in South Korea has increased.

Recently, the South Korean government has raised the early warning of new crown pneumonia to the highest “severe” level.

In addition, new diabetes in Italy, Iran and other countries also increased.

  2. Intelligent car Huayang Group, Luchang Technology, Vidi, NavInfo, Qiming Information, Baolong Technology and other stocks followed suit.

  News: Yesterday, 11 national ministries and commissions, including the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, jointly issued the “Smart Car Innovation and Development Strategy”. The “Strategy” proposed that by 2025, China’s standard smart car technology innovation, industrial ecology, infrastructure, regulatory standards, productsSupervision and cyber security systems have basically formed.

The realization of smart cars with conditional autonomous driving has reached large-scale production, and the realization of highly automated smart cars for market application in specific environments.

  3. 5G ZTE, Hudian, Yitong Century, Luxiao Technology, Hite High-tech, Yongding and other stocks performed strongly.

  News: The epidemic of new crown pneumonia has spread, and the whole nation has continued to fight the “epidemic”.

In this epidemic prevention and control, 5G’s intelligent medical treatment frequently plays a role, and new communication technologies represented by 5G have provided powerful support for epidemic prevention, including the application performance of intelligent medical treatment, big data, and cloud industryVery dazzling.

  Third, today’s daily limit stock analysis Today’s daily limit stock analysis name rise current price daily limit analysis open times Shenhua Holdings 10.

22% 2.05 Wind Power 0 Jiangnan High Fiber 10.

17% 3.

25 masks 0 Jingwei shares 10.

15% 3.

58 hydrogen fuel cell 18 oriental electric heating 10.

15% 2.

935G0 Zotye 10.

15% 2.

93 new energy vehicles 8 Lifan shares 10.

14% 3.

26 hydrogen fuel cell 3 Jia Linjie 10.

13% 4.

13 new virus protection 5 Kang Sheng shares 10.

11% 2.

94 hydrogen fuel cells 0 Neptune bio 10.

09% 5.

89 masks 2 North Glass shares 10.

09% 6.

33 Tesla 1 JAC Car 10.

08% 5.

35 new energy vehicles 1 search in special 10.

08% 2.

73 new viral genes 3 HNA investment 10.

08% 2.

73 Hainan 5 Huawu shares 10.

08% 6.

88 Military Industry 2 Zhejiang Shibao 10.

08% 5.

57 auto parts 3 sea and land heavy industry 10.

07% 5.

9 gallium nitride 2 Vetron shares 10.

07% 7.

54 equity transfer 10 blue cursor 10.

07% 7.

98 net red economy 3 black peony 10.

07% 8.

31 OLED3 Chaohua Technology 10.

06% 7 copper clad sheet 3 Huasheng shares 10.

05% 6.

13 masks 10 trillion shares 10.05% 6.

46Mini LED3 enlightenment information10.

05% 10.

84 connected cars 1 Runbang shares 10.

05% 6.

9 Medical waste treatment 0 Wanwei High-tech 10.

05% 4.

6 large airplanes 7 Harbin Pharmaceutical shares 10.

04% 5.

04 Medicine 1 Xinli Finance 10.

04% 10.

08 Diversified Finance 6 Changshan Beiming 10.

04% 13.

04Huawei Concept 0Jinan Guoji 10.

04% 11.

07 copper clad laminate 1 Xinjiang Zhonghe 10.

04% 5.

59Graphene3 铜 峰 电子 10.

04% 5.

59 passive components 0 Chujiang new material 10.

04% 8.

99 Military Industry 4 East Crystal Electronics 10.

04% 12.

39 quartz crystal 5 Weiming medicine 10.

04% 9.

32 Medicine 0 Wuzhong Jiangsu 10.

03% 9.

65 medicine 4 and 10 win shares.

03% 16.

89 lithium batteries 0 Shuanglin shares 10.

03% 6.

8 —- Lightning Lightning Protection 10.

03% 13.

82 —- Blonde Technology 10.

03% 10.

53 —- Lingyun shares 10.

03% 11.

74 —- Huayang Group 10.

03% 16.

68 automotive electronics 0 red phase shares 10.02% 22.

5 —- Boteng shares 10.

02% 23.

93 medicine 4 Shengtong shares 10.

02% 5.

16 online education 0 new building shares 10.

02% 5.

27 Rail Transit 0 Huatian Technology 10.

02% 17.

13 chips 1 Luchang Technology 10.

02% 28.

77 car network 4 Ortega 10.

02% 6.

15 Tesla 0 Yujing shares 10.

02% 31.

41 rare earth permanent magnets 0 silver round shares 10.

02% 12.

63 Tesla 5 Soviet Daweig 10.

02% 33.

28 virtual reality 4 Shanghai Xiba 10.

02% 35.

04 Sewage treatment 0 Net reach software 10.

02% 35.

37 UHD videos 0 Invic 10.

01% 48.

35 charging piles 2 Zhongguang Tiancho 10.

01% 31.

87 net red economy 15 data port 10.

01% 55.

83 big data 5 Yangpu Medical 10.

