5G sector Dongshan rises, liquor stocks sold by 1.1 billion

5G sector Dongshan rises, liquor stocks sold by 1.1 billion

The resurgence of the 5G sector, the liquor stocks suffered a major sell-off of 1.120 billion, the main funds have different views on Huawei concept stocks, and there has been differentiation.

  On the 20th, the three major stock indexes fluctuated sideways and closed collectively.

At the close, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.

41% reported at 2870.

60 points; SZSE Component Index closed down 0.

93% to 8916.

At 11 o’clock, the February gap has been covered; the GEM Index fell 0.

64% to 1469.

31 points.

  Today the market is shrinking again, with a turnover of 4625.

15 ppm, a significant reduction of more than 100 billion yuan from last Friday.

  In terms of main funds, today the main funds replaced 219.

US $ 5.7 billion, a decrease of nearly US $ 30 billion from last Friday ‘s excess.

Oversized orders and large orders replaced 65 respectively.

6.7 billion and 153.

9.1 billion; retail investors did not improve the market trend, medium and small single inflows of 7 respectively.

8.9 billion and 211.

6.9 billion yuan.

  In terms of industry sector, affected by Xi Jinping’s news about the development of the rare earth industry, rare concept stocks rose sharply in the afternoon; the overall performance of technology stocks was good, and domestic alternative concepts such as chips and software continued to lead the rise, and Huawei’s industrial chain was differentiated;Pork and artificial meat-led agricultural stocks have apparently fallen.

Of the 28 Shenwan Tier 1 industries, 6 industries became popular.

The defense industry, computers and non-ferrous metals rose the most, while the agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery industries fell by more than 5%.

  Funds flow upwards, except for small inflows of defense military workers.

Outside of 1.7 billion, the remaining Shenwan Tier 1 industries have all been sold off by major funds.

Among them, medical biology, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, and chemical industry were the hardest hit areas with major capital fleeing, which were located in 29.

7.2 billion, 27.

$ 8.5 billion and 18.

7.1 billion yuan.

  Specific to the subdivided industries, the three major industries 杭州桑拿网 of computer equipment, terminal equipment and aeronautical equipment are the most favored by the main forces, which flowed into 3 respectively.

1.9 billion, 2.

$ 8.5 billion and 2.

1.9 billion yuan.

Liquor, insurance, and Chinese medicine were sold by the main force for two years, respectively, to 11.

3.8 billion, 9.

3.6 billion and 9.

2.1 billion yuan.

  Today, there were 959 stocks with the main capital inflows in the two cities, and 2627 stocks with reduced capital.

74%; 1571 stocks in the two cities closed up, 1949 stocks turned green, and the market’s profit-making effect was 44.

63%.  Foreign flows are up, and today northbound funds are replacing 24 again.

27 trillion, a reduction of 31 over Friday.

8.4 billion.

Among them, the Shanghai Stock Connect and the Shenzhen Stock Connect replaced 14, respectively.

7.8 billion and 9.

4.9 billion yuan.

  The Great Wall of China, as a stock of hardware localization concepts, is affected today by 4.

US $ 0.4 billion in main fund raising and strong upswing; Eastern Communications and Eastcom Peace were also bought by the main funds under the 5G concept blessing; the new stock Youyou Food plunged over 9% today, but attracted 200 millionFund dips.

  Liquor stocks are still the focus of the main selling. Guizhou Moutai and Wuliangye were sold by the mainstays with nearly 800 million funds. Huawei concept stocks were differentiated and Chunxing Seiko attracted 1.

600 million main funds, an increase of 600.

85%, while Hudian shares hit the limit, Sanan Optoelectronics.

Chao Hongji (002345): National K-Gold leading channel strategy adjustment performance is expected to usher in an inflection point

Chao Hongji (002345): National K-Gold leading channel strategy adjustment performance is expected to usher in an inflection point

The size of China’s jewellery market is close to 700 billion yuan, and the daily decorative demand for jewellery for consumption upgrading and restructuring is growing rapidly.

