Beihai City implements enterprise name "That is,"

People’s Network Beihai November 17th, in September this year, Beihai City fully implemented enterprise name "即 报 即" reform. As of November 9, the city name "That is," it is ", which is 1517, accounting for 98% of the total number of new enterprises, growth%, reducing business errands more than 3,000 times, saving more than 4,000 pages of paper materials.

The company name is a prerequisite for enterprises to obtain business licenses. The first step of entrepreneurs registered companies is to declare. Although the market entity selection name has high degree of freedom after the commercial system reform, it is still necessary to follow some rules, such as not being renowned or approximation, and cannot choose the order of the prohibition of the law and so on. In order to further improve the convenience of enterprises, the Beihai City Administrative Approval Bureau starts in Beihai City in September this year, "即 报" "reform, solving the importance of entrepreneurs in Beihai registered enterprises, is difficult, audible .

The main content of the enterprise name "Daily" reform is to improve the name independent query declaration rules by printing Name Industry Flosures, and Improve the Auto Identification and Intelligent Screening Precision of Full Electronic Registration System Information. In order to ensure that the name of the company is in line with the "Enterprise Name Registration Regulations" "Enterprise Name Prohibited Rules", the verification system sets the function of prompting the applicant’s infringement risk, reminding enterprises to be carefully selected.

At the same time, the name of the company’s registration authority will quickly handle the company name dispute in accordance with the name disputes.

The people’s court or the enterprise registration authority determine that the enterprise name should stop using the enterprise name, ordered to change the name.

Enterprise name "That is," the report "reform adopts" commitment to use, there is a reform "registration model, which greatly reduces artificial intervention, realizing the company name" 即 报 即 "," Enterprise audited success rate.

In addition, if the entrepreneur is engaged in the emerging industry, refer to the industry habits or professional literature and other expressions, applying for new name industry words through the declaration process. (Wu Mingjiang, Huang Yu) (Editor: Wu Mingjiang, Huang Yumi) Sharing let more people see.

Better days, just started (new journey new expectation)

Yunnan Gongshan Dragon Ethius Autonomous County, the Dragon River Township Party Committee Secretary Yu Jin Cheng, only started (new journey new expectation) This reporter Zhang Fan Yang civilization January 25, 2021 08:14 Source: Open The "Thirteen Five" was successfully closed, "14th Five-Year Plan" comprehensive painting. In 2021, the new journey of building a socialist modernization of socialism has been fully opened.

  The economic development has achieved new results, the reform and opening up, the degree of social civilization has been improved, and the construction of ecological civilization has achieved new progress. The people’s livelihood well-being achieved a new level, and the national governance efficiency has been improved – looking forward to "145", Hongwei blueprint Inspire.

In-depth study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party, scientifically grasp the new development stage, and firmly implement the concept of new development, actively build a new development pattern, promote high quality development – struggle "145", glorious mission. From now on, this newspaper launched the "new journey new expectation" column, since the report of the grassroots, reflecting the new junctions of all parts of cadres, create new miracles, determination and confidence, and look forward. "The road is approaching for nearly 40 minutes. Our car will then say." Just returned to the monarch river from the field, the Holding achievement rushed to the north of the north of the country. Yu Jinzheng is the party secretary of the Dragon River National Township, Gongshan Dragon and Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan, Nujiang Tuan Autonomous Prefecture. He and the state-owned deputy director of the Longjiang Working Group, which started to discuss which development projects should be During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period.

Yu Jincheng proposed to pull the village cadres, and went to the Di Zhengdang Village to see the field of industry base.

  Gongshan Road General, the cadres of the Dragon River developed the habit of there was a transistor.

During the "Thirteen Five-Year Plan" period, Gao Ligong Mountain Tunnel opened, the monarchy people bid farewell to half a year of Snow Fengshan. The grass in the mountains, the heavy building became "green bank", so that Yu Jincheng stabilizes the villagers to get rid of a few points. In the next few years, how to realize the consolidation of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, and the effectiveness of the resulinage is effective with the revitalization of the country? In the view, the most critical or industrial revitalization.

  Nujiang State Committee is still not weakened in the Sanlongjiang helping, provincial, state and county three-level financial support in the unique drain river. "What we have to do is the election special industry project.