01% 11.

65 masks 3 Zhongmu shares 10.

01% 12.

97 animal vaccines 0 little bear appliances 10.

01% 75.

09 new shares 3 Hite Hi-tech 10.

01% 21 GaN 6 Zhenan Technology 10.

01% 88.

07 Earthquake 2 Electrical Connected Technology 10.

00% 51.68 Huawei Concepts 3 Daun Shares 10.

00% 27.

05 results pre-increased 0 carbon yuan technology 10.

00% 30.

13 mobile phone industry chain 1 wins electronics 10.

00% 31.

23 Tesla 3 China Stone Technology 10.

00% 39.

04 Mobile phone industry chain 1 Zhende Medical 10.

00% 42.

34 masks 5 Ruixin micro 10.

00% 43.

77 new shares 0 Ogilvy Medical 10.

00% 46.

63 masks 0 Ganfeng lithium industry 10.

00% 60.

49 lithium batteries 0 Yanjiang shares 10.

00% 25.

63 masks 1 should pass through the century 10.

00% 6.

275G0 Wynn shares 10.

00% 7.

37 GEM restructuring loosened 2 Huaping shares 10.

00% 6.

49 remote office 0 Yu Diamond 10.

00% 3.

74 diamonds 1 Huali Chuangtong 10.

00% 14.

74 satellite navigation 0 Louxiao Technology 10.

00% 7.

48 PV + SiC 0 Hudian shares 10.

00% 30.

85G2 Ophelia Light 10.

00% 22.

22 mobile phone industry chain 0 Gaode infrared 10.

00% 51.

7 new virus protection 0 Asia Pacific shares 10.

00% 5.

94 Telematics 3 Dali Technology 10.

00% 23.1 Infrared detection 8 Big Dipper 10.

00% 33 Beidou Satellite Navigation 4 Xinlong Holdings 10.

00% 10.

56 masks 5 CSG A10.

00% 6.

16 photovoltaic 3 national agricultural science and technology 10.

00% 41.

58 Huawei Concepts 0 Tony Electronics 10.

00% 36.

85 wireless headphones 0 Placo 10.

00% 18.

48 animal vaccines 2 bicyclic pharmaceuticals 10.

00% 17.

71 medicine 2 days medicine shares 10.

00% 5.

28 Medicine 7 Yongding shares 10.

00% 5.

61 Quantum Communication 0 Wentai Technology 10.

00% 166.

33 chip 5 star semiconductor 10.

00% 76.

69 new shares 0 purple optical big 10.

00% 38.

07 Online Education 3 Meetings 10.

00% 75.

045G0 Tianfu Communication 10.

00% 52.

825G5 Sega Technology 10.

00% 465G2 Xiangxin Technology 9.

99% 43.

47 Tesla 0 Liaoning into Big 9.

99% 18.

93 plans to spin-off 5 South Wei shares 9.

99% 18.

05 masks 1 Shuangfei shares 9.

99% 42.

6 new shares 2 Sanxiang new materials 9.

99% 13.

98 rare earth permanent magnet 0 Xiangdian shares 9.

99% 11.56 wind power 0 Yi’an Technology 9.

99% 18.

83 new material concept 3 Teda shares 9.

99% 8.

7 masks 2 wisdom Songde 9.

99% 8.

04 results pre-increased 0 Derun Electronics 9.

99% 15.

97 automotive electronics 4 Gao Lan shares 9.

99% 22.

58 new energy vehicles 3 Dong Yi Ri Sheng 9.

99% 7.

49 smart home 1 Fenghua Hi-Tech 9.

98% 27.

1MLCC3 四环 生物 9.

98% 6.

28 Medicine 5 Road Communication Video Message 9.

98% 12.

45 IoT 0 Buddha Plastic Technology 9.

98% 6.

17 New Energy Vehicles 0 Xingsen Technology 9.

98% 17.

96 Huawei Concept 1 Powerful New Material 9.

98% 22.

48 chips 0 Central shares 9.

98% 22.

15 Photovoltaic Concepts 5 Li Sichen 9.

98% 21.

93 online education 杭州桑拿 2 good products shop 9.

98% 18.

85 new shares 0 new day Hengli 9.

98% 4.

52 new material concepts 5 Anjubao 9.

98% 8.

93 cloud community 0 Lianming shares 9.

97% 13.

01 Tesla 2 reached 9 when new.

97% 6.

84 robots 3 oriental zirconium industry 9.

97% 6.84 new material concept 5 Lu Kang medicine 9.

97% 13.

68 Medicine 0 Silver Jubilee Technology 9.

97% 6.

62 Huawei Concepts 0 Chang Aluminum Shares 9.

97% 6.

62 Tesla 1 Tyre shares 9.

96% 5.

52 supercapacitors 0 Weidi shares 9.

96% 5.

19 car networking 0 Juhua shares 9.

95% 9.

61 Fluorochemical 3 Tailong Pharmaceutical 9.

95% 6.

52 medicine 2 sunshine shares 9.

94% 5.