The current gap between the current per capita consumption of jewellery and the expected total: In 2018, the average per capita consumption of jewellery in the United States was $ 216, while China’s was only $ 77.

无锡桑拿网At present, in general, jewelry consumption is mostly due to value preservation and wedding needs. It is expected that through the increase in income levels, consumers’ self-modification needs will become more and more common.

K gold jewelry has the characteristics of rich styles, beautiful shapes, and low unit prices, which may be the category that has increased penetration during the consumption upgrade process in low-tier cities.

  The company currently operates three major fashion brands with annual revenues exceeding 3 billion and a total of nearly 3.6 million members.

After more than 20 years of operation, “CHJ Chao Acer” has established a differentiated “K Golden Dragon” brand image in the minds of consumers; “VENTI” is positioned as a jewelry buyer’s collection store and is committed to the company’s commitment 杭州桑拿 to youthThe transformation has achieved initial results.

  In terms of products: launched a series of classic products, K gold accounted for a high proportion, the customer unit price and gold jewelry ratio is on the low side.

Chaohongji’s well-known product design and innovation, integration of internal research and development team and external cooperation resources, has launched a number of classic product series, such as “Yuechang”, “Doraemon” and other series.

Due to the high proportion of K gold products, the company’s customer unit price is the lowest: as of 2018.

11 Ali channel data as an example. Of the products sold by Chaohongji, more than 60% (in terms of sales volume) of the products sold are less than 1,000 yuan, and Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, Luk Fook and other brands have a transaction price of 1,000?
Between 1500 yuan.

  Channel: Accelerate expansion of franchise business and promote channel sinking.

Initially, the company’s stores were mainly distributed in third-tier cities, mainly self-employed; transition, the jewellery market in low-tier cities grew faster, and the franchise model was more conducive to the expansion of low-tier cities. Therefore, the company adjusted its strategic thinking in time to shift its focus to the franchise channel.

In 2018, the number of new franchise stores opened by the company reached 124, which is about double the number of new self-operated stores. The proportion of franchised stores increased from 19% at the end of 2012 to 37% at the end of 2018.

  Investment ratings and estimates
Revenue of 35/41/45 million USD in 2021 and net profit attributable3.



100 million, profit growth of 347.

3% / 15.

8% / 11.

5%, corresponding to the PE estimate of 12/10/9 times, the current estimated level is expected to be covered for the first time, and a “recommended” rating is given.

  Risk warnings: Continued sluggish consumer demand; franchise stores are not opening as fast as expected; lower-tier cities are developing less than expected

How to eat fruits for babies and toddlers to be healthier

How to eat fruits for babies and toddlers to be healthier

[Introduction]Fruits are rich in nutrition and taste good. They are one of the essential foods for healthy growth of babies.

  Food supplements, fruit juices or purees should be added gradually over about 4 months.

“Before that, the main source of nutrition your baby needed was breast milk, and at this time breast milk was not enough to provide sufficient nutrients.

“Experts said that in order to ensure the baby’s nutritional needs, in addition to adding complementary foods, at this time you can give the baby some different juices.

The puree is recommended to use apples and pears. These two fruits are relatively mild and do not easily hurt the baby’s stomach.

The juice is preferably freshly squeezed and replaced, and can be drunk between meals.

  After 5 months, you can eat some fruit puree.

Apples, pears, kiwi, cantaloupe, watermelon and other fruits are good choices, but don’t eat too much at a time, it is advisable to use a half spoon.

When choosing fruits for your baby, you should also pay attention to your physical fitness and physical condition.

Babies with weak spleen and stomach and diarrhea are advised to eat cold fruits such as watermelon and bananas; babies with thick tongue coating, constipation, and hot constitution can eat more fruits such as pears and kiwis; those with indigestion should eat cooked fruit puree.

  After 9 months, you can eat some fruit pieces.

After the baby has teethed, he can eat some fruit pieces, which can exercise their chewing ability, but not too large, so as not to block the trachea when swallowing.

Wait until your child’s gums are firm and firm before they can eat fruit.

