CITIC BANK HAIKOU Branch "Internet + Real Estate Registration" -project succesvol gelanceerd

Op 24 december lanceerde Citic Bank Haikou Tak met succes het internet + vastgoedregistratieproject, verdere verbetering van de ervaring van de klantenservice, versterkende financi?le steun voor one-stop-service.Onlangs heeft Haikou City Real Estate Registration Centre officieel officieel een onroerend goed hypotheekbedrijfservice in Haikou Branch van CITIC BANK, CITIC Bank Credit-klanten kunnen genieten van een hypotheekregistratie van onroerend goed in het aangewezen servicevenster, query one-stop service zoals hypotheek echt Estate Status, project tegelijkertijd met lijn betalende hypotheekregistratiekosten, het downloaden van gedrukte vastgoedregistratie en andere functies.Volgens de "Online-topized, geautomatiseerde" werkidee?n, CITIC Bank, promoveerde Actief het project "Internet + onroerend goed", en nadat het project online is, kunnen CITIC Bank Credit-klanten de hypotheekregistratie voltooien en effectief bedrijfsverwerkingstijd effectief verminderen .

alert! According to reports, 2019 air pollution caused more than 300,000 European deaths

  China Xinwang November 16th According to Singapore "Joint Morning Post" report, the latest report released on the 15th of the European UNEP pointed out that micro-particulate pollution is the greatest in the health of Europeans.

In 2019, it was only more than 300,000 in the European Union, which is worrying, although it has decreased 10% in a year, it is also the lowest in 30 years. This report pointed out that if the EU’s 27 countries abide by the World Health Organization’s air quality standards, at least the EU can be halved due to air pollution.

  The European UNEP also said that the main cause of death from the number of air particulate pollution, not only benefits good weather conditions, but also the results of various countries continue to improve the quality of the air.

  The specific number is as follows, in 2019, there are 10,000 people in Germany, and there are thousands of people in Italy, and there are thousands of people in France.

  The report pointed out that air pollution is the main reason for the death of heart disease and stroke, followed by pulmonary disease and lung cancer.

Moreover, air pollution hinders the development of children’s lungs, leading to aggravation of respiratory infection, causing asthma, etc.

  The European UNEP warned, although the EU air pollution has declined, many EU countries have more air pollution more than the EU and WHO regulations.

China Mobile heeft een Merk-release van "Heart Service" gehouden en talrijke serviceforum

Op 2 november, China Mobile Customer Service Brand – "Heart Service" wordt uitgebracht in de 2021 China Mobile Global Partner Conference.

China Mobile Deputy General Manager is bijwonen van de merkenrelease van de "hartdiensten" en talrijke servicesforums en geleverde toespraken. De eenvoud die aangeeft dat de "hartdienst" het belang is van de diepgaande ontwikkeling van China Mobile van "Ik doe praktische dingen voor de massa’s" oefenactiviteiten. Het is altijd geweest, China Mobile zet zich in voor het bieden van een dienst voor meer dan één miljard klanten.

Klanten zijn China Mobile’s grootste activum, service is het belangrijkste contact met klanten, klachten van klanten zijn de meest waardevolle bronnen en de service is de kerncompetentiviteit.

Klanttevredenheid is het nastreven van China’s mobiele mensen, en de waarde is om een ??nieuwe historische missie te cre?ren voor "Heart Service". Het merk "Heart Service" is een uitgebreide upgrade van de eenentwintig informatiecommunicatiediensten van China Mobile. Het is een belangrijke praktijk in de implementatie van de Partij Central Comité van China "Ik doe praktische dingen voor de massa’s". Het is ook China Mobile voor de mensen. Niet-aflatende nastreven van "Huanxin Dise". Van "Communicatie uit het hart" tot "van harte", dan naar deze China Mobile Release "Heart Service" Klantenservice Merk, Upgrade "Heart Service Lay Love Connection" Service Slogan, Continue Upgrade Service Slogan achter de rug, het is het niet-aflatende achtervolging van China Mobile om waarde voor klanten te cre?ren. Nadat China Mobile de merk "Heart Service" heeft gelanceerd, zal het de digitale goede levensvraag van het volk verder begrijpen, nieuwe infrastructuur consolideren, nieuwe levering cre?ren, nieuwe services doen, blijven netwerkkwaliteit, productkwaliteit, contactkwaliteit en versterking van 智 驱Om het vertrouwen van klanten te winnen met uitstekende kwaliteit, helpen de mensen te genieten van het goede leven van informatiediensten.