31 Real Estate 5th Century Dingli 9.

93% 6.

42 Online Education 3 Hangzhou Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. 9.

92% 5.

65 Ring Hangzhou Bay Greater Bay Area 0 南京龙凤网 Pacific 9.

92% 3.

99 brokers 3 Sichuan Changhong 9.

91% 3.

775G0 Zijiang Enterprise 9.

91% 4.

99 intends to spin off and list 0 Beijing Express 9.

91% 3.

55 photovoltaic 4 HNA innovation 9.

91% 2.

33 Hainan 3 Yellow River Whirlwind 9.

86% 3.

12 Industrial Internet 3 * ST ICT 5.

14% 3.

48ST plate 0ST Antong 5.

09% 4.

13ST plate 5 * ST riverization 5.

07% 6.

22ST plate 0 * ST Carey 5.

06% 5.61ST plate 16 * ST Suoling 5.

01% 5.

66ST plate 0 * ST bus 4.

98% 4.

64 performance pre-increased by 1 * ST Xiagong 4.

96% 2.

33ST plate 13 * ST Xinhai 4.

85% 2.

38ST plate 34, yesterday’s daily limit analysis Yesterday’s daily limit analysis Yesterday’s daily price analysis Yesterday daily limit analysis Open times Jiangnan High Fiber 10

17% 3.

25 masks 0 Jingwei shares 10.

15% 3.

58 hydrogen fuel cell 18 oriental electric heating 10.

15% 2.

935G0 Beibo shares 10.

09% 6.

33 Tesla 1 Sea and Land Heavy Industry 10.

07% 5.

9 gallium nitride 2 Vetron shares 10.

07% 7.

54 points transfer 10 black peony 10.

07% 8.

31 OLED3 Chaohua Technology 10.

06% 7 copper clad sheet 3 Huasheng shares 10.

05% 6.

13 masks 10 trillion shares 10.

05% 6.

46Mini LED3 Runbang shares 10.

05% 6.

9 Medical waste treatment 0 Wanwei High-tech 10.

05% 4.

6 big airplanes 7 Sony Financial 10.

04% 10.

08 Diversified Finance 6 Xinjiang Zhonghe 10.

04% 5.

59Graphene3 铜 峰 电子 10.

04% 5.

59 passive components 0 and 10 win shares.

03% 16.

89 lithium batteries 0 Huayang Group 10.03% 16.

68 automotive electronics 0 new building shares 10.

02% 5.

27 Rail Transit 0 Huatian Technology 10.

02% 17.

13 chips 1 Luchang Technology 10.

02% 28.

77 car network 4 Ortega 10.

02% 6.

15 Tesla 0 Yujing shares 10.

02% 31.

41 Rare Earth Permanent Magnet 0 Shanghai Xiba 10.

02% 35.

04 Sewage treatment 0 Net reach software 10.

02% 35.

37 UHD videos 0 Invic 10.

01% 48.

35 charging piles 2 Yangpu Medical 10.

01% 11.

65 masks 3 electrical connection technology 10.

00% 51.

68 Huawei Concepts 3 Daun Shares 10.

00% 27.

05 results pre-increased 0 carbon yuan technology 10.

00% 30.

13 Mobile phone industry chain 1 Zhende Medical 10.

00% 42.

34 masks 5 Ogilvy Medical 10.

00% 46.

63 masks 0 Yanjiang shares 10.

00% 25.

63 masks 1 should pass through the century 10.

00% 6.

275G0 Huaping shares 10.

00% 6.

49 remote office 0 Yu Diamond 10.

00% 3.

74 Diamond 1 Hudian shares 10.

00% 30.

85G2 Xinlong Holdings 10.00% 10.

56 masks 5 national agricultural science and technology 10.

00% 41.

58 Huawei Concepts 0 Tony Electronics 10.

00% 36.

85 wireless headphones 0 Yongding shares 10.

00% 5.

61 quantum communication 0 star semiconducting 10.

00% 76.

69 new shares 0 will communicate smoothly 10.

00% 75.

045G0 Tianfu Communication 10.

00% 52.

825G5 Sega Technology 10.

00% 465G2 Nanwei shares 9.

99% 18.

05 masks 1 Xiangdian shares 9.

99% 11.

56 wind power 0 Teda shares 9.

99% 8.

7 masks 2 Gao Lan shares 9.

99% 22.

58 new energy vehicles 3 Fenghua Hi-Tech 9.

98% 27.

1MLCC3 Road Communication Video Message 9.

98% 12.

45 Internet of Things 0 Li Sichen 9.

98% 21.

93 Online Education 2 ZTE 9.

98% 55.

115G0 Chang aluminum shares 9.

97% 6.

62 Tesla 1 Tyre shares 9.

96% 5.

52 super capacitors 0 Sai Teng shares 9.

94% 66.

25 wireless headphones 0 Hangsteel 9.

92% 5.

65 Ring Hangzhou Bay Area 0 Sichuan Changhong 9.

91% 3.775G0 Zijiang Enterprise 9.

91% 4.