  In addition, parents need to pay attention to the following issues.

  Around half a year, when the seasons alternate, it is best not to give your baby raw fruit.

Children around the age of half love sickness, especially boys.

When the seasons change, the incidence of disease is very high.

You should reduce the number of times you give your child fruit, especially raw fruit.

  Tropical fruits such as mango and pineapple are prone to allergies and should not be consumed by young children.

“Somehow, eating too much mango will make children prone to eczema.

“Experts say that you can cook these fruits into water and feed them to your baby to reduce the chance of allergies.

  Master the principle of small additions and careful observation.

Because each baby’s gastrointestinal function development and personal fitness are different, it is difficult to define what fruit is suitable for and how much to eat.

This requires parents to decide on a case-by-case basis.

You can feed your baby less, and observe whether it has diarrhea, allergies and other adverse reactions before deciding whether to feed.

How to make premature babies grow up as quickly as possible

How to make premature babies grow up as quickly as possible

The baby’s growth and development starts from the beginning. Premature babies are inferior to normal babies in all aspects and are prone to lack of energy to feed. They need more patience from parents.

  Principles for premature babies to consume breast milk instead of premature babies. To restore normal growth and development, sufficient nutrition must be added. Premature babies’ physiological functions are not perfect, and they must be replaced with breast milk whenever possible.

Breast milk is rich in lactalbumin, the amino acids in it can promote the growth of babies, and breast milk contains a variety of antibodies, which are more valuable for the health of premature babies.

Breast-fed premature babies are less likely to develop indigestive diarrhea and other infections, and their weight will gradually increase.

Premature babies with insufficient breast milk and low weight need to be fed with iron-fortified formula. Specially added calcium, phosphorus, sodium and vitamins should be added to the formula.

  Feeding premature babies after inhalation requires more nutrients than normal babies, but the physiological characteristics of premature babies are oriented towards their absorption of nutrients.

Premature babies have poor sucking abilities, are not sensitive to swallowing reflexes, and are too fast or too fast to suck milk. For babies who cannot suck or have weak sucking power, the mother should use a breast pump to suckle on time and then suck itFeed your baby with milk.

  Premature babies who eat less and eat more often have too much stomach capacity and poor digestive function in the upstream tract. Eating too much milk may cause gastric storage and cause milk spillage. In severe cases, it may cause indigestion and diarrhea.

Eating less and eating more food can effectively mediate the contradiction between the baby’s physiological characteristics and nutritional needs.

New mothers can change the interval when feeding the baby, and the milk volume gradually increases from small to large, so that the baby’s fragile digestive system has enough time to adjust itself.

  Reasonable addition of complementary foods to premature babies plus complementary foods need to refer to the degree of physiological development, that is, the number of months after birth is called the number of months of premature birth.

For example: if the baby is now 6 months old, but was born two months earlier, the developmental age of the baby should be 4 months (six minus two).

It indicates that the functional maturity of the organs in the body is equivalent to that of a normal 4 month full-term baby, so the diet is also treated similarly.

Babies born in normal term also start to add complementary food after three or four months.

  After 4 months of full-term babies, you can use egg yolks as a food supplement for your baby.

The iron stored in newborn babies mainly comes from the mother’s body, and the amount is very limited. It is only enough to make blood for four or five months after birth.

Premature and multi-baby babies get enough iron from their mothers. The younger the gestational age, the greater the number of fetuses, and the less iron content in the body.

  Correct supplements for premature babies Premature babies should pay attention to the basic principles of diet, but also focus on supplementing the nutrients needed for the physical development of premature babies.

  Premature babies often encounter a lot of constraints to reach the appropriate weight, such as swallowing ability, small intestinal dysfunction, gastroesophageal reflux and malabsorption reactions, poor digestion of sugars, etc., all are the reasons for energy utilization.

Premature babies with the smallest isolation after coming out of the incubator. When there is not much energy storage, using the heat required for growth to maintain body temperature will also reduce the subcutaneous aunt and increase the metabolic rate.

