Walking fitness-easy to get out of good body

Walking fitness: Get out of your body easily

A survey revealed.

There are 37 million people who lose weight by walking around the world.

Effective walking has become a healthy and fashionable lifestyle, and it has become one of the ideal choices for many people with a keen sense of touch to shape their perfect body and maintain a healthy state.

  Walking to lose weight for a healthy bodybuilding perfect experience Walking to lose weight is regarded as a “return to nature” way to lose weight.

It does not require the help of drugs, fitness equipment, etc.

You don’t need to spend too much time and money to realize it, and you can say goodbye to the negative consequences of diet and weight loss and damage to your body.

People just need to stick on the way to and from class, and walk on the way to and from work may bring unexpected body-building effects.

  This is also recognized by experts.

Sports medical scientists have found that striding is the best aerobic exercise.

Long-term striding can increase energy consumption in the body and promote the use of excess aunts in the body.

Adults who are obese because they eat more and eat less, if they can walk daily and control their diet properly.

Will receive the effect of weight loss.

  Clinicians tell us that insisting on walking every day can obviously improve the nutrition of the heart and keep the arterial wall elastic.

A series of anti-atherosclerotic substances are produced in the blood in the body.

Thereby reducing the possibility of people suffering from cardiovascular disease.

Self-assessment of psychological personality maturity


Self-assessment of psychological personality maturity

An experienced person in life is usually a mature person.

Such people are full of confidence in themselves in everything they do, believe in their abilities and thoughts, and are good at using their knowledge and knowledge.

At work, he can calmly face everything, and he will not give up even in the face of major setbacks; he is aware of the relationship with his colleagues.

He has his own unique vision and pursues a rational, permanent, practical principle of life, not a life principle formed by imagination, prejudice, and superstition.

  There are 10 questions in this test. There are options after the questions. Please choose the answer that is most suitable for you.

  The test begins 1. The degree to which others like me is: A. Some people like me very much, others don’t like me at all. B. Most people like me a little, but don’t regard me as a confidant. C. No one likes me.  D. Most people like me to a certain extent. E. I do not understand the opinions of others. 2. In my interactions with others, I usually: A. I like to draw attention to others. B. I want others to pay attention to me, butI want to show it clearly. C. I like others paying attention to me, but I don’t deliberately pursue it. D. I don’t like others paying attention to me. E. I don’t care about whether it will attract attention.The correct attitude is: A. Adapt yourself to the surrounding social living environment. B. Try to use the favorable factors in the living environment to develop yourself. C. Transform the negative factors in the living environment and make the living environment better. D. Encounter a bad social living environment.At that time, I must make up my mind to get out of this environment and transfer my progress to another place. E. No matter what the living environment is, I must work hard to live up to my life. 4. I have trouble in work or study.When it ‘s difficult, I often: A. Ask anyone who knows more than me B. Ask only my close friends C. I always do my best to solve it independently, but it ‘s not possible, and ask othersHelp D. I clenched my teeth and did not ask others to help E. I didn’t find anyone to ask for help 5. If I lost in the game, my usual approach is: A. Find the reason for the loss, improve the technology, and strive for the nextI can win B. I admire the one who wins C. I think the other party is not great, and I am better than the other party D. I think it is normal to win or lose.The reason is good luck. If you are lucky, you will win each other. 6In general, people who disagree with me are: A. People with strange ideas and incomprehensible B. People with no cultural knowledgeC有相当理由坚持自己看法的人  D生活阅历和我不同的人  E素养比我丰富的人。  7My view on fortunetelling by looking at palms and measuring eight characters is: A. I found that fortune telling understands the past and future, and is very accurate. B. Fortune tellers are mostly crooks. C. I ca n’t see whether fortune telling is nonsense or trueMakes sense D. I do n’t believe fortune telling can predict people ‘s past and future. E. Even I know that fortune telling is superstition, but I always try it. 8. When I encounter a major setback in my life, I will feel: A.完了了  B也许能在其他方面获得成功,取代补偿C不甘心失败,决心不惜付出任何代价,一定要实现自己的愿望D没什么大不了的,我可以调整自己的计划或目标E自己的It ‘s not correct to have such high expectations or ambitions 9  My attitude towards change is: A  always ready for adversarial transformation B  only change on issues that are of interest to me C  I rarely progress with people and like myself独立思考各种观点的利弊D我不喜欢模仿,尽量避免之E无所谓  10遭受别人指责时,我通常的反应是:A分析别人为什么指责我,自己在某个地方有错B保持沉默,毫不在意,将一切指责放置之脑后C也对他进行指责  D尽量照别人的意思去做  E如果我认为自己是对的,就为自己辩护  计分标准10  选项得分题号A B C D E  1、+2 -3 +8 -22  -20  2、+8 +3 +4 +30 +4   3,+ 8 -4 +64 +80 +4 4,-2 -45 +80 -3 +4 5, -46 -3 -2 +8 +40 7 -5 +3 -2 +10 0 8 -4 +100 +5 -39 9, -4 +80 -2 +3 10 10, +8 -3-40 +4Get up and compare the results of the subsequent tests.

