Five strokes for bodybuilding, quietly becoming slim

Five strokes for bodybuilding, quietly becoming slim

Preparing posture: sit on the sofa or chair, lengthen and align, straighten your chest and abdomen, put your hands slightly behind the body, with your eyes looking forward.


Make the curve of the cephalic symptom soft and gentle: 4 shots down to restore, 4 shots down to restore.

Be sure to feel that the rehabilitation muscles are stretched. One complete movement is completed for one group and 2-4 groups.


Make the curve of chest and arm soft.

With two hands facing each other, push hard 20 times, then keep this action, count 10 beats, and restore.

  Action 2.

Breathe evenly, count 10 beats, and restore.

A complete movement is done for 1 group and 2-3 groups.


Tighten your abdomen and reduce your waistline.

Try to close your abdomen and take a deep breath while restoring.

  Action 2.

Press the left hand on the back of the right hand to insert the abdomen, and massage 10 times in a clockwise direction.

A complete movement is done for 1 group and 2-3 groups.

Tighten your thigh muscles and exercise your legs. 1.

Hook your toes, stretch your toes 10 times each, and circle 10 times inward and outward.

  Action 2.

Cross your legs up and down 10 times.

  Action 3.

Cross your legs and count 4 beats: open your legs, keep your movements, and you can’t bend when aiming, count 4 beats, and do it back and forth 8 times. A complete movement is done for 1 group and 2-3 groups.


To prevent excess meat, exercise buttocks and hips1.

Tighten the front and count 10 times silently; then press the counterclockwise and turn the crotch clockwise for 10 turns each.

  Action 2.

Push back and forth and do 20 reps.

A complete movement is done for 1 group and 1-2 groups.

Whitening and beauty-red date mushroom soup

Whitening and beauty-red date mushroom soup

[Raw materials]20 dried shiitake mushrooms, 8 red dates, cooking wine, refined salt, monosodium glutamate, ginger slices, and peanut oil.


Soak the dried shiitake mushrooms in warm water until soft, then wash the sediment with cool water; wash the red dates and remove the kernels.


In a covered stew pot, add clarified filtered fragrant shiitake mushroom water and add an appropriate amount of water, and then add shiitake mushrooms, red dates, refined salt, monosodium glutamate, cooking wine, ginger slices, a little cooked peanut oil, cover the cup lid, and steam for 1 hourRight and left, ready to eat.

  [Features]Smooth and palatable, sweet, salty, fragrant, spicy, continuous, but soft and fresh.

  [Explanation]Shiitake contains higher protein, sugar, vitamins, niacin, trace elements and various amino acids, enzymes, nucleic acids, etc.

Its nature is sweet and flat, it has the effect of strengthening the stomach and nourishing qi, nourishing and strengthening.

Nucleic acid substances can inhibit the increase of serum and plasma in the liver, prevent vascular sclerosis and lower blood pressure, and prevent disease and prevent aging.

The mushroom contains ergosterol, which can be converted into vitamin D after being absorbed by the human body, so it can be implanted with rickets and anemia, which is of great significance for bodybuilding.

Jujube is a well-known nourishing beauty food at home and abroad. It can replenish qi and nourish blood, nourish spleen and stomach.

Can treat spleen and stomach weakness, malnutrition, qi and blood supplementation and other symptoms caused by dry face, muscle skin disorders, qi and blood disorders.

Two indicators make up this indicator, it is a very good bodybuilding, anti-aging products, looks women with big hair and youth.

Half a year is the best time to treat cerebral palsy

Half a year is the best time to treat cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy was discovered more than 20 years ago. The son of a film taken two years ago still had “atrophy of the cerebellum and the brain had calcification points”; two years later, the film appeared “large, no obvious abnormalities in the cerebellum”.

This incident occurred in a family named Zhou in the west of Hangzhou.

Zhou’s son, Xiao Zhou, started acupuncture treatment in May of the previous year. He applied more than 200 needles to the body twice a week.

After two years of treatment, Xiao Zhou’s brain returned to normal.

  ”In general, brain damage is irreversible, but this may not seem to be the case now.