  Premature babies with breast milk and fortifiers should not only feed enough milk to the baby every day, but also be able to tolerate 100 ml (100 mL / kg) per kilogram of body weight per day for premature babies.

d) After ingestion of breast milk, reach sufficient intake (100 mL / kg.

d) Before use.

Breast milk boosters for your baby can enhance your baby’s energy absorption.

  If formulated according to the standard fortified breast milk heat card density can reach 80 kcal / dL (80 kcal per liter per day).

However, if you need to consult a doctor when your baby has a chronic disease, you may need to increase the formulation of breast milk fortifier because your baby needs more energy at this time.

While strengthening breast milk, you need to provide your baby with extra protein.

Because even breast milk is fortified, the amount of energy or protein intake is still less than expected due to the increase in breast milk composition.

  After 3 months of pregnancy, the baby’s small intestine has established an active transport system for amino acids, and the liver can also synthesize major plasma proteins.

Therefore, premature babies have the ability to digest and absorb proteins.

In addition to breastfeeding after your baby is born, you should also feed your baby with premature infant formula to supplement your baby with protein in a timely manner.

  Breast milk + formula milk Premature breast milk has different ingredients from term breast milk, and its nutritional value and biological function are more suitable for the needs of premature babies.

The high protein content in preterm breast milk is conducive to the rapid growth of premature babies; the proper ratio of whey protein to casein is also beneficial to digestion and accelerate gastric emptying.

  However, when the baby’s digestive system gradually recovers and the body grows faster, the nutrition of breast milk will not keep up with the growth of premature babies. At this time, mothers can add some breast milk fortifiers or formula for premature babies.

  The protein content of preterm infant formula is higher, which can reach about 2.



0/100 kcal (2.
0 per kilocalorie), this protein / energy ratio (P: E) is more conducive to the weight gain and physical structure of premature babies close to their intrauterine growth and development.
In terms of protein composition, the ratio of whey protein to casein is preferably 60:40 or 70:30.
The amino acid composition of whey protein is more suitable for the rapidly growing physiological needs of premature babies, allowing premature babies to absorb more protein.
  Lipid is a very important component in the baby’s brain composition. The baby’s brain development requires 60% lipid.
Lipids include fatty acids and lipidoids, and lipidoids are primarily lecithin.
Sufficient lecithin is the key to the baby’s brain development. Premature babies leave the mother’s body early, and lipid supplementation cannot keep up. This will affect the baby’s brain development, so premature babies should pay attention to lipid supplementation.
  Among fatty acids, medium chain fatty acid (MCT) is an ideal source of lipids for premature babies, and its absorption does not require the participation of bile salts. The content of medium chain fatty acids in preterm formula should be around 40%, which is easy for the baby to digest and absorb.
  Premature babies cannot digest lactose sufficiently early in life, because lactase is the last disaccharide enzyme that appears during the baby’s birth.
Since preterm babies have lower intestinal lactase activity than full-term babies, reducing the lactose ratio and replacing them with other carbohydrates can help.
  Formulas for preterm infants usually include a carbohydrate mixture of 40% to 50% lactose and 50% to 60% polydextrose. When paired with breast milk, it can provide the baby with the required heat without increasing blood osmotic pressure.
  Premature babies have low levels of vitamin accumulation and low absorption at birth, but they have high demand and are prone to vitamin deficiency.
  Although vitamin fortification is performed in preterm infant formula, in the first few weeks of life, due to low milk intake, it cannot meet the needs of all vitamins, especially vitamins A, D, K, E and folic acid, But this situation will gradually improve.
  Two-thirds of the baby’s mineral reserves are completed in the last two months of pregnancy.
After birth, it is very difficult to make the mineral deposition of premature babies reach the rate of late pregnancy, and when the mineral supply is insufficient, it will cause growth and development disorders.
  Premature infant formula has added more calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, copper and selenium to meet the baby’s needs for rapid growth.
  Premature babies have a low ability to dilute and concentrate the kidneys. This situation can cause dehydration if the water supply to the baby is insufficient.
On the contrary, when the daily liquid supply exceeds the baby’s kidney metabolic capacity, it will cause excessive fluid load and affect the baby’s heart.
  The supplement of water is also a place that new mothers have to pay great attention to. When the baby’s weight is less than 2Kg, the required water should be 80 ~ 180ml / Kg.
  Tips: Premature infant formula can supplement the deficiency of various nutrients in breast milk.
In general, milk for premature babies weighing less than 2000 grams is a mix of breast milk and breast milk fortifiers or formula for premature babies, but at the same time breast milk must be preferred.