  The test result is below 0: you are still very naive and still immature in dealing with social life issues.

You like to act on your own instincts and momentary feelings. You are impulsive, unaware of the general situation, or go to the other extreme, that is, shrinking when you are in trouble, afraid to show your face, lonely and inferior.

You can easily offend people and be deceived. You run into walls in social life and you cannot achieve your ideals and goals.

This is not in line with the requirements of modern social life, you must be committed to mature yourself as soon as possible.

30 points: Your personality is not mature enough.

You are not good at dealing with various problems and contradictions in social life, you are not good at observing the various factors that affect problems, you cannot accurately predict the results of your actions, and you cannot adapt well to complex social life.

60 points: Your personality maturity is medium.

You have grasped and dealt with some things in life properly, but you are not sure about other things, so that you are helpless or mishandled.

Your personality is twofold: half seasoned and half naive. You also need to slowly practice in social life.

  Above 60 points: You are a mature and experienced person.

Everyone with a mature personality is at ease in the society and is at ease.

They know how to properly handle the various problems that individuals encounter.

They can accurately judge: the way to deal with a problem is effective, and which way will cause adverse consequences, so they can choose an optimal solution.

Such people often become the object of others to ask and imitate.

  Psychological analysis Most mature people have rich experiences, and a large number of failed and successful experiences have been replaced.

But the degree of personality maturity is not necessarily proportional to the age of the person.

What should a man do if he can’t help the urine?

What should a man do if he can’t help the urine?


Pyelonephritis 1.

Patients with urinary tract can be considered pyelonephritis.

This worm is an organ infection in the deep part of the body and is often accompanied by a systemic quenching reaction or impaired tubular function.


Older men caused by urinary tract infections can cause urinary tract obstruction due to benign prostatic hyperplasia, which in turn causes cystitis.

Cystitis occurs often because the bacteria in the vulva are retrograde along the urinary tract.


Urinary incontinence is a symptom that refers to the loss of urine loss and is not autonomously replaced.

Normal human urine storage and urination are carried out under the coordination of bladder pressure and urethral pressure. Therefore, any cause of bladder pressure during storage or urethral obstruction may cause urinary incontinence.


Psychological reasons are a reason. Some male friends always forced themselves to go to the toilet before going to bed at night, and over time, they would develop psychologically compelling diseases, and they could not help but slowly urinate.


Affected by living habits and seasons, the amount of drinking water, the number of drinking more, there may be frequent urination.

If the thirst is not obvious, drink tens of milliliters of water, and it may take tens of minutes to urinate.

Affected by climate and climatic factors, there is less sweating in winter, less water loss on the body surface, and water needs to be excreted through the kidneys, and the number of urine may increase.

In summer, there is more sweating, less urine, and less urine.

A nest behind the ear, special hypoglycemic blood transfer!

Press 10 seconds a day, the benefits are true!

A nest behind the ear, special hypoglycemic blood transfer!
Press 10 seconds a day, the benefits are true!

In the view of Chinese medicine, the health of the body can be inferred by observing the ear.

As far as the ear is concerned, the normal person’s ear is rosy and shiny, which is the performance of the congenital kidney essence overlap; if the ear is dry and dull, the reaction body is insufficient.

The auricle is dry and burnt, mostly in the late stage of infectious diseases or diabetes, because at this stage, the body’s Yin fluid has been seriously burned.

And behind the ear there is a special “healthy nest” – “behind the ear”, which is very good for lowering blood sugar and preventing diabetes complications!