"Yu Jin Cheng said," The traffic costs in the Doni Longjiang Township are high, the ecological constraints are much, and the development industry must win in character. Dragon cattle, single dragon chicken, monoland, these specialty are not seen outside. "Widely solicit the wishes of the masses, and seek opinions on the relevant departments of the state and counties. Don Longjiang Township decided to focus on the development of the industry in ecological farming." Have you taken a head? "Takasus considers the most, or how to promote sustainable development of the characteristic industry.

  "There is a small stream next to the base, and a hydraulic generator can be installed.

"Yu Jin has replied," Let’s take the leader, I have a condition in Xiaodong, and the technician should be outside.

"The reason why Yu Jincheng pulled Shangs Middle East, and he also made him familiar with the project in advance.

After communicating the main ideas, the project is scheduled to be finalized. "If it is going well, the required funds will be able to get account, and the project can do it." "The future is a large-scale breeding, and the technical requirements are higher."

"During this time, Stardary is busy searching in the network search culture and video tutorial.

  The population of the monarch rural Township is limited, what should I do with product sales? "There are more and more tourists from Dragon River. We have to upgrade from sightseeing tour to the casual experience tour. Tourists eat more meals, live more than one night, the masses can make more money.

"Yu Jin Cheng said that the Dragon people can sing, state, and counties have considered organizing professional talents collection, organizing traditional song and dancing resources," To let more tourists experience the characteristic culture of the Dragon Dragon.

"" Better days, just start! " "Yu Jin became the rural relaxing to continue to struggle on the new journey, and felt hard.

China-European class "Tianma" opened up into European channel

The figure is in the shipping.

 Song Xin’s photo is to do this, China-EU, China Railway Lanzhou Bureau Group Co., Ltd., China Railway Container Lanzhou Branch, Wuwei Bonded Logistics Center, Lanzhou Freight Center earnestly implements the localization of epidemic prevention and control policies, for goods, vehicles, trucks Driver, container, personnel, strict implementation of real name registration, implement "one certificate, one test two conventions" (vehicle pass, measure body temperature, container disinfection, truck disinfection, verification health code, stroke code and nucleic acid detection negative certificate), special person synchronization The round-trip trajectory information of the import and export area carrier truck, real-time tracking, high quality completed this Sino-European class Tianma cargo assembly, customs declaration and delivery preparation.

  The Lanzhou Freight Center combines the demand for the prevention and control of the epidemic, actively contacts customers, complete the ticket, car, empty-car delivery plan within the first time.

When the time is tight, the working amount is large, the production of backbone strength, constitutes a loading and unloading commando, and the management personnel strengthen the on-site staring, strictly implement the operation standard, with high efficiency, high-quality completion of the passenger car, open the shift Green transportation channel ensures that China-European class is in time, and the place, hanging out, and stop.

  "Tianma" has won highly recognized Chinese and foreign customers with high-efficiency, high-efficiency customer service, and provides an important operational case reference for high-quality development in Europe.

It has become an engine of Gansu exterior economic development, which has important significance for accelerating the construction of domestic circulation as the main body, and domestic international dual cycling.


Beijing’s first environmental resource trial expert library is established to provide new ways to participate in environmental governance

People’s Network Beijing June 5 (Bin Morning) June 5 Trial expert library was established.

In view of the professionalism, complexity, and environmental experts, legal experts to participate in environmental case trial consultation, implementation supervision, joint investigation, Beijing Fourth Intermediate People’s Court Combined with its environmental public welfare lawsuit case, Tianjin environmental administrative appeal case trial experience and The actual demand has established the first environmental resource trial expert library in Beijing. According to reports, Beijing Fourth Intermediate People’s Environmental Resources Trial expert library, department trial consulting agency and judicial learning, will play five platform roles.

First, a case consultation platform.

Expert library experts can accept case consultations and suggestions for legal issues such as proceedings, legal applications such as the proceedings, legal applications such as environmental resource cases.

In case entity, technical experts can play an important role in environmental evidence, environmental damage, causal relationship, repair plan, repair results acceptance, etc., helping judges against different types of erosion and pollution environments The diversified referee will restore the environment, protect the ecology, enabling environmental trials to follow the scientific law of ecological environmental governance, and play an active and effective environmental protection.