99 intends to spin off and list 0 Jiuzhou Pharmaceuticals 9.

70% 21.

26 Biomedicine 0 Dongxu Optoelectronics 8.

95% 4.

26 Graphene 3 Tongyu Communication 8.

92% 33.

225G3 Desai Siwei 8.

92% 45.

8 car network 12 new coup 8.

91% 47.

07 Super capacitor 10 Anjing food 8.

78% 73.

2 Quick Frozen Foods 0 Yaxiang Integration 8.

63% 19.

39 chip 0 era new material 8.

38% 9.

05 风 电 0 神州 数码 7.

92% 30.

65 Huawei Concept 7 Tiansheng New Material 7.

79% 8.

16 results pre-increased 0 Haixing shares 7.

62% 23.

16 super capacitors 1 Nanda Optoelectronics 7.

46% 36.

15 chip concept 0 beacon communication 7.

43% 31.

095G3 Hongli Zhihui 7.

39% 9.

01 Auto parts 2 Wuhan Fangu 7.

36% 25.

975G2 flying up to 7.

35% 62.

825G4 Hongta Securities 6.

90% 24.

79 Securities 6 Baolong Technology 6.

60% 40.

68 tire pressure monitoring 3 Tianyin Holdings 6.

45% 6.93 Huawei Concept 2 Hyde Control 6.

43% 13.

24 Industrial Internet 3 Huazheng New Materials 6.

19% 68.

67 CCL 3 Recco Defense 6.

15% 10.

35 national defense industry 6 energy section shares 6.

13% 38.

98 Intelligent Manufacturing 12 Wutong Holdings 6.

12% 6.

075G0 Shuo Beide 6.

11% 25.

015G0 Rongjie Health 6.

05% 3.

33 masks 1 rainbow shares 6.

04% 5.

79OLED8 Kane shares 5.

99% 7.

26 super capacitors 5 new Yi Sheng 5.

81% 80.

195G0 Nuobang shares 5.

79% 26.

88 masks 0 Siyuan Electric 5.

69% 20.

44 chips 0 UBM Technology 5.

52% 12.

05 Cement 0 Shangrong Medical 5.

47% 7.

33 new virus protection 2 Jianghai shares 5.

46% 11.

97 passive components 12 Gao Hong shares 5.

14% 6.

96 blockchain 4 * ST ICT 5.

14% 3.

48ST plate 0 high emerging 5.

08% 6.

62 new virus protection 1 Chunxing Seiko 5.

07% 10.

155G1 * ST Riverization 5.

07% 6.22ST plate 0 * ST Suoling 5.

01% 5.

66ST plate 10 Aowei communication 4.

98% 8.

435G0 palm reading technology4.

88% 23.

2Huawei Concept 4 * ST Xinhai 4.

85% 2.

38ST plate 4 sharp technology4.

82% 173 Connected Vehicles 7 Libang Instruments 4.

81% 10.

9 Medical Devices 0 Shengyi Technology 4.

59% 33.

69PCB5 广 和 通 4.

47% 94.

875G3 CITIC Guoan 4.

34% 4.

09 Lithium battery 0 Teana Technology 4.

32% 11.

6 Cloud Computing 0 New Research Shares 4.

30% 4.

85 large aircraft 4 Taihe new materials 4.

23% 14.

06 UAV 0 Zhongrun Resources 4.

17% 3.

25 gold 1 Dingsheng new material 4.

01% 19.

99 new energy vehicles 7 Northern Huachuang 3.

80% 174.

7 chips 4 Tai Chi Industry 3.

78% 15.

93 chips 3 MMS shares 3.

69% 27.

26 Huawei Industry Chain 0 Xinlun Technology 3.

51% 7.

96 masks 3 Duolun technology 3.

36% 8.

91 unmanned 0 0 Central Plains equipped with 3.

31% 5.

93 connected vehicles 3 Huafeng shares 3.07% 15.

76 super capacitors 0 Suntec technology 3.

07% 22.

855G2 Dafu Technology 3.

04% 18.

335G2 grand blasting 2.

91% 38.

6 military industry 2ST surround the sea 2.

90% 2.

84ST plate 4 Tianjin Purin 2.

85% 12.

26 debt-to-equity swap 2

82% 55.

335G0 rises again technology 2.

80% 12.

1 mask 3 Nanjing Panda 2.

78% 10.

735G0 Water shares 2.

77% 28.

15 Huawei 1 Nine strong creatures 2.

66% 22.

02 Medicine 3 Unity Group 2.

65% 20.

17 Telecommuting 1 British Medical 2.

58% 39.

4 Medical Devices 10 Xiling Information 2.

49% 12.

76 Huawei Concepts 0 * ST Day First 2.

44% 4.

2ST plate 2 Suken Nongfa 2.

34% 8.

74 agricultural planting 0 Shennan shares 2.

08% 9.

33 —- ST Ai Xu 1.

87% 11.

42 —- Chinese Information 1.

64% 26.

65 —- Transportation shares 1.

39% 18.

25 —- Guiguang Network 1.36% 10.

