Six major emergency remedies for the office

Six major emergency remedies for the office

As an office worker from nine to five, have you ever been too busy to suddenly discover that your beautiful eye makeup has become panda eyes?

Or was your finger cut while filing?


.The Office family will inevitably have one or more accidents in the office. Today I will teach you how to deal with the six major accidents in the office.

  Accidental 1 hand was cut by paper to reproduce the situation: the sharpest in the office, and the easiest to cut your hand is paper. When you organize your documents, when you flip through the information, and when you report statistics, all kinds of paper are sharp.

Especially when the skin is dry in winter, it is more likely to be scratched.

  Rejuvenation with a wonderful hand: If it is a very shallow wound that has just been cut, first rinse it with cold water, air dry the wound with a bathroom dryer for half a minute, and then mimic a small animal licking the wound with the tongue. Treat the wound and the wound will heal in about half an hour.
If the scratch is deep, rinse with cold water first, air dry the wound with a hand dryer, then apply a repair cream with anti-inflammatory repair function, and wrap it with a band-aid.

  Precautions must be taken: In the dry season of autumn and winter, you must apply more hand cream. Moisturized skin is more resistant to resistance. Bandages must be prepared in the office and in the bag. It gives you a sense of protection and security.

  Citrus scented balm protects the scratched fingers, moisturizes and soothes, and protects the lips, hands, nails, face and any part of the body.

  Accident 2 Nail fracture situation reappears: If you move the material, the nail will often be cut off.

That’s probably because your nails are not hard enough, and because the nails are too long, the type A does not conform to the mechanics and has weak points.

  Rejuvenate with a wonderful hand: Use a nail clipper to cut off the nails that have been cut off. If the nail is cut, first cut the outer nails, and then use double eyelid glue or transparent tape to stick the edges of the nails to fix the cracked nails, and then cut off the excesstape.

After returning home, peel off the transparent glue and apply nail primer, and then paste the nail stickers you like, which can protect the cracked nails and make the nails completely invisible.

  Prevent the problem beforehand: Trim your nails once a week, and then use a nail file to polish the nail edges round and smooth, which can help the nails increase the strength of the force, and then apply nail primer. The nails with a thin MM are best coated with nails to strengthen the nails.Hard nutrient oil.

  The lavender color will remove the yellow spots on the nails and restore the smooth base of the nails.

It can also fully nourish nails and resist sub-healthy cracking, flaking or yellowing of nails.

  Accidental 3 mutant panda eye scene reappears: After painting a beautiful eye makeup, but after a busy morning, suddenly found himself in the bathroom mirror, he has become a panda eye.

Usually, this kind of condition easily occurs in the MM with oily eyes, so how to make the eye makeup stand by without leaving makeup is the key.

  Rejuvenate with a wonderful hand: Wipe the stunned eye shadow with a cotton swab moistened, then apply a little moisturizing eye cream around the eye, apply eye primer on the eyelids (you can also use concealer or foundation instead), and finally apply eyelinerAnd powdery eyeshadow is done.

  Prevention: The eye makeup must not be applied directly on the bare muscles after applying skin care products, because the oil secreted by the skin will cause the eye makeup to bloom.

The best way is to use eye primer. The primer can prevent the eyelids from getting oily, make the eye shadow longer, and cover the dark circles. It is really a good helper for eye primer.

  Accident 4 Nail polish was scratched. The newly applied nail polish was scratched inexplicably in the office less than a day ago, and it hurts.

  Rejuvenating with a wonderful hand: MMs who love nail polishes should keep a small bottle of nail polish remover and a transparent nail polish in the office.

On the scratched area, apply a drop of nail polish remover and then lightly dissolve the nail polish with your finger. The small scratches are basically not noticeable. Then apply transparent nail polish to protect the nail color and brighten the nails.Ze.

  Prevent it before it happens: Learn the order of applying nail polish by a professional manicurist to keep nail polish more continuous.

First clean the nail surface with nail polish remover, then polish the nails to make them smooth and smooth, clean the nail skin, soften and rinse with lemon water, and then apply the nail primer, colored nail polish and color top oil, pay attentionApply each layer thinly and evenly, and then apply a layer after the nail polish is dry. If you want the nail polish to dry as soon as possible, you can wash it in cold water.