Bij de persconferentie, Zhao Fang, General Manager van China Mobile Customer Service Department, interpreteerden de merk Connotation "Heart Service". Daarnaast heeft dit forum ook externe gasten uitgenodigd om aggregaatdiensten te ontdekken.

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TINNOVE Wutong Trucks Favorites 36 Wise2021 "New Economic King" annual hardcore

On December 13th, 36 announced Wise2021 "Wang" annual corporate list, adhere to hard technology innovation, help intelligent travel applications, Tencent Trunking Network Company Tinnove Wutong Car Union won traffic travel field annual hard core enterprise title.

In 2021, the new economy gradually became the hardcore era of technology change broke through the application era of the commercial model innovation. Taking the theme of hard core, 36 wise2021 "New Economic King", focusing promoting the innovation of the industries to achieve hard core, fully investigate the product innovation, management, health, channel industry status, growth potential Capital performance, combined with professional investment institutions, 36 资 行业 analysts and other authoritative opinions, select a hard-working hardcino in various industries. From the strict selection, it means that the TINNOVE Wutong Car Union has been explored and achieved in technology and business in many years, and he received heavy affirmation again.

The Tinnove Wutong Car Federation was established in 2018, based on Tencent Car Network Operating System and Technology Base, Based on the Basic Construction of Cascade Ecology, Positive Action Ai, 5G, Big Data, V2x, etc., in the intelligent scene engine, high precision map , Lane-level navigation, voice intelligence interaction, etc. process.

Policy, technical breakthroughs and standard evolution 2021 intelligent travel into acceleration period, the industry is quieting, fruitful. In April 2021, TINNOVE Wutong Car Union In the Shanghai Auto Show Exhibition Industry’s first intelligent network-based vehicle operating system forward-looking solution, providing three-screen cabling, double-screen interaction, double faceid face recognition, The high-grade powerful function of true full-duplex voice, helping the car company presents far more than user expectation of the smart cockpit experience.

In September 2021, Tinnove Wutong Car Union and the domestic car system chip black horse core Chi technology reached a strategic cooperation, will build software solutions on the latest technology architecture, early realization of the soft and hard combination of the middle underlying, embedded each other, build more intelligent car network plan.

Back to deep accumulation technology and Tencent’s ecology, Tinnove Wutong Car Union has become the provider of intelligent tools in the automotive industry, product and service coverage: intelligent cockpit design, intelligent network car operating system, custom voice and artificial Intelligent components, big data platforms and analysis systems, personalized applications and operations, become an important assistance of industry digital transformation. At present, Tinnove Wutong Car Union mainly attacks the smart cockpit field and the automatic driving domain fusion, SOA architecture and open direction of openness, and create forward-looking products with a central computing unit, a new form of a new form + smart transport, in response to the country to speed up the network Policy calls for deployment applications.

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Anhui will win the new base station this year to strive for 5G users to break through 10 million

People’s Network Hefei May 14th (Wang Ruihua) According to the Anhui Provincial Communications Administration news, on the basis of the original base station, this year, the Anhui program will build 10,000 base stations this year, and fully promote the construction of 5G base station, and strive to basically achieve the county-level region at the end of the year. Some key township 5G network coverage, 5G users exceed 10 million.