“On Friday, Ruan Buqing, the chief physician of the Department of Acupuncture of the Provincial Tongde Hospital, told reporters that when he started acupuncture treatment for Xiao Zhou two years ago, he could not expect such an effect.

  The tip of the tongue, which is always in the mouth, can be imitated. “Did you take the wrong film?

When taking the son’s examination film from the doctor, Mr. Zhou’s first reaction was “wrong.”

  His son Xiao Zhou, the only child in his family, found cerebral palsy more than 20 years ago. The son who took a film two years ago was “Cerebellum atrophy, the brain has calcification points”, but now the film on hand tells him:No obvious abnormalities in the cerebellum. ”

  The doctor gave him a positive answer.

Hearing the news, Mr. Zhou, 60, said that his heart was almost out.

  The reporter met Mr. Zhou’s family in Dr. Ruan’s treatment room.

  Although it was the first time to meet, Xiao Zhou greeted reporters generously, making people feel extra outgoing.

  Mr. Zhou told reporters that every Friday, Xiao Zhou had to come for treatment. “Now the tongue is better, and it is smoother.

“Mother Zhou was surprised.

  Xiao Zhou immediately plasma tongue came.

Mother Zhou said that such a simple movement was a big problem for him in the past.

Because of the fracture, the tongue is always retracted in the mouth, and the tip of the tongue is not visible at all.

  Twice a week, more than 250 needles are put on the body each time. In May 2011, Xiao Zhou’s family found Dr. Ruan Buqing and started acupuncture treatment twice a week.

  Ruan Buqing told reporters that there are 365 acupoints commonly used on the human body. At most, he needs to put more than 250 needles on Xiao Zhou’s body, from the top of his head to the center of his feet, and the front of his chest and back are silver needles.

  Treatment begins with the back.

After the top spine had been fastened forty or fifty stitches, and then wrapped around the top of the head, chin, tongue, neck behind the ear . “He was very cooperative and relaxed, so he fell asleep soon.

According to Ruan Buqing, these needles were pulled out after half an hour.

  Ruan Buqing said that at present, cerebral palsy is treated by Western medicine through rehabilitation training. Besides traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is also a method.

More patients with cerebral palsy have limb disorders, and limb disharmony is mainly due to poor meridians, and acupuncture can pass through the meridians to promote blood circulation.

  Ruan Buqing is the eighth-generation descendant of Ruan’s Acupuncture. Before Xiao Zhou, too many patients with cerebral palsy came to him, but the children are usually before the age of 10, and the oldest is not 15 years old.

  At first, Ruan Buqing didn’t expect this result, and he was also very surprised when he found that Xiao Zhou’s brain lesions disappeared.

  Whether a miracle can be replicated in others, it is difficult to say whether such a miracle can be replicated in others, it is difficult to say.

Ruan Buqing said, “In general, the earlier the treatment of cerebral palsy, the better, the brain is not yet fully developed, and the brain tissue is highly plastic. Rehabilitation can stimulate potential brain cells.

“Xiao Zhou is an exception, both in terms of age and treatment.

  Ruan Buqing said that Xiao Zhou’s condition is not the most serious. Among the patients he contacts, he is medium. The most important thing is that his coordination is particularly good.

  ”Compared to younger patients, he has no resistance to emotional touch and can fully enter the state during treatment.

Ruan Buqing speculated that this is one of the key factors affecting the treatment effect.

  Li Haifeng, deputy chief physician of the Department of Rehabilitation, Zhejiang Medical College, told reporters that he has also encountered such imaging changes, but most of them are children. For 30-year-old adults, it is a bit incredible.

  ”In general, the chance of calcifications disappearing is very small; if there is a mild brain atrophy, early intervention during infancy and the chances of recovery are high.

Li Haifeng said.

  The baby is about half a year old and has stunting to check whether he has cerebral palsy. Li Haifeng summarizes the factors that cause cerebral palsy into three categories: prenatal, perinatal, and postnatal.

  Prenatal factors are related to the mother. Smoking, alcohol and drug use increase the risk of cerebral palsy in the baby; perinatal factors, including premature birth, low birth weight infants or gigantic infants are at high risk.  After the baby is born, if there are problems such as neonatal seizures, aspiration pneumonia, intracranial hemorrhage, etc., it may also cause cerebral palsy.