41 —- Robotko 1.

25% 45.

35 —- Yuyue Medical 1.

19% 33.

06 —- Special Message 1.

06% 12.

45G5 Suzhou Kodak 0.

76% 15.

86 Cloud Office 7 Zhongheng Electric 0.

75% 13.

455G + charging pile 3 Jinlihuadian 0.

41% 16.

98 UHV 1 Chinese software 0.

36% 94.

12 Huawei Concepts 12 Silver Baoshan New 0.

11% 9.

425G4 Gimhae Environment 0.

00% 14.

78 masks 5 macro and technology 0.

00% 15.

32 Huawei Concepts 0 World Digital-0.

05% 21.

15 GEM restructuring untied 2 * ST Yushun-0.

09% 11.

36ST plate 6 compass-0.

12% 69.

29 Fintech 4 Yongxin Optics-0.

51% 42.

91 Ultra HD video 5 moved to Communication-0.

86% 64.

65G2 Bomin Electronics-1.

18% 25.

94PCB5 Jinggong Technology-1.

38% 5.

7 new virus protection 1 Shennan Circuit -1.

86% 253.

6 printed circuit board 2 Saiyi information -2.

46% 23.

78 Huawei Concept 3 Vail Shares-2.96% 213.

5 chip concept 0 Dongfang Zhongke-2.

97% 27.

76 Huawei 6 Astar-3.

00% 9.

39 appliances 1 Tamron shares -3.

30% 29.

57 Tesla 5 Wanxing Technology -3.

55% 100.

04 domestic software 1 * ST Lotus-3.

61% 3.

2ST plate 3 rambler-4.

51% 23.

51 wireless headphones 3 Pleasant elevator -5.

76% 7.

86 Elevator 0

Resumption of the opening of many scenic spots to promote the restoration of tourism as soon as possible

Resumption of the opening of many scenic spots to promote the restoration of tourism as soon as possible

For stocks, please read Jin Qilin analyst research report, authoritative, professional, timely, and comprehensive, to help you tap potential potential opportunities!

  Securities Times reporter Yan Cui’s epidemic situation is now improving. Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Hunan, Sichuan and other scenic spots have resumed opening up. Some provincial and municipal government departments have also introduced measures to promote the development of the tourism industry and promote the rapid recovery of the local tourism industry.

  Multiple attractions resumed opening On the afternoon of February 19, the ancient press conference of “Announcement on Optimizing Epidemic Prevention and Control Measures for Rapid Resumption of Work and Resumption of Production” in Nanjing, Jiangsu, Jiangsu, at which the Nanjing 北京夜网 Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism informed the orderly restoration of tourist attractions in NanjingBrief description of the work program, and announced that starting from February 20, the city’s tourist attractions will gradually resume orderly operation in batches.

  It is reported that there are 51 national-level scenic spots in Nanjing, of which 15 are provincial and municipal, and 36 are districts. The first batch of national-level scenic spots planned to resume operation is 8 cities, and 3 are directly under the jurisdiction of the Municipal Tourism Bureau.Parks, a total of 11 scenic spots, parks, including Xuanwu Lake Scenic Area, Yuhuatai Scenic Area, Zhongshan Mausoleum Scenic Area, etc.

  On the same day, Zhejiang also announced that from the 19th, the West Lake Scenic Spot will open parked attractions in an orderly manner in accordance with regulations. The open-air toll attractions that belong to it will, in principle, open according to normal business hours.

At the same time, in order to ensure safety, the attractions will be controlled in real time, and the daily reception volume will not exceed 50% of the total capacity. In addition, team tourists will be assigned to enter the park at intervals. It is recommended that the number of group tourists should not exceed 30 people.

  There are not a few areas where attractions are successively opened.

The national 5A-level scenic spot in Jiangxi Longhushan announced that it will gradually resume opening to the outside world from February 19.

At present, the main scenic spot of Longhu Mountain has officially opened. Tianmen Mountain, Dashangqing Palace, Tianshifu and other scenic spots are temporarily closed.

In addition, Mianyang, Sichuan also proposed that before 9:00 am on February 19th, the city’s People’s Park, Fuleshan Park, Nanshan Park, Xishan Park, all street parks and squares will be reopened.

  Some regions have also introduced measures to promote the recovery of the tourism market. For example, Zhangjiajie City, Hunan Province has recently formulated the “310” Action Plan to Promote the Comprehensive Restoration of the Tourism Market in Zhangjiajie City.Practice the “ten requirements” of the internal skills, start the “ten measures” of the tourism market, and cover a set of policies covering recovery, product transformation, service improvement, marketing and other aspects of restoring the Zhangjiajie tourism market to boost the confidence of the local tourism industry and promoteThe tourism market has fully recovered.

  Behind the impact of multiple forces in the first quarter of the travel company to promote the recovery of the tourism industry, listed companies in the reorganized tourism industry have clearly disclosed that the first quarter’s performance was affected by the epidemic.

  Xi’an Tourism announced that it is expected that the epidemic will have a breakthrough impact on the company’s operating performance in the first quarter of 2020.