During the "Thirteen" period, the high-quality development of the information and communication in Anhui Province has achieved remarkable results, and the target task is completed as scheduled. According to statistics, the total amount of telecom business has increased, and the income of telecom business, telephone users, fixed home broadband users, the total number of mobile broadband users increase 10,000 households, 10,000 users, 10,000 households, telephone, fixed home broadband, mobile broadband popularization The rate is respectively improved, and a percentage point.

Among them, in 2020, the total number of telecom business in Anhui Province is 100 million yuan, the year-on-year increase is 100 yuan, and the telecom business has incorporated by 100 million yuan, a year-on-year increase. Total 10,000 households, and a penetrating rate / 100 people. It is worth mentioning that while vigorously promoting the special action of "broadband China", Anhui Province also conducts the universal service work of Telecom, and strives to force the Central Financial Financial Funds of 100 million yuan. Anhui Telecom has supported more than 800 million yuan, specialized in rural areas. Construction of information communication infrastructure, covering 3,529 village committees, 3,512 health schools (rooms), 2971 primary and secondary schools (teaching points), 3015 farmers book house, providing wireless WiFi for 8,700 administrative villages covers villagers use. In the field of speeding, the average broadband access rate in Anhui Province has over 150Mbps, mobile phones and broadband tariffs have fallen by more than 90%, and nearly 700,000 users are precisely reduced. In addition, the overall average of the company’s broadband has dropped to the current yuan / MBPS at the end of 2019 to the current yuan / MBPS, decline%; the overall average of the enterprise special line has dropped to the current yuan / mbps, decline%. All along, Anhui Tower, Telecom, Mobile, and Unicom have actively strived resources and vigorously promote the construction of 5G base stations. At present, the 5G base station of Anhui Province has reached 10,000. According to the plan, the new base will be built this year. Basically, the county-level region is basically realized by the county level, and some key township 5G network coverage. On the basis of 5G users, more than 7.5 million users have developed more than 10 million. (Editor: Guan Fei, Zhang Lei).

Tourists pay less "0", beekeeper alarm help police survey recovered 72 yuan: for fair justice, value

Yin Uncle, Sichuan Mianzhu Town, usually put honey in the mountain road, this time, because a can honey is reported … It turns out that a tourist passerver in Yin Uncle on June 15th, I purchased a honey worth 80 yuan, but I pressed a "0" when paying the phone. Later, Yin Uncle saw the mobile phone and found that 80 yuan did not arrive, and the heart was anxious to call 110 alarm for help. After receiving the alarm, the Mianzhu City Public Security Bureau Yushi police station visited, check the monitoring … Through a half-day efforts, the police finally found the Mr. Yu, Mr. Yin, Huan Yin, chasing 72 yuan.

In this regard, many netizens point to praise the police and responsible, sincerely serve, "it is warm". Old people alarm "customers who bought honey, they ran …" "Hey, 110? There is no money to buy honey!" At 9 o’clock on June 15th, a alarm phone scored Mianzhu The 110 Command Center of the Municipal Public Security Bureau for help, the policeman is the beencome Yin Uncle Yinshi Town, Mianzhu City.

Yin Uncle is a local farmers, usually relying on the beekeeping to subsidize home, and the economy is not rich.

After the police, the police station, I found Yin Uncle, I learned about the situation.

Yin Uncle, 8 o’clock in the morning, a car stopped in his honey stall, a man in a 40-year-old man got off the car, two people talked about the price, the man bought a can of honey, the price of 80 yuan . Due to the busy bag, the other party scan the code payment period, Yin Uncle did not carefully check.

Until the man leaving soon, the old talent remembered the mobile phone and found that 80 yuan did not arrive, this grandfather is anxious, and quickly alarm for help. When the police investigated the customer, the police lost a "0" to understand the situation, and the police visited and went on-site monitoring to find clues.