  ”Cerebral palsy is not incurable.

Li Haifeng said that prevention can start with the first two factors, strengthen health care during pregnancy and perinatal period, and avoid various harmful factors to damage evolution.

  Li Haifeng said that for high-risk groups, early intervention can reduce the incidence of cerebral palsy.

  Normal children usually “look up in 3 months, sit in 6 months, and climb in 8 months”, And delay the child’s best treatment time.

  ”Half-year-old children are the best time for treatment. If they can intervene early, cerebral palsy is not irreversible.

Li Haifeng said that for many children, rehabilitation is a long battle, but insisting on treatment, many children can live as normal people when they grow up.

Look at your eyebrows to know if you are healthy or not.

Look at your eyebrows to know if you are healthy or not.

The first existing medical classics in the country, the Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic, once pointed out: “The beautiful girl, the blood of the sun is more bloody, the eyebrows are less, and the blood is less.

“The so-called evil eyebrows, the ancients explained that “the eyebrows are devoid of brilliance.”

From this point of view, the eyebrows are thick, thick, moist, reflecting the strong blood; on the contrary, the eyebrows are short, thin, and dry, reflecting the lack of blood.

Obesity of eyebrows: eyebrows are light and easy to fall, more common in qi and blood weakness, weak and sick, such patients are easy to cold hands and feet, kidney is also weak.

In patients with hypothyroidism and anterior pituitary hypofunction, eyebrows often fall off, especially in the outer third of the eyebrows.

In patients with leprosy, the lateral skin is thick and the eyebrows are displaced in the early stage.

In patients with alopecia areata, eyebrow replacement symptoms can also occur at the same time.

Cancer, syphilis, and severe anemia may also cause eyebrow replacement, and some anti-cancer or antimetabolites also have this alternative.

Eyebrow drooping: mostly facial nerve paralysis.

If some of the side eyebrows sag, it means that the side has facial nerve paralysis, so that the eyebrows are partial, can not lift up.

Some are unilateral upper eyelid ptosis (such as myasthenia gravis), so that the induced eyebrows are higher.

Eyebrows are boring: the eyebrows are straight and dry. If women have irregular menstruation, men are more likely to suffer from nervous system diseases.

Some children or malnourished patients have yellow eyebrows and scorch, which is also a sign of lung qi deficiency.

The eyebrows are thick: the body with thick eyebrows deteriorates and the metabolism is abundant.

However, if the female eyebrows are particularly dark, it may be related to adrenal hyperfunction.

Short eyebrows, irritability and irritability, must be taken care of acute illness.

Eyebrows rushing vertically: eyebrows rushing up, it is a sign of critical illness, such patients should take time to treat.

The eyebrows are dumped: it means that the disease is serious, especially the timidity is serious.

Long eyebrows: This is often a sign of strong old people. It seems that the two eyebrows are beautiful and long, and some of them are particularly long, up to 4?
5 cm, some 2?
3 cm.

The old eyebrows are long and long, so some people call this long eyebrow “shoumei”.

However, according to clinical observations and family history surveys, the appearance of “Shoumei” is not a good sign.

The study found that Shoumei is mainly related to the expected imbalance. The appearance of Shoumei in the middle-aged period may be the early external manifestation of some diseases in the latent stage including tumors and immune diseases.

The sooner the Shoumei occurs, the sooner the imbalance of the body occurs. The faster the pace of aging, the higher the incidence of tumors, so it is considered that 45?
After the age of 50, the appearance of the life eyebrows is in line with the physiological aging rule, but should be based on single hair.

For young adults with middle-aged eyebrows, especially plexiform, bundles should be regularly examined and followed up for early detection and early treatment.

[Tips]The human body’s defense function is accomplished through various tissues. The thin eyebrows also play a defensive role. It can prevent dust or forehead sweat from flowing into the eyes and ensure that the vision is not disturbed.

Some women use the power to pull out many “unworthy” eyebrows in order to bend their eyebrows.

Unless it is, the whole eyebrows are polished, and then the eyebrows are painstakingly tried, which is very hindering health.