The company stated that in order to fully cooperate in the prevention and control of the new coronavirus epidemic, the company’s affiliated companies, including Jiefang Hotel, Guanzhong Inn, Shanglin Palace Hotel and Northwest Hotel, Xi’an Overseas Tourism Co., Ltd., Xi’an China Travel International Travel Agency Co., Ltd.Xi’an West Travel Xinguanghua Hotel Co., Ltd., Xi’an Weishuiyuan Hot Spring Resort Co., Ltd. and other subsidiaries, all operating stores have been suspended from January 27, all travel plans are cancelled.

The time for the subsequent restoration of normal operations will depend on the development of the epidemic situation and the relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control in Xi’an.

  Yunnan Tourism also announced that from January 25, 2020, the company’s subsidiary attractions will be temporarily closed to the public. The company’s subsidiary travel agencies, tourism transportation, conferences and weddings will be temporarily closed. The demand for hotel business and the project period of gardening and horticulture business are also due to the epidemic situation.And the violation has a certain impact.

Due to the sudden and sudden epidemic situation, the company’s first quarter 2020 performance will continue to be affected to some extent, and specific data cannot be accurately predicted for the time being.

  In addition, Caesars Travel, Zhongxin Tourism, Songcheng Performing Arts, Sante Ropeway and other listed companies have all repeatedly affected short-term performance affected by the epidemic.

  The data on the number of Chinese New Year travelers from the Ministry of Transport can also reflect the impact of tourism.

The Ministry of Transport had predicted in early January that there would be 4 during the 2020 Spring Festival.

500 million people traveled.

However, according to the news released on the website of the Ministry of Communications on February 3, the Spring Festival holiday is 10 days, and it is expected that the national railways, roads, waterways and civil aviation will send a total of 1 passenger.

900 million person-times, a drop of nearly 73% over the same period last year.

  Datong Securities analyst Liu Yunfeng believes that the outbreak may affect the performance of tourism listed companies in the first quarter, but from the first month after the end of SARS, the tourism industry has ushered in retaliatory growth. The impact is short-lived.The accumulated tourism demand for the epidemic situation may be released in large quantities during the summer or around the National Day.

Therefore, for travel companies with high quality or unique advantages, a big drop may be an opportunity.

  It is worth mentioning that Jiuhua Tourism, Yunnan Tourism, Sante Ropeway, Songcheng Performing Arts and other listed companies have already begun to repair the performance of a multi-pronged approach.

Let women not see the age, remove the traces of the years

Let women not see the age, remove the traces of the years

How to quickly remove wrinkles on the face, wrinkles are the skin affected by the external environment, the formation of free radicals, free radicals destroy the collagen, active substances in normal cell membrane tissue, oxidation of cells to form small lines, wrinkles.
  A beautiful woman, not only can not find a trace of fine lines on the face, even the skin of the neck is flawless, but many women just focus on the whitening work of the face, and ignore the anti-aging maintenance.
In fact, from the age of 25, women’s skin will gradually reveal the traces of the years, if the skin care properly, you can keep your age secret!
  According to scientific research, the skin on the face is thin and fragile, and it is easy to let collagen lose without paying attention to maintenance. Therefore, the skin is slack and lacks elasticity.
When sebum secretion is less likely to become dry, it is difficult for the skin to retain moisture, so it is easy to cause wrinkles, fine lines, and rough skin.
So how do you do skin care to keep your secrets of age?
The following small series will recommend a small trick for everyone, let you stay away from aging troubles!
How to supplement collagen and make age a secret?
>>> Xiao Bian recommended: breast goddess heavenly breasts talk about body care secret recipe tenderine actress Liu Xiaoqing 57-year-old single-door maintenance secret Masuden sexy photo breasts show perfect curve house men and women peace of mind fluoroscopy career line into focus  据相关调查显示Now, I have millions of women who want to make their faces look old and apply some skin care products to them. 42% of them said that they have been swollen and itchy.
Experts say that using too much chemical-containing skin care products can make your skin sensitive or fragile, and frequent skin care changes are prone to allergies. Over time, your skin will become aging.
Experts say that many skin care products can only be absorbed on the surface of the skin to a large extent, and can not really enter the dermis layer, to achieve deeper renewal and collagen supplement.
A skin care product with small molecular collagen has become a must-have for maintenance. Small molecule collagen can penetrate deep into the skin and improve the skin aging status from the root.
跟都市白领学保养,娇嫩肌肤你也能拥有>>>小编推荐:美胸女神天心露胸 谈身材保养秘方嫩颜女星刘晓庆 57岁独门保养秘诀马苏登性感写真 丰胸展现完美曲线宅男女神安心亚 透视装事业线成焦点  在大都市里,苏玛素很多白领都喜欢用一款来自法国的专业抗衰去皱保养品,它就是将胶原蛋白和玻尿酸进行成分重组而成的专业护肤品——Camline, it can lock the firming nutrients, avoiding the passage of nutrients over time, and restore the elasticity and luster of the skin, smoothing wrinkles, eye bags and other aging phenomena.
  专家称,是全球唯一一款能同时补充胶原蛋白和玻尿酸的专属产品,它是不用开刀拉皮,不用针剂注射的“天然拉皮术”,而且它成分天然毫无副 作用,所以能受到众多The favor of white-collar workers.
For those who want to make their skin younger, you can learn to apply some skin care products that can deeply absorb the skin like urban white-collar workers. This can prevent skin aging and effectively wrinkle!
How to maintain it in order to change back to young beauty?
>>>小编推荐:美胸女神天心露胸 谈身材保养秘方嫩颜女星刘晓庆 57岁独门保养秘诀马苏登性感写真 丰胸展现完美曲线宅男女神安心亚 透视装事业线成焦点