After one morning, the police successively adjusted the monitoring video within more than one hour of the location, and finally queried a black car as described by Yin Uncle. In the end, by comparing, the police contacted Mr. Drivers in the information by the vehicle information, letting it view the WeChat payment record, and Mr. Yishi rarely pays, not familiar with the operation process, 12 noon at noon, at 12 oss, in the wife Next, Mr. Yu was told that the payment record was found. He paid 8 yuan for a WeChat account name "small bee". "Who is the little bee?" In the face of the police asked, Yin Uncle suddenly realized that this is a misunderstanding: "The little bee is my wife.

"After some investigation, the police finally understood the words of the dragon to clear the matter.

Wang Du introduced that when Mr. Tian Yu glanced on the payment code on the wall of the uncle, but when paying less, the payee was Yin Daoyai’s wife "little bee", and Yin Uncle himself If you have confiscated money, I misunderstand that guests did not pay for alarm. Trigger the police: the people’s interests are not small, this is the hard money of the elderly, and Mr. Yu will transfer 72 yuan through WeChat, and the police will transfer 72 yuan to Yin Uncle.

At 13 o’clock on the same day, the police came to Yin Uncle’s honey sales point, and he turned 72 yuan to him.

"Thank you, you have worked hard!" He looked at the police. This matter, although eventually solved, it also caused the hot discussion of netizens. For the spirit of the police, many netizens are praised, but there are some netizens questioning: In this case, the police force is used, whether there is a waste of police force. "If I carefully, I will not have this situation." When I interviewed reporters, Yin Uncle felt very embarrassing, because of her negligence, delayed the police a morning, he even regretted the alarm phone.

However, he sent himself from the heart, thank the police: "The police put this small thing in their hearts, thank them.

"And Mr. Yu, who is buying honey, is also awkwardly of his care, and also entrusted the police to express apologies to the old uncle.

For this matter, the civilian police Wang Du received an interview with an interview: "The interests of the masses are not small, and they can help the elderly to solve the problem. This is also a real thing for the masses." The police frank, 72 yuan for many people, but For beekeepers, this is his labor income, is hard money, not all things to use money to measure. The police also reminded that the merchant must check the amount in time when receiving mobile phone payment, and the amount will be checked in time to avoid property losses. Legal Experts "In order to achieve a little cost of fairness and justice, it should be, valuable" For this matter, the Director of Deyang City Lawyers Association is also supported by the police. "Don’t make the case, how big is lost, in accordance with the proportion of police force. In order to achieve fairness and justice, we spend a little cost, it should be, valuable.

"Cold Xinhong believes that" there is difficult to find the police "is the guidelines for the public security department to our own, and the interests of the people are the basic requirements of the state to all government agency departments. The needs of the people is the direction of the police. 72 yuan Money is really insignificant in today’s society, but Yin Uncle chooses alarm, police handling cannot be measured simply using economic value, and the police go to handle, avoid contradictions and further expand, and is a must-have to maintain social stability and fairness.

Cold Xinhong believes that in this case, the police these behaviors are in maintenance fairness.

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Ningxia High Court Special Research Promotion Problem Clue Checked Work

On October 13th, the Ningxia Senior People’s Court held the Political and Legal Team Education Cultivation Conference, notified the situation of political and legal team education rectification issues, and deployed raising the quality of the clues.

The meeting is required, to implement the door to rectify, accept the supervision of the masses, the supervision of the society, the supervision of the parties, and after entering the check-related chart, the horses will rectify the horses to the horses to provide clues, and review questions. case. Do a good job in the problem of traversal, and you have to check with your feelings. Implementing "I do a real thing for the masses" "I am a grassroots solution" to the education and rectification, put the case, do the trial implementation work, solve the people in the trial implementation of the trial, solve the problem, put The verification clues act as the intentions and entrance points of the masses, and the intensity, transient thinking, and strive to make each people who provide clues feel fairness justice.

The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to compact responsibility, layers, prevent the "glass door" "rotating door" phenomenon and procedures.

The problem of online verification should be practical, there is a mistake, adhere to the timely correction of the mistake, have a timely correction, adhere to the legal bottom line, enabling each review case to afford the facts, laws and history.