Subconsciousness implied by gestures when speaking

Subconsciousness implied by gestures when speaking

I often hear people say: The world is complex, and it’s too difficult to hear the truth.

Indeed, the store’s salesperson can count on you how good these products are and not change your face in the face of inferior products until you know that you are fooled.

An enthusiastic colleague reveals to you what others are saying about you behind the scenes, making your relationship with that person worse.

Soon you will find that the purpose of that “enthusiastic colleague” is achieved through you, you are just being used by others.

Any kind is hard to say.

Language is very easy to overcome fake and disguised, how to distinguish between truth and panic?

That is to focus on observing the movements of the speaker as he speaks.

If a person deliberately avoids your eyes when talking to you, then he is likely to hide something from you.

A person who is defensive and confronting with a smile is suspicious. He may want to paralyze you with a smirk, and at the same time figure out how to tear down your stage, just like Shakespeare said in HamletLaughing on the surface, but actually speculating.

“People who are completely expressionless and motionless when they speak are almost none.

Especially when you want to hide something or lie, the hand often cannot help but make some small movements, and the hand is located on the body and easy to observe and gesture is more obvious.

Therefore, pay more attention to the activities of the hands during the conversation, which is strong for you to distinguish the authenticity of the other party’s speech.

  Cover your mouth with your hands while speaking.

Focus on covering your mouth and pressing your thumb on your cheek. In good consciousness, your brain instructs your hand to do this to suppress the lie from your mouth.

Sometimes it’s just a few fingers, sometimes the whole fist covers the mouth, but the meaning is the same.

Covering the mouth is a unique gesture to hide its inner movement.

  Many people cover up this mouthguard posture with a fake cough.


Bao Jia’s usual posture when playing bad guys or criminals, especially when he is discussing the details of the crime with other bad guys, or when he is summoned by the police.

This action is meant to be dishonest.

  If the speaker uses this gesture, it means that he is lying.

One of the most disturbed scenes by the speaker is that the audience almost always uses this posture when he is giving a speech.

If you have a small audience or a one-to-one situation, it’s best to pause and ask the audience if anyone has any comments on your words.

This will ease the audience’s opposition.

Gives you the opportunity to recover as appropriate, and answer some questions.

  Touch your nose while talking.

The posture of touching the nose is a more sophisticated and hidden way of protecting the mouth.

It may be rubbing its nose gently back and forth, or it may touch quickly.

Women are very gentle and cautious when doing this kind of movement, because they are afraid that the makeup on their face will be ruined.

  In ancient times, people used to say, “The nose goes straight to the brain.

“I think the nose is a tool to convey signals.

The nerve endings in the nose were stinging while lying.

Rubbing the nose is to alleviate this feeling.

This is a saying about rubbing your nose.

Another more credible argument is that when bad thoughts enter the brain, the subconscious will instruct the hand to cover the mouth, but at the last moment, they are afraid that they will be too obvious, so they must be in the nose quicklyTouch it up.

Touching the nose is the same as covering the mouth. The gesture of touching the nose is deceiving when the speaker uses it, and the listener is skeptical of the speaker.

  Rub your eyes when you speak.

As the old saying goes: “Don’t look at indecent assault”, this gesture indicates that the brain wants to cover the deception and doubts that the eye sees; or avoid lying face to face when lying.Men usually rub harder, and if they are in a panic, they often look elsewhere, usually at Osaka.

Women rub gently under the eyes, one is to avoid the other’s attention, they often look at the ceiling.