The second is the public participation platform. The parties can apply for experts who choose to consult an expert library as an expert witness for specific cases, issued a written expert opinion or appear in court. On the other hand, the court fully relys the collaborative power of experts scholars, tries to improve environmental pollution prevention, natural resource development, biodiversity protection, climate change response, ecological environmental damage compensation, etc., improve environmental public welfare lawsuit cases, The mediation is announced, ensuring the right to know, participation, and participate in environmental governance for the parties and the public. The third is the integrated governance platform. Environmental Resources Trial focus on the judgment of environmental feature repair. The establishment of the repair method, the selection of repair costs, and the selection of alternative repair modes, etc. Decision supervision, gradually formed "Recovery Judicial Practice + Social Comprehensive Treatment" Trial Implementation Work Mechanism. In this process, judges and experts have formed together, through typical cases, innovation mechanisms, and promote environmental ecological legal publicity and public opinion guidance, and promote the formation of rule of law and green production lifestyle. The fourth is the academic research platform. Experts in the library are experts scholars who have been engaged in environmental policies, environmental professional teaching scientific research, and professionalism, providing good academic research conditions for improving environmental public welfare litigation. Relying on the academic research platform, experts, scholars, judges, prosecutors, and environmental organizations, and the formation of environmental research, benign interaction and research together. Through experts to strengthen cooperation with colleges and universities, research institutions, establish an environmental ecological judicial protection research base, strengthen judicial case information sharing and case studies in the field of environmental resources. The fifth is the ability to improve the platform. The consultation expert library has opened up academic exchange channels between courts and research institutions. Through expert investigation guidance, topics, we will further enrich, update the environmental judge’s knowledge system and knowledge reserve, supplement Ecological environment knowledge and expertise. Short boards, improve the diversification of new challenges, new problems, and composite business capabilities.

The hospital also developed the "Working Measures for Environmental Resources Trial Consultation Experts".

There are 14 people in the "Measures", respectively, in accordance with the employment of experts, the professional work duties and expert library work procedures, etc. The timeliness of work and the implementation of the confidentiality of expert opinions, give full play to the intelligence of the wiskin in the consultation expert library.

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Can the Japanese Ministry of Protent Party born in Yangchun March? Can you usher in spring time?

On the 27th, the New Party "Democratic Party" formed by the Japanese Democratic Party and the Soviet Party is formally established.

The original Democratic Party Fangang Tianke also became the party head of the new political party. The newly established Democratic Party of the Democratic Party mastered 156 seats in the Japanese Congress, became the strongest in the wilderness since the first stage of Japan. Same Concern, in December 2014, after the defeat of the House of Representatives, Japanese represented by the Democratic Party recognized that only by cooperation would be competed with the ruling alliance with the ruling alliance. In December 2015, the Democratic Party and the SF Party first formed a unified meeting in the House of Representatives to strengthen cooperation in Congress.

On March 27, 2016, after several rounds of internal contact, the two parties officially decided to merge in late February this year. On March 27, the DPP was formally established. The party name dispute and the Seminal Party and the Soviet Party will be publicly collected by the new party name after the merger. Before formal decided to the party name, the name of "The Democratic Progress Party", "Japanese Democratic Progressive Party", "Democratic Party", "National Party", "Constitutional Party", etc. have been alternative.

For the new name after the two parties, the Democratic Party has retained its original party name, at least referred to as "democracy"; and the new party name hopes that the new party name does not use the word "democracy".

The temperature is like a mountain trip, Taiyuan is warm, and it will usher in a big diving this week.

  Original title: The temperature is like a mountain car Taiyuan gas temperature warm to break the record this week will usher in a big dating more than 20 degrees Celsius, let people look like the Yangchun March. It can turn the temperature and drop more than ten degrees Celsius, and the cotton coat should be worn.

This week, the temperature of our province has a big diving, reminding the public to pay attention to add clothes. Since the rain, the rain is difficult to trace in most parts of my country, but the temperature is continuous. Last week, most places in the eastern part of North China to Jiangnan, the new high temperature has been refreshed this year, reaching the recent high point, the highest temperature in the downstream of the Yellow River Basin to the middle of the Yangtze River is 10 ° C ~ 15 ° C.

On the 21st, the highest temperature rose to 22 ° C in Taiyuan area, breaking the highest temperature record of the Ecember of the ° C in February 19, 2004, and the temperature is so warm as in late year.