In response to the secret of the privacy of the parties, the state or the secret of the country, it is necessary to strictly follow the legal provisions and regulatory verification, strictly abide by the problem clues to verify confidentiality discipline, strict issues of clues to check the integrity and discipline, prevent improper contact with the parties, lawyers, special relations people Communication, there is a behavior such as privacy by lawsuits.

It is reported that on August 16th, the second batch of political and legal team education rectification, the Ningxia High Court, announced the telephone, website, mailbox, etc. of clues, and to open the door to rectify, accept supervision, in-depth investigation, etc. The rectification of the deep and turning, and striving to build the party and the people’s trust, the court that can rest, can be relieved. As of October 12, Ningxia High Court received 513 clues, 222 clues of the first batch of political and legal team education rectification issues, and 91%.

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Southern Power Grid Corporation Chief Expert Raohong is selected from the Chinese Academy of Engineering

The Chief Professional Technical Expert of Southern Power Grid Corporation, Director of DC Transmission Technology, Rao Hong.

Southern Power Grid Corporation is available on November 18th, the Chinese Academy of Engineering announced that the list of candidates in 2021, the Chief Professional and Technical Expert of Southern Power Grid, Rao Hong, director of the National Key Laboratory of DC Transmission Technology, was elected as Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

  For more than 30 years, Rao Hong has always been rooted in the first line of scientific research technology, engaged in power system research, DC transmission design and major engineering construction, DC grid operation technology. He led the DC transmission technology team to create a number of special high pressure flexible DC technology, leading the innovation of DC transmission.

  In his opinion, scientific research has no routine, the right technology route, teamwork, professional cooperation is the exclusive "secret" of scientific research.

  Strive to be a self-reliant practitioner, "External project manager told me that debugging immediately begged, please leave the staff." After many years, Raohong recalls the scene of Tianguang DC project power-on debugging the scene is still alive. In the purpose. At the beginning of the 21st century, the national Xidong Dongfeng sent strategy kicked off.

In order to continuously send a large-scale large-capacity western cleaning power source to the eastern part, DC transmission is the best technique. However, in my country, six high-voltage DC projects were all households. In 2000, the first DC project of Southern Power Grid-Tianguang DC Project was built and put into operation, the full set of projects introduced foreign products, and the engineering autonomy rate was almost zero.

  When the engineering power-on commissioned, a "unrelated personly invited the field", let the Chinese technical personnel in the scene stunned, and let Rao Hong realize that the real core technology is not available.

  In 2005, Guigui two returned to ± 500 kV DC transmission line construction, which is the first independent design of DC transmission project in China. As a head of the design technology, Rao Hong is a little bit of speaking. "At that time, the pressure was really large, because all designs such as design software, main loop structure, and equipment parameters were completed by us, and a little error will cause huge losses to the country.

"Two years later, the research team came out of the autonomous road from the research information of the mountain, calculated the draft and experimental record, and came out of the DC transmission technology to be subject to people’s dilemma. The comprehensive autonomy rate reached 70%, of which the set design reached 100%.

  Achieving the original innovation from 0 to 1 is the most often said that it is bold and innovation, careful attention.

We must dare to make new ideas, but the technical solution given must be a bamboo. "The researcher of the South Net Research Institute said." Encouragement and innovation "is not the sky, innovation is often coexisting with risk.

In particular, the construction of the power grid is a huge project. If there is an error in system parameters, key equipment norms, etc., it is often equivalent to the whole body, which may cause difficult to estimate. At the end of 2020, the world’s first special high pressure flexible DC transmission project – Udao Electric Station Power TV Guangdong Guangxi Special High Voltage Multi-Delive DC DC DC DC DC DC Model Project ("Kunliu DC Project") successfully put into production.