  Accident 5 was scalded by a hot drink. The situation reappeared: I had a hot cup of coffee brewed early in the morning, and I was overturned by a colleague at the table. My hands were scalded, and I was suffering.

  Rejuvenate with wonderful hands: If the burned skin does not foam, immediately go to the bathroom and wash the wound with small pieces of cold water for about 10 minutes, and then apply a moisturizing cream with a repairing and soothing function.

If the wound has been blistered, do not rinse it with water. In case of infection, go to the hospital as soon as possible.

  Prevent it before it happens: Don’t pour hot water too much and don’t heat it too high.

And try not to chat with colleagues on the way back to your seat when you pour hot water. Focus on the intensity and place the hot drink first before doing other things.

  Accident 6: The frizzy hair situation reappears: When I go out, I am dizzy by the strong wind. After arriving at the office, I find that the hair is beyond recognition, and it is so spectacular.

  Wonderful hand rejuvenation: In the winter office, prepare a bottle of Shunfa spray or hair care essence, and take care of the hair that is tortured by static electricity and north wind at any time.

First, use a comb dipped in water to smooth the flying hair, and then apply the hair care essence to the hair tip at a position 10cm away from the root of the hair. You can also spray the middle of the hair to the hair tip with the sprayPay attention to spray 25cm away from the hair, do not spray on the scalp.
  Preventing trouble before it happens: Healthy hair is more supple, so in the dry winter hair also needs to be nourished and nourished. Make nutrition film for the hair once a week, and regularly care for the scalp.

The higher the pressure, the greater the pressure

The higher the pressure, the greater the pressure

Without being fired, you have to learn “MBA” and “BEC”, and force yourself to pay attention to Gates and Kotler.

To analyze the Hang Seng Index and the “yield curve”.

Want to study Keschel?

Olin’s resource endowment theory. To understand the consumer goods market, you must . In short, you must be knowledgeable and learn that one person can do two people’s work; learn that when you see a bookstore, you drill into it with allergies.

Are you tired?

  White-collar workers should dress brightly.

At least 5 suits, 10 ties and 15 pairs of non-smelling cotton socks should be prepared in the men’s wardrobe.

Cuties must have at least 7 sets of dresses, 3 sets of evening dresses, plus several platinum necklaces and N rings in case they are needed for different occasions.

But it is not the solemn and decent Armani, or the Burberry with a taste of yuppie. In short, the brand is absolutely necessary, otherwise it will lead to social failure and career failure.

Earlier last month’s salary was spent, and my colleague at work had to pull back to go shopping. The spirit immediately felt and his expression was stiff.

  White-collar workers also need to keep pace with the trend, from Northeast, Yunnan, Maojia, Sichuan to Shanghai; from red mutton lamb, spicy crayfish to spicy crabs, from fried scorpions, 焖 “three calls” ((Mole) to chives and black ants, you must not hesitate to eat them all the way.

The meal is familiar, and you need to know about snacks, otherwise how to cheer your customers happy.

He had thick waist and fat face when he ate, and when he heard the boss invited him again at night, his stomach was allergic.

  White-collar workers have to practice the hard work of sitting in front of a computer for a long time.

As time goes by, everyone should be dazzled with a sore back.

Every day when I turn on the computer, I feel dizzy and allergic.

I was too busy to talk about the subject. My mother introduced a row that was all due to a missed appointment. Now, at the sight of a crush, she hums “My love bird has flown away” and is allergic.

Finally mixed with the head of the department, happy, but also worried, a little bit lost, immediately startled with sweat and allergies.

Pay allergies, punch allergies, club allergies . Faced with “allergies”, the old white-collar workers work and rest well and are well regulated.

Little white-collar workers can’t hide their pride: it’s not too busy, it’s not white-collar workers!