However, this week, the cold air will be in the south, affecting the most parts of Jiangnan and its north, bringing substantial cooling, cumulative cooling range is generally 10 ° C, the local, even more than 20 ° C, the temperature is rolling like a roller coaster ". The specific weather in Taiyuan is: 22nd, cloudy, 14 ° C ~ -6 ° C; 23rd, sunny to cloudy, Northeast wind 34, 9 ° C ~ -5 ° C; 24th, light rain is transferred, 10 ° C ~ -5 ° C; 25 days, cloudy, Dongfeng three or four, 6 ° C ~ -7 ° C; 26 days, yin, 11 ° C ~ -7 ° C; 27 days, small rain turned in snow, 9 ° C ~ -6 ° C. .

Taizhou Jiaojiang issued Zhejiang first geographical logo certified trademark pledge loan

Original title: "Da Chen Huangfish" four-word loanned 5 million "this money is really solving my urgent needs, never thinking about the purchase of loans with ‘Da Chen Huangfish’ 4 words!" September 1st, After successfully got 5 million yuan of loans, Taizhou Bank Taizhou Branch, Taizhou Jiaojiang Huixinyuan Modern Fisheries Co., Ltd. Head, Zhou Hai Huaxi. This is also the first geographic logo issued by Zhejiang Province to prove the trademark pledge loan.

"The farmers often encounter funds in the operation and find a problem that is difficult to guarantee. Now we’m the big Chen Huangfish ‘trademark users handle loans as long as they sign a loan contract, do not need other mortgages and guarantees, And it will be approved on the same day. "On the morning of September 1, the aquatic technology promotion station of Jiaojiang District, Taizhou City, signed" Da Chen Huangfish "geographical symbol certification trademark use rights strategic cooperation agreement, Tailong Bank Taizhou After reviewing the assessment, the "Da Chen Huangfish" geographic logo proves that the brand value of the trademark is as high as 100 million yuan, and a collection of 30 million yuan of trademark usage units.

At present, nine Jiaojiang has a farmer who obtains "Da Chen Huangfish" geographic logo to prove the trademark license.

Taizhou Jiaojiang Huixin Yuan Modern Fisheries Co., Ltd., etc. The first batch of 3 "Da Chen Huangfu" trademark licenses can be credited to 9.5 million yuan. Big Chen Huangfish is the specialty agricultural product of Jiaojiang, which is widely appreciated. At present, the farming enterprises have an annual production of high quality royal fish 6212 tons, output value of more than 500 million yuan, and the breeding benefits are obvious. However, this year is affected by the epidemic, many breeding households have encountered a shortage of funds.

In order to effectively help companies solve the problem of financing, boost the high-quality development of large Chen Huangfu farm industry, the Jiaojiang District Market Supervision Administration takes the lead in exploring the geographical indication of the geographic logo to prove the trademark financing, through comprehensive assessment of the product itself and brand construction, Implementation with geographic logo proves trademark use rights as pledge to obtain collective credit, and credit for the use of the use of the use of the use of the original credit limit according to the use of the trademark license, the credit rating, etc. .

"Compared with the general crutied business, the geographical indication has proved the form of use rights, which has the right to use the right to uniform decoration, low cost, simple procedures, etc., broaden the company’s financing channels.

"The relevant person in charge of the Jiaojiang District Market Supervision Bureau said that this" Da Chen Huangfish "geographical indicator proves the successful pledge of the trademark, fully reflecting the brand value of this golden signboard, for the farmers to exchange the real gold and silver, and the Jiaojiang The development of large Chen Huangquan industry invested more powerful. (Editor: Zhang Fan, Zhang Liwei).

Qingyuan Street builds 103 special buildings to shake the neighborhood happiness

Is it a teacher building? The original building lives in 17 teachers.

In the creation of the building, it is a non-small role in the building of the building door, dressing up the building doorway to the daily organization.

"Our house is like a ‘class’, WeChat group is the online ‘classroom’, the landlord and the floor committee are like the class cadres, and the neighbors will be contest for the resolution of the landlord, and contest." The team leader Zhao Jianwei said.

Colorful Dressing Not only is a new path to the residents, but also open new paths to the community to explore grassroots governance, and build a harmonious neighborhood in the building. There are many people in the top 8, the college community, Dongli Community, Dongri Community, the top 8 units, how to sway the door governance through the model role of the old party members? This year, the college community created "Red Heart to the Party". "The young people are very busy, I can’t receive the notice in time, I have to inform them." The 62-year-old party member Deng Shuyan is the old household for 3 units and is still the door of the building. The power of the household is very high. Deng Shuyan also leads a senior team – the party branch of the college community retirement party member, from the daily community weekend, to the community’s epidemic prevention and control, the old party members always charge in the first line, their persistent figure, touched a lot of people, More and more residents are now joined in the ranks of volunteers. The building "face" rejuvenation is inseparable from "illegal" support.