The production of Kunlilong DC project is an important milestone in the history of technology development technology technology. It has formed an independent intellectual property system in the "card neck" problem, showing the top level and energy equipment manufacturing of China Electric Power Industry Technology. Core competitiveness. Special high pressure, large capacity, overhead line, mixed DC, multi-end, these five keywords are the largest technological innovation points. Since 2016, Rao Hong leads the project team to rely on national key research and development plan – high-voltage large-capacity flexible DC transmission key technology research and engineering demonstration application to carry out joint research, five years, combined with the project, from systematic analysis, parameter selection The devices and demonstrations of the control strategy have given a complete set of technical programs, "implementing the original innovation from 0 to 1."

  As the study, Rao Hong and his leading research team gradually found that the problem of unknown areas came one after another, the more it faces unknown, the more necessary determination is supported.

Before the Qunlong DC project was commissioned, Rao Hong and his team have already launched many "simulation run exercises", and each idea has experienced countless considerations, tests.

"He often reminds us to stay with any dead ends and blind spots. Some important reports, he will also check, make amendments, to ensure that there is no loss.

"The team member said. Eventually, in this project, Rao Hong led his scientific research team in the Kunli DC project in the first high-voltage flexible DC technology, realizing the original innovation from technical ideas to engineering technology, leading the global special High pressure technology entered the flexible DC era, affected future grid development pattern. Brought a strong team of fighting power, "The power grid is like the human body’s meridians, there is electricity, so we have to create a strong grid for the people. .

"Rao Hong often said.

  Behind a strong grid is a strong scientist team. In the past 30 years, Raohong has been rooted in the first line, insists on the team wants together, dry together. "He will care about the difficulties encountered by the team, and it will often work with us to add some discussions." A member of the team said. At the same time, Raohong attaches great importance to the cultivation of young experts. In major scientific research, in engineering, the Youth Technical Orthodox Party will pay attention to the burden, it also gives the opportunity. "You need to investigate and interfere with scientific demonstration, give scientific recommendations." Rao Hong often said that it is necessary to support youth researchers to support a technical priority work environment, bring out a strong DC transmission youth technical expert team.

  Under his leadership, the team has built 3 national innovation platforms, 8 provincial-level innovation platforms, and innovating "self-organized" form new research and development by launching the "Higher Mount" "Climbing Plan" and other talents training plans. The team, exploring the implementation of postal dividends and projects, etc., and actively creates a good working environment for "technical speaking" with techniques.

  "As the academician cultivated by the party and the people, we must take advantage of the self-improvement of science and technology.

"Rao Hong said that the next stage will continue to do its own research work, service" double carbon "target, adhere to the innovation lead, strengthen research research on the field of front-edge technology and application technology, and speed up the construction of new energy as the main body Power Systems.

It is also necessary to use science and technology to self-strong as a mission, promote the innovation of institutional mechanisms, and cultivate more first-class scientific and technological talents, and create more excellent engineers.

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People’s Daily Talk today: Let the city "inside and outside the repair"

  The pipeline "polve", the city is refreshing. In recent years, Chengdu and other cities have continued to force underground integrated gallery, and one of the suppliers of the originally laying lines are concentrated in the underground gallery, which allow the city to neat, and effectively reduce subsequent maintenance costs. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that "urban planning and construction must be resolutely correct the" heavy land on the ground, light underground ‘, "to focus on underground pipe network construction". If you regard high-rise buildings as the "face" of the city, then the underground space is the city’s "illegal".

By improving rain, sludge layout, urban hiurn is expected to be resolved; through unified management of various pipelines, "road zipper" "air spider web" and other issues will gradually eliminate. Use the underground space resources to improve the comprehensive bearing capacity of the city and meet the needs of people’s livelihood.

  Three points and redevelopment, seven-point tube.

The reason why the underground integrated pipe gallery can play a utility, which is also a smart management platform in the process of advancement in the advancement process, and uses technological means to ensure the operation and maintenance efficiency and stability of the gallery.

It is better to take more, we can let the underground project of "invisible" better support the city, let the city "inside and outside the repair", so that life is more convenient.