It should be noted that the eyebrows are not useless. If the eyes are not covered by eyebrows, sweat and rain will flow into the eyes, irritating the cornea and conjunctiva, causing keratitis and conjunctivitis. In severe cases, it may cause corneal ulcers.

Because the nerve vessels around the eyebrows are relatively rich, if the eyebrows are often plucked, it is easy to cause bad stimulation to the nerve vessels, causing facial muscle movement disorder, resulting in pain, blurred vision or diplopia, and the possibility of causing dermatitis and folliculitis.

At the same time, often plucking eyebrows can also cause eyelids to relax, wrinkles increase, affecting the appearance.

Therefore, remind those who love beauty, naturally natural beauty, do not easily pluck eyebrows.

What kind of medicated diet should be eaten by patients with gout in gout?

What kind of medicated diet should be eaten by patients with gout in gout?

Medicinal diet is a therapeutic food. It is edible and medicinal. It is shaped into food. Sex is a medicine. Medicinal therapy is of great significance in the treatment of gout. Here are some medicated diets to choose from.: Medicine porridge: It is one of the ideal methods for adjuvant treatment of gout patients.

Medicated porridge has the function of strengthening the spleen and stomach, and supporting the righteousness. The porridge can be added with a small amount of Chinese medicine for clearing away heat and detoxifying, tonifying kidney and replenishing qi.

Commonly used are: corn porridge: raw materials with corn slag is best, add a small amount of salt, cook slowly, add pepper, sesame and other spices.

Role: adjust the appetizer, lose weight.

Wheat porridge: the raw material is 30 grams of wheat, 30 grams of the previous rice is boiled, about two bowls, when breakfast.

Role: In addition to annoying heat, stop the thirst.

It has polydipsia for gout and heavy numbness in the limbs.

Rice porridge: Hui Mi 30 grams, 30 grams of porridge before the rice.

Role: In addition to annoying heat, stomach, fitness, and thirst.

Mung bean porridge: 30 grams of mung beans, 30 grams of porridge before the rice.

Role: heat detoxification, stop polydipsia.

For those who have trouble with gout, they can be used as a meal.

Chixiaodou porridge: 30 grams of red beans, 100 grams of previous rice, 25 grams of glutinous rice porridge.

Role: Lee urination, eliminate edema, stop thirst, detoxification sweep Langong.

For gout and edema.

Porridge: 30 grams of lotus root starch (or gauze wrapped in gauze), 30 grams of rice, 7 red dates and porridge.

Role: spleen and spleen, for gout and spleen deficiency.

Yam porridge: 30 grams of yam, 50 grams of porridge before the rice.

The role of spleen and strong kidney.

For gout patients with spleen and kidney deficiency, stool and diarrhea.

But you can’t eat more, because yam contains a lot of starch and is easily converted into sugar.

Lily porridge: 50 grams of lily, the previous rice?

00 grams of porridge.

Function · Clearing heat and moistening, for gout with tuberculosis.

Vegetable porridge: According to your condition and preferences and conditions to replace the variety, you can also add appropriate drugs.

Use as appropriate: celery porridge: 50 grams of rice, the right amount of celery, a total of porridge.

Role: heat, weight loss, diuretic laxative.

Suitable for gout with high blood pressure, dizziness and facial heating.

White radish previous rice porridge: large white radish, 50 grams of porridge before eating.

Role: digestion, phlegm, lowering the air, swelling, laxative.

Suitable for gout patients and easy to obesity, bloating, constipation.

Edible category: stir-fried pork: 枸杞 60 grams, 120 grams of lean pork, starch, cooking wine, soy sauce, MSG, peanut oil amount.

First stir fry, then put the peanut oil in the pot, wait for the oil to boil when adding pork; the pork is placed in the pan before the fried oysters, then water, starch, cooking wine, MSG, soy sauce into the mouth.
It has the function of protecting liver and eyesight.

Huang Jing pig pig pancreas: take 30 grams of Huang Jing, 30 grams of Polygonatum, 1 pig pancreas, ginger, monosodium glutamate, salt, onions.

Use a casserole to wash the pig’s pancreas, yellow essence, polygonatum, onion, ginger, salt, etc. and add some water to the simmer. Cook for about 30 minutes, then add the MSG.

Role: lower blood pressure, make up the gas.