Teach OL to fight off the symptoms of premature one by one


Teach OL to fight off the symptoms of premature one by one

Teach OL one by one to fight back the symptoms of premature age. When you are only in your early 20s or 30s, you ca n’t afford to stay up late, have no strength, and ca n’t play anymore.”Early aging” mark must be very unconvinced and do not admit that they are getting old.

In fact, these people are members of “progeria”.

Progeria causes many women in the workplace to age early and suffer physical damage.

If you don’t want early age to come to yourself, pay attention to the major symptoms of early age and take precautionary measures in time!

Fear of aging is no longer the fear of senior women. More and more young women are only 30 years old and worry about aging and knock on the door early.

What is premature?

Premature aging, which should not be seen in physiology and psychology, occurs only in his 30s, which is called early age.

Although “progeria” is not a medical name, this innovative term originated from Japan and appeared in idol dramas at the same time, becoming a hot topic in modern society.

Why does modern OL appear progeria?

The following factors make modern OL appear prematurely, and they are linked to “progeria” before the age of 40: 1.

Long life in night life, bad life style staying up late.


More and more women have bad habits of smoking and drinking.


Long-term diet is not normal.


Unbalanced nutrition for weight loss and diet.


Overwork and stress.


Work overtime often and work too long.


Professional women face both career and family pressures.


Live in a noisy, fast-paced urban jungle.


Too young to start makeup or often apply heavy makeup.

To avoid premature skin aging and maintain a youthful appearance, you can start with the following life improvements: ◆ Don’t stay up late and get enough sleep: Sleep is the best time to stimulate the regeneration of collagen in the skin. Only by falling asleep can the skin play a repairing role.

◆ Enhance moisturizing: Moisturizing and moisturizing are the most basic maintenance to prevent skin aging. Drink plenty of water and wipe moisturizing and water-care products to prevent skin dryness and avoid wrinkles.

If the cheeks and eyes are very dry, you can use a mask or eye mask to increase the moisture content; but it should not be applied for too long.

◆ Wash your face properly: Use warm and cold water and do not over clean, to avoid the loss of grease and grease; the face wash is picky for spices, non-soap is the best choice, stay for no more than 30 seconds, and do not rub or wipe with a towel.

◆ Regular exfoliation: When the stratum corneum is too thick, various maintenance ingredients absorbed on the skin surface cannot be transported to the skin’s essence and are not easily absorbed.

◆ Comprehensive sun protection: Choose SPF plus UVA sunscreen, choose SPF10 for daily protection?
SPF15, PA + sunscreen products; choose SPF30, PA +++ sunscreen products for shopping and outdoor activities; it is best to choose SPF50, PA ++++, and sunscreen skincare products with waterproof function when swimming on the beach.

◆ Special skin care during sleep at night: Use the most suitable night cream to seize the golden time of night skin self-healing.

◆ Make up as little makeup as possible: change the makeup, and choose a powder-free makeup that is safer.

Choose care products carefully: Don’t replace too moisturizing care products because you are worried about premature skin aging, but choose the right one, because young people’s skin only needs to restore normal metabolism and high self-healing care products.

In addition, choose good reputable, branded skin care products and cosmetics, don’t buy a lot of hoarding at the anniversary discount, because the ingredients will be less active for a long time.

◆ Avoid tobacco and alcohol: Quit smoking, drink alcohol and eat less fried, spicy food. ◆ eat some fatty foods: especially healthy fats that are good for the skin, such as nuts and plant seeds.


Yingrun beauty in the autumn wind


Yingrun beauty in the autumn wind

With the autumn wind, the skin will have symptoms, dry wrinkles, violent skin, dandruff, small fine lines . These are all related to the season.

The seasons change, the climate changes, and your skin care products should change.

Hurry up and adjust your skincare products. Those annoying minor symptoms will disappear immediately!

  Face alarm together with the autumn breeze, the gloss of the face will fall down two levels immediately. The autumn breeze will easily take away the moisture from the surface layer of the skin, and even a small dry skin will burst on the nose.

  One of the best ways to moisturize your face is to make your own moisturizing mask. 1: Put your usual lotion (it must be alcohol-free, so that it will not cause irritation and allergies).Feels moisturized and hydrated.

  TIPS: 1.Can not use ordinary tap water, tap water can only allow the moisture on the skin to evaporate and be transformed.