“I am being filial for my family,Tea wine,Inconsistent,Give。”Murong said with a cup of boiling water.。

“Murong Gongzi filial piety,Moving。”Chu Deirers are also polite。
Chu Dee people also found,This Murong is really an Xinger,Even Deng Baichuan、There is also a package of good guriery and there is also a difference.,There is nothing happening between the seats.,Cute deer is some“Discomfort”。
After the banquet,Chu deer reacts,This“Discomfort”Is it because——Different bags actually did not speak?Is this a recent trouble??
Banquet Wang Yin and Zhang Jing、Calm,Also worship the old lady,Zhang Jia has come to a sacrifice,Manda Villa……Li Qinglu is completely used as don’t know this。
Chu Deirens and little fish、Iron heart orchid,Naturally, I haven’t seen the habit of worshiping the license.,First go back to the house,Chu Deer estimation,Since Wang Yizhen wants to say anything to Murong,It should be seized this opportunity。
After a bit,The little fish is still a special in the Chu Deirers.,Horses:“This Murong Gong is really a cool person.,Actually from beginning to end,I didn’t ask us what identical.,Just follow the banquet。”This is what he and iron。
“People are a friend of the little pepper and Gu Gangzi.!”Tiexinlan is somewhat can’t see anyone of the little fish.。
Speaker,The listener is also finally——Under the tireless hint,Chu Deirers also think that Murong Fu’s performance is a strange。
Could not……
This is the native of the rivers and lakes today.?Murong recovered to me nervous?
The little fish is still thinking,In order to pick up Chu Deirers and Murong Fu,One is that he can wait for the iron heartland to escape,After all, Chu Deirens and Zhang Jing,Also remember the Treasure map,Two……He is also really unsatisfactory,Curious medicine itching。
However, look at the Chu Deirers.,Go to his own guinea,The little fish can’t help but……
But actually Chu Deirers are completely entered.,After reading the emotional nice king,I quietly sneak out from my own rooms.!
Not because of the little fish,Instead, the Chu Deiren was originally to the legendary《Fossil》,Interested!
In the original《Fossil》It is necessary to be a vain to Xuanyin’s body to practice,But now Mu Rong can practice,Chu Deirers feel that they have no reason not,This is obviously in the big rivers and lakes.《Fossil》,And the original setting is not the same。
Just like this,Chu Deirers are also uncertain,This martial art will not be like the original,In the ice——If not in the ice,That is not expensive,Murong Mountain Villa is so big,I haven’t found it at all.。
Ice location,Chu Deirers don’t know,but……Turn a turn,Chu Deiren found that the little fish did actually from the room.,So I kept him.。
In order to ensure that there is no loss,Chu Deirers also entered the golden immortality,by“Snake travery”In the dark。
On the front of the enemy,《Jiuyin Zhenjing》of“Snake travery”,It is not more fusion of Chu Deirers.“North”middle“Steep”,But in terms of concealment,but it is“Snake travery”More!
Chu Deiren quietly followed the little fish,I found that he seems to have some practical goals,Not looking like yourself。
Thinking during the day,When the little fish go through the courtyard,I have never seen the world’s faces.,Chu Deirers estimate that he was observed in the arrangement of Zhuang.,It is speculated some kind of trend……
But just in the small fish.,Want to discover the secret of Murong Mountain,Different iron fan,Already set to his shoulders!
“This little brother,Overnight,Is it disliked us Murong Mountain Villa??”Pack of different cold teles。
“no no,I urge an urgency.!”The little fish said with a smile.。
“The hoe is also available in the guesthouse.。”Package different continuation board。
“Oh oh!I will go back.!”The little fish is old and old.。
Chu Deirers secretly cheerfully——The package is different here.?Be sure is a problem here!
Otherwise, the Bag 3,In Murong Mountain,It is responsible for patrolling?
Is Mu Rongcheng practiced here?
Chu Dee people look at different attention,Is attracted by small fish,Successful and later,Sure enough, I found a ice——Set in the original,Murong Repaument is eight or nine in this ice。