It is understood that each stage of the building’s cultural construction process is carried around the residents. When preparations in the preparation, the party organizations held the "listening force" Rajia’s constant consecutive meeting to seek resident opinions, conduct a characteristic positioning of each building, and according to The building of the building has a "one floor". Volunteer linkage 11 social organizations and buildings are very strange to "upstairs, don’t know each other." No. 35, Rainbow New Town Community, 4, 5 units, Dunju, is a bit distressed, as a door leader, how Put the residents in the unit together? Qingyuan Street introduced 11 social organizations and buildings, professional social organizations to carry out activities, allowing residents to gather together and play.

Ren Yusheng’s house is one of this year’s special building. The arrival of social organizations solves the problem of letting Ren Yusheng’s headache. Now, a family is often around the child. We use the child to break the point, formulate a series of adolescents, pass through The child is shaking a family.

"The community carries out" a spoonful of love-to-me to cook to a good neighborhood "," Take "attention to the door of the door" as a public topic, on the one hand, guide the children more concerned about the lonely elderly in the building, on the other hand, through The child knocked on the neighboring door, and the residents of the two units had been familiar with the children, and they built the landmatic communication platform to lay the foundation for the construction of the special building.

In addition, the door of the house is actively active, carrying out the "Listeningness" Rajia Changshu General, and discusses how to improve the green space of the floor.

After advice from each other, the social organization summed up the program, and finally reached a "landlift commander + youth", accomplishing public notice, you can regularly maintain a small piece of "farm". The green space downstairs is no longer bare, and the neighborhood is also lively.

Watching Help Hundred Federation Autonomous Teams into neighborhood help groups with a "special building door", the appeal can not be mentioned in time, timely office, realize small things, do not come out, big events, make the community Governance family.

Everyone will be proposed in the group on the housing of the House Building, I.

Tools, small newspapers … The environment in the corridor is decorated by everyone, and everyone began to brainstorm the room of space outside the Guangyi Building.

At the Rajia Convention on the community, neighbors have suggested laying a stone trail on the garden in front of the floor. When the trail construction, the residents within the unit also spontaneously helped to help and speed up the construction progress. Zaoyuan Shangcheng Community combines the "special building" and "autonomous + professional manager" model, the building is leading, and a group of "building agencies" will cultivate a group of "building agencies" and drive more residents to participate in community governance. "The fitness equipment screw on the small square is loose, I hope the community can be repaired in time." "Who is the electric bicycle in the corridor, do not let the electric bike on the floor.

"Every day, a safety inspection is carried out in the corridor has become a habit of the 2nd house 2 units.

Every time you find a safety hazard, stone orchid will send photos to the resident group in time to feed back to community.

The Zajuan Shangcheng Community In the construction of the "special door", the feedback mechanism will be completed after the community is promoted. Community staff posted QR code in each door, and the online "Chamber of Deputies", the mensman, social workers, and the property are all in the group, and the problems raised by the residents are solved at any time.

At the same time, the community party organization also plays the residential authority of party members, volunteers, and buildings. By improving community environment, strengthening cultural construction, expanding community services, and condense the residents of the building, and promote the cultural construction of the special building. shared.

The contradiction between the neighbors has more trusts. Most of the family members of the Binhe Si’an District Community, the family members of the company, which are all employees who have retired. It is a unit of colleagues before retirement, and most of the neighborhood is more familiar.

"When I meet upstairs, I will say hello, but the social circle is still very small. There are some new homes that have been moved through the purchase of homes, and they are not so familiar.

"Mr. Hu said the status quo. Discover the" opinion leaders "in the community, drive community governance. The community of the Binhe Silitan District, the number of old cadres in the family of the company, putting 36 buildings into special buildings – – Cadial, "The retirement cadres in Building 36, talking more, our community must first condense their strength and let them participate in the community governance. "Sun Rui Xia, the secretary of the Binhe Si’an District Community, said.

First of all, the old door hole was decorated, a photo of a neighborhood model, a wall, a venue building, hand-painted annual wheel, making a bag … Concentrated a good memory photo, also stayed on the wall . "Everyone is getting more and more familiar, and the cohesiveness is getting stronger.