Learn a massage action, the benefits are amazing!

The first nest of hypoglycemic blood: the posterior fossa of the ear is the depression behind the earlobe.

The vagus nerve is distributed deep in the posterior fossa, which stimulates the excretion of the vagus nerve and promotes the secretion of insulin, thereby effectively lowering blood sugar.

Everyone knows that diabetic complications are more serious than diabetes itself, and massaging the back of the ear can stimulate the gas of the three cokes to help prevent diabetes complications.

Massage method: slowly press the back of the ear with your thumb, slowly exhale, continue for 5 seconds and then let go, so repeat 10 times?
15 seconds, massage once a day for lunch and half an hour after dinner.

The back of the ear is a “health nest” that specializes in reducing blood sugar and regulating blood. It is very beneficial for reducing blood sugar and preventing diabetic complications.

Press 10 seconds a day to get this kind of effect, and be sure to send it to friends who need it!

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Conclusion: I hope this article can help you and your family!

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improve sleeping!

Hot water soak for 30 minutes

improve sleeping!
Hot water soak for 30 minutes

The human feet have the function of running blood, communicating with the organs, communicating inside and outside, and continuously up and down. Each person has more than 60 acupuncture points on both feet, which have a corresponding relationship with the whole body organs.

Chinese medicine experts recommend using 43 seconds of hot water to soak your feet for 15 minutes every night before going to bed, then keep warm for 30 minutes, which can significantly improve sleep.

  Experts from Yunnan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine said that in general, body temperature is closely related to blood circulation, blood temperature is low, and blood circulation is also strong.

When the human body is tired, the blood circulation of the foot is even worse, and sediments are more likely to occur.

  Soaking the feet with water of 43 glucose for 30 minutes can reduce the lactic acid in the blood.

Moreover, the foot is rich in nerve endings and capillaries, and it has a mild and good stimulating effect on the nerves and capillaries with hot water.

This warming stimulus is reflected to the cerebral cortex, which inhibits the cerebral cortex, thereby improving sleep and eliminating insomnia.

  Hot foot bath also increases blood secretion and flow in the foot, which improves heart function, reduces heart load and promotes metabolism.

Through the hot foot bath, you can also adjust the meridians and blood.

At the same time, the blood vessels of the foot are dilated and the blood volume is increased, so that the blood flow in the head is accelerated, and the oxygen and nutrients required by the brain are supplemented in time.

Demystifying the sexual foreplay skills of conquering sex

Demystifying the sexual foreplay skills of conquering sex

舔: The skin in the thigh area between the thigh and the groin is one of the most sensitive places in our body.

In this area where the skin is very thin and usually stimulated very little, it is best to use the tongue.

If you still want to give her more stimulation, blowing it later will make her become brighter and hotter.


hzh {display: none; }  捏:内侧脚踝向上10厘米左右  这个位置是神经反射专家们治疗性冷淡时都会关注的穴位。Clamp her calf with one hand and gently pinch the place. When she suddenly starts to wiggle or tremble, you are right.

  Raising: Smoothing between the vaginal opening and the anus This is the acupoint involved in the treatment of vaginal fissures.

So when you are lying next to a healthy girl who wants to burn, instead of a vaginal contraction patient waiting for treatment, is that effect still useful?

  Press: 5 cm below the cheekbone, a volunteer who has enjoyed the “ankle massage” describes it like this: “He pressed on me, his hands pressed against my crotch and stroked there. I never thought of pressing that place.I was so excited that I seemed to separate my legs unconsciously. When he finally entered, I was almost going crazy.

“Pro: The reason why the breasts go up to the entire line behind the neck to kiss these parts is not only because the skin in these places is also very thin and sensitive, but the meaningful meaning is that you can actually improve the sensitivity of the breast better.Let the busty chest that you think about is more eager for your caress.

  揉: The “Sexy Seven Stars” under the navel is also a reflection expert – the group of guys who specialize in living people tell us that there are seven acupoints related to “sexual interest” between the navel and the haze. Try this button.Well, anyway, for this place, the seven goals should never be hard to find.

  Points: Separate her hips. “When my boyfriend did this for the first time, I even thought he was a little embarrassed, but now I even want to say directly to him, please please separate my ass.”

“Flick her hips, massage, gently separate, then release, and then continue. This is the move that the boyfriend used above.”