Preventing Sad Autumn Psychopathy

Preventing “Sad Autumn” Psychopathy

Beware of “weak mood”: The weather is cool, but many people are sleepy and mentally exhausted.
Experts said that the sustained high temperature some time ago led to overdraft of human energy consumption, and now one must be careful of “emotional weakness”.
  The doctor’s analysis believes that this summer suffered a rare high temperature for many years, people have been in a state of excitement, irritability, easy to get angry and other “emotional heat stroke” conditions.
Around the beginning of autumn, as the weather gradually cools down, people also adjust from excessive emotions. At this time, it is easy for the body to consume too much energy and become weak and sleepy. Serious cases will affect normal life.
  In order to get rid of this “emotional weakness” state, it is best to maintain sufficient sleep and try to fall asleep before 10 pm; to go to bed early and get up early, if you can enter the reserve state early in the morning, you can prevent sleepiness at work; noon is appropriate “Recharging, “taking a nap for 10 to 30 minutes is also conducive to relieving the distress.
  In the diet, it is best to eat light, greasy food will produce acidic substances in the body, deepen drowsiness; eat more fruits and drink more water, it is best to drink green tea, the refreshing effect is far better than coffee.
In addition, this sleepy state is also related to the lack of oxygen in the human body. Therefore, some green plants, such as spider plants, rubber trees, and bamboo, can be placed indoors to release oxygen and regulate indoor air.
  What’s the sad autumn? Why are some people sad in autumn?
It turned out that at the bottom of the human brain, there is a gland called “the pineal gland”, which can secrete “melatonin”.
This hormone can promote sleep, but excessive secretion can also easily make people depressed. Changes in air temperature will have an indirect effect on their secretion, especially in the season of cold and hot alternating seasons.
  The five internal organs, six emotions and six desires of the human body are related to the five elements theory and the changes of the four seasons.
Take the “gold” of “gold, wood, water, fire, earth” in the Five Elements Doctrine as an example: “lung” in the five internal organs belongs to gold, “sorrow” in the seven feelings belongs to gold, and “autumn” in the four seasons also belongs to gold.
Therefore, in autumn, especially in the days when autumn rains are continuous, in addition to being easy to “dry autumn”, sometimes people are also prone to sad feelings.
  In addition, “one autumn rain and one cold”.
The sudden drop in temperature will inhibit the metabolism and physiological functions of the human body, leading to endocrine dysfunction, which will cause depression, difficulty in concentration, and even a series of symptoms such as palpitations, dreaminess, and insomnia, which are commonlySaid “cold depression.”
  The most effective way to prevent “sad autumn” is psychological adjustment, maintain optimism, and do not look for troubles when “autumn rain is sunny”.
Autumn is a great season “not spring, better than spring”. It is the season of harvest. You don’t have to worry about yourself, and you are sad and sad.
Breakfast must be eaten, eat milk, eggs, fruits as much as possible, supplement protein and calcium intake to enhance endurance and willpower, people who often do not eat breakfast are not only listless but also weak in willpower.
  Pay attention to nourishing the heart and liver, drink rose or chrysanthemum tea, lotus seed tea, because they have the effect of clearing the liver and clearing depression, and long-term drinking is very helpful for depression.
  Eat more lotus root, lotus seeds, wheat, licorice, red dates, longan, etc. These foods have a soothing and soothing effect and are very helpful for anxiety and depression.
Walnuts, fish, etc. contain more phospholipids, which will also help people eliminate depression.
Xinkangyu overcomes the depression 7 methods 1. Participate in exercise: Physical exercise can cause a series of chemical and psychological changes in the human body. The more suitable sports include jogging, walking outdoors, dancing, swimming, and practicing Taijiquan.
  2. Improve nutrition: Vitamin B helps improve mood. Such foods include whole wheat bread, vegetables, eggs and so on.
  3. Visiting relatives and friends: find friends and relatives who understand and understand the truth, and pour out their hearts.
  4. Optimistic illusions: Some people have suffered a little setback and always think about everything bad.
The method to overcome is to prefer optimistic illusions rather than negative guesses.
  5. Work hard: Once you concentrate on your career and focus on your work, you can make people forget sadness and sorrow.
  6. Traveling and going out: When you are feeling bored, look at the mountains and rivers, and look at the smoke and smoke. The feeling of fatigue and depression disappears.
  7. Watching movies: When in depression, watching a comedy film, this empathy effect is obvious.

6 major errors in dental care for the elderly

6 major errors in dental care for the elderly

Older teeth are even more important as they age.

However, there are some misunderstandings in dental care that need to be corrected.

  One of the misunderstandings: as long as you insist on brushing your teeth, there is no need to wash your teeth.