"No. 36, 1 unit, the door of the door, Li Zhantao, said.

Residents’ relationship is getting better and better, there is a contradiction and big things, small things.

A few days ago, I lived in the first floor of Mr. Wang, and I looked up at the top, and all the roots were wet.

"My first reaction is to find the neighbor’s theory upstairs, but I think about it often meet, I should not deliberately", Mr. Wang first contacts Mr. Mr. Shang, asking about whether there is water leak in his home. Unidentified Mr. Yu immediately expressed his apology, the first time was repaired, and the staple roof was repaired in time.

"The maintenance is very fast, and the home will soon recover.

"Mr. Wang said that after the neighborhood relationship is more familiar, the problem is no longer simple and rude, nor does it hurt the feelings between neighbors.

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The 103rd National Sugar and Wine Commercial Fair will be implemented on October 13 will implement the "limited flow" system

  Yangguang Net Jinan October 12 (Reporter Guiyuan) October 13th to 15th, the 103rd National Sugar and Wine Commercial Fair (hereinafter referred to as "Sugar Wine Club") opened in the Jinan Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center.

In order to ensure the safety of the exhibition, on the evening of the 11th, the Jinan Municipal Party Committee coordinated the epidemic prevention and control and economic operation leading group (headquarters) held a video dispatching meeting, clearly implementing the "limited flow" system for this session, the public, the main venue The maximum passenger capacity is not more than 10,000 people. In principle, the Citizen’s View Exhibition uses an appointment method. The enrollment will illuminate "two certificates and one code", encourage the public to watch online.

  The reporter learned from the Jinan City Business Department to do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic situation in "scientific, precision, effective", and ensure that the Sweet liquor will be held safely, protect the health of the majority of participants, and enter the exhibition staff need to do a good job. Personal health monitoring.

"We advocate participants in advance in the exhibition hall, through the WeChat public number ‘health Shandong service number" "Epidemic Prevention Zone’ Column ‘Health Pass Card’" Health pass code ‘.

"The relevant person in charge of the Jinan Municipal Bureau of Commerce said that the internal and external cooperative hotels inside and outside the Sugar and Wine Conference Hall have posted a logo." Or ask volunteers to assist in the application of ‘Shandong Health Password’.

"In order to prevent the epidemic prevention and control, make sure the exhibition safety, this session will require all personnel to enter the house, the entrance will be bright, the entrance will be required to measure the temperature, the entrance to the house must wear a mask, do" character , The characters are in the same time. During the exhibition, all the entry of the exhibition staff must adopt the "effective ticket + Shandong Electronic Health Pass + Temperature + Brush ID Card".

Safe gas useful to keep in mind

Provincial Housing Urban-Rural Development Office Reminder – Safe Gas to keep in mind that gas safety cannot be ignored, correctly standardize the use of gas, in order to effectively prevent gas accidents.

Recently, the Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department issued a reminder to the people in the province in safety.

  The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Development Office pointed out that when using gas, it is important to open the window. After using the gas, it is necessary to close the cooktop and pipe valve (front valve); before falling, you must check the two air Whether the valve is turned off at the same time.

Be sure to use gas special hose, the tube length is not more than 2 meters, and keep a distance from the cooker, the connection should be fixed, regularly check whether the hose is aging and timely replacement, it is recommended to use stainless steel corrugated hose or metal coating Hose.

  "In addition, the use of gas cookers with flameout protection devices, no more than 8 years, prohibiting the use of windshields, energy-saving circles, and infrared gas cookers.

It is forbidden to use a straight gas water heater and a gas water heater that does not install the exhaust pipe, prohibiting the mounting of the water heater to the public flue.

Regular use of soap water, washing liquid to check the gas equipment facilities interface, switch, hose, etc.

"The person in charge said.

  The person in charge emphasizes that the gas alarm should be powered on 24 hours to operate.

When the gas alarm is discovered, when there is a odor in the room, the window should be opened immediately, turn off the air source, evacuate the indoor personnel, and call the local gas service phone to the outdoor safety area. Do not use mobile phones and indoor phone alarms in the leak site. Do not switch to power equipment.

Do not hang the items in gas facilities such as gas pipes, gas meters, and must not take a rope to avoid leakage caused by loosening.

It is not necessary to stack of flammable items such as waste paper, plastic products, dry firewood, gasoline around the gas facility to prevent fire.

(Reporter Zhao Tingting) +1.