  2.This mask can only relieve the dryness and tension for a while, and the effect will not last long.

  3.If you want to stay longer, apply a moisturizer immediately.

  Mask 2: Take a piece of aloe vera leaves to make a paste, spread it on a piece of gauze or used mask paper, then lay it on a wooden board and lie still for 20 minutes.

Wait for the moisturizing ingredients in the aloe to gradually penetrate into the stratum corneum. After 20 minutes of washing, the skin will become more moisturized, and the small dry skin on the nose must be gone.

  Second, the skin cream is immediately adjusted into a moisturizing type.
Immediately adjust your skin care products to hydrating.

Good-quality hydration products can not only replenish the skin with moisture, but also replenish the skin with moisture, forming a moisture barrier on the surface of the skin and preventing the moisture from easily evaporating.

  TIPS: 1.For very dry skin, use a moisturizing lotion instead of a cream.

The difference between lotions and creams is in the right amount.

A lotion is a milk-like product that contains much higher moisture than a cream-like product, so that it can be quickly opened on the skin and absorbed by the skin as soon as possible.

  2.Use the moisturizing lotion within 5 minutes after washing your face.

Can the stratum corneum be filled at this time?

Water molecules and nutrients easily penetrate into the skin and are absorbed.

  Third, the hydrating mask SOS cheeks are dim and dehydrated, apply the hydrating mask quickly, and it will take effect immediately.

When the hydrating and moisturizing mask is tightly attached to the skin’s surface layer, the temperature of the skin surface rises, and the slenderness promotes blood circulation. At this time, the moisturizing factors will spread deeper and wider, moisturizing those “waiting to drink” keratin cells.

  Tips: Moisturizing facial mask must not choose to tear apart, because the moisturizing ingredients cannot make the mask dry and tear off, so there must be no moisture peeling in the peeled off mask.

Self-massage helps lower blood pressure


Self-massage helps lower blood pressure

Those who really understand massage will know its benefits, but people who do n’t know will ask how good massage is, and he certainly will not understand the function of massage to help lower blood pressure.

  Sticking to self-massage helps lower blood pressure. Some people have proposed the six-character massage method, which is easy to learn and has a better antihypertensive effect.

  Rub the sides of the head with both palms 36 times each.

  Wipe the index finger of both hands, the middle finger and the ring finger of the ring finger, wiping from the center of the forehead to both sides to the temple, 36 times each.

  Comb both hands with ten fingers, starting from the forehead hairline, past the top of the head, and combing to the back hairline 36 times.

  Roll your hands and make a fist, with your fist eyes facing the corresponding lumbar spine, and roll slightly up and down 36 times, with a larger adjustment of the rolling amplitude.

  Rub the palms of your hands crosswise and overlapping, stick to the abdomen, center around the umbilicus, and press and knead 36 times clockwise and counterclockwise.

  Massage Chi Feng points (between the trochanter and straight depression and mastoid, between the trapezius and the upper end of the sternocleidomastoid muscle), Laogong (central palm), Hegu (the first and second metacarpal bones on the back of the handBetween, near the middle point of the second metacarpal bone), Neiguan acupoints (forearm, 2 inches above the wrist) and 36 points each.

  Others: ① bath surface wipe method: rub your hands, wipe from the forehead to the lower jaw from the pathological department along the ear, repeat 20-30 times.

Then use both hands and four fingers to spread from the Yintang acupoint along the eyebrow arch to the two temples, repeated several times, and gradually moved up to the hairline.

The technique is easy and soft, and the Yintang acupoint is slightly pressured to produce a local warmth.

This method can lower blood pressure and improve facial gloss.

  ② Rubbing the Zhuzhu points: Use both hands to press and rub each side of the Zhuzhu points about 100 times, using even force.

This method can reduce headaches, dizziness and other symptoms.

  ③ Wipe the bridge bow: With the head deflected to both ends, use your hands and four fingers to press the big tendons down to the thorax of the thorax at the bulges of the contralateral ears, alternately with your hands, repeatedly.

This method has a significant antihypertensive effect.

Kiwi’s lightweight body has a coup

Kiwi’s lightweight body has a coup

Kiwi (also known as carambola, mangosteen, or pear), converts many mineral elements such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, and is rich in vitamins.

The protein content is 1 per 100 grams of pulp.

6 grams, is a nutrient-rich, large shrinkage, low yield conversion fruit.


hzh {display: none; }  中医认为,它是辅治肥胖症的果类,它利水,化痰,润肺,健脾胃。 Here’s how to eat kiwi: Sanpin’s raw materials: 250 grams of kiwi, 1 apple, 1 banana, 30 grams of sugar, starch replacement.

  Method: ① Wash the kiwi into a bowl and steam it. After taking out to cool, squeeze out the gravy with net gauze. Wash the apples, remove the skin, cut into small cubes, and peel the bananas into small cubes.

  ② Add an appropriate amount of water to the pot, add sugar, and kiwi juice to boil. Put the diced bananas and diced apples into the pot one after another, and then boil them.