  Brushing your teeth can’t completely replace your teeth. Diet can leave traces on your teeth. It can form plaque by bacteria. It is difficult to clean your teeth by brushing your teeth every morning and night.

  Misunderstanding 2: Drop one or two teeth, do not have to rush to make up, wait for the net to change the full mouth denture.

  Some people think that it is normal for a few teeth to be old.

Missing teeth and not wanting to wear dentures, afraid of troubles and spending more money, lack of it to make it vacant.

This will cause a lot of harm, it will significantly reduce the ability to chew, affect digestion and nutrient absorption, and accelerate the replacement of adjacent teeth.

Implanted dentures help you eliminate defects, restore tooth function, and stabilize adjacent teeth.

  Misunderstanding 3: The old man smokes, and the black teeth of the yellow teeth deposited by the tea cannot turn white.

  At present, dental beauty has reached a certain level. The formation of staining dirt such as smoking, drinking tea, drinking coffee, etc. is discoloration of the tooth surface, easy to remove, and even the discoloration of the tooth such as tetracycline teeth has a way to change it.

At the same time, tooth whitening for beauty is also an important measure for dental care and dental disease prevention.

  Misunderstanding 4: The loosening of the teeth of the elderly is a natural phenomenon, and the prevention is useless, and the treatment is not beneficial.

  The loosening of teeth in most elderly people is caused by diseases such as periodontal disease, root caries, and osteoporosis. As long as these diseases are prevented and treated, the replacement years will be delayed.

  Misunderstanding 5: Only the mouth does not brush your teeth, this is the ancestors passed down.

  Too many elderly people have not had the habit of brushing their teeth, especially in the rural areas.

In fact, the correct brushing has both the mechanical brushing effect of the toothbrush and the chemical decontamination and disinfection of the toothpaste.

It can effectively prevent the formation of plaque and tartar.

  Misunderstanding 6: The more the teeth are getting stronger, the harder things are.

  Excessive wear will destroy the enamel of the outer layer of the tooth.

Serious tooth wear can cause the teeth to shift forward or change in shape and cause pain in the tibial joints around the ear due to prolonged improper occlusion.

Therefore, the teeth of the elderly should be especially avoided.

These top ten killers office workers must pay special attention

These top ten “killers” office workers must pay special attention

The rhythm of modern life is tense, and the psychology and physiology of office workers are prone to fatigue. Psychologists believe that in the face of never-ending and annoying work, office workers should have clear boundaries between work and life, and work hard at work.Try to complete the work of the day, and you should take a full rest after work, instead of keeping in mind the work.

Should office workers pay attention to certain matters?


Excessive use of the eye: If you concentrate on something for too long, the body will feel loose bones, numb limbs, it is better to close your eyes and keep alive.


Obesity: Being overweight is a heavy burden on the body, and the extra misfortunes on the body can make you feel tired.


Lack of exercise: People mistakenly think that sports will be exhausting.

But the opposite is true. If you don’t exercise, your muscles will become weak. When the body wants to use it, you need to use extra strength.


Sleep problems: Some people often use the weekend to sleep late, and plausibly clarify that this is recharge.

As everyone knows, late sleeping lately disturbs the biological clock and directly affects the mental state.


Psychological problems: Depression is the most common cause of fatigue; bad mood, excessive stress can also lead to poor sleep, causing fatigue.


Malnutrition: If the daily diet is based on processed foods, the body will feel tired and boring. You may wish to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, chicken, whole grains and beans.


Insufficient thyroid secretion: The thyroid gland controls metabolism. If the thyroid is insufficiently secreted, it will slow down the metabolism and make you feel tired.


Dehydration: After dehydration, the blood volume is reduced, the physical strength is reduced, and the energy is not supported.

Usually 8 per hour per person per day?
10 cups of water.


Medications: Taking diuretics, antidepressants, certain anti-cold drugs or cough syrup can cause fatigue.

After the drug is stopped, the fatigue will disappear.


The working environment is gloomy: if the surrounding environment is dull and gloomy, it is susceptible to fatigue.

In fact, in the environment of work and study, adding yellow, orange, red and other shades will help eliminate fatigue.

If you are consciously tired for more than 1 month, you should ask the doctor to analyze the root cause and not be sloppy.