  Grab your ears when you speak.

“Don’t listen to indecent assault.”

This gesture is meant to prevent bad things from being heard in the ear.

Children do not want to listen to their parents’ scolding, so they cover their ears with both hands. Adults scratching their ears is a sophisticated form.

Other changes include rubbing the back of the ear, holding the ear, pulling the earlobe, or covering the earlobe with the whole ear, which means that he has heard enough or wants to speak.

Raising the earlobe indicates some anxiety in the heart, and getting bored if you alternate each other, you must stop others’ personality.

  When speaking, use your hands to pinch your neck with the index fingers of your usual hands and grab them under your ears or above your neck.

Observing this posture, you can find a very interesting point: about 25 times each time, rarely exceeding or replacing five times.

This gesture indicates doubt or uncertainty.

Users are characterized by things like “I’m not sure if I agree” or something like that.

This gesture is especially obvious when someone’s words don’t match the facts, such as when saying “I can understand your feelings”.

  Pull the collar when speaking.


Morris found that when people talk, they can cause tingling sensations in sensitive faces and complication tissues, which must be relieved with rubbing or scratching.

It seems that the lying person sweats his neck when he feels that the other person suspects him.

When a person is angry or nervous, he pulls the collar to allow the neck to breathe cool air.

If you see the other person using this posture, just ask him “Please say it again, okay?

“Or” Please explain a little bit more, okay?

“Can make him feel bad.

  However, it is not the only person who has the above actions in their personality, they are lying, sometimes people just touch their noses because of itching on this part.

Of course, if you look closely, there is still a clear difference between touching your nose for itching and this gesture of negation.

People are generally more forceful when itching, but when they pose, they are gentle, elegant and accompanied by coordinated gestures, such as curling their sides on a chair or shaking their bodies.

How to choose the right fitness equipment

How to choose the right fitness equipment

At present, the popular fitness equipment are treadmills, exercise bikes, exercise bikes, walking machines and rowing machines.

  In order to exercise, more and more people choose to buy fitness equipment to exercise at home. Many people are hesitant to face a variety of fitness equipment: Which one is best for you?

Expert advice: Before you buy fitness equipment, you must first clearly understand the purpose of using fitness equipment, to lose weight, or to strengthen your physique, maintain your body shape, or plan to build bodybuilding muscles, and then choose the appropriate equipment for different purposes.

  At present, the popular fitness equipment are treadmills, exercise bikes, exercise bikes, walking machines and rowing machines.

  The electric treadmill is a very good aerobic exercise equipment, it can effectively improve the cardiopulmonary function, and also has a considerable effect on promoting the function of the cardiovascular system.

The two best exercise methods of sprinting and jogging can be achieved on the treadmill, and the fat reduction effect is also obvious.

  An exercise bike is a kind of aerobic equipment for all ages. It is very similar to cycling. Through different riding speeds, you can improve your leg muscle strength and endurance, and strengthen the cardiovascular system.

  The shape of the exercise bike is similar to that of the exercise bike. It is a rare device that can move 80% of the body’s muscles and joints at the same time.

In addition, it can effectively exercise neural coordination ability, especially suitable for adolescents and elderly.

  The exercise machine is mainly for the exercise of the legs, which can enhance the leg muscle strength and the ability of the leg joints, increase the bone density of the legs, and prevent osteoporosis.

  The rowing function can exercise the abdominal muscles, and the exercise of the lower back is particularly obvious. It can relieve the symptoms of back pain and improve the physiological activity of the lower back muscles.

  After you have a good idea of the different performances of various devices, you can choose according to your own purpose.

For those who plan to lose fat, we recommend that you choose an aerobic exercise equipment, such as a treadmill, and buy some local exercise tools with your fatty parts.

For those who want to build body shape and strengthen their physique, aerobic exercise equipment is also essential.

3 vegetarian dishes higher than the meat!

3 vegetarian dishes higher than the meat!

When you go to the restaurant, what kind of vegetarian food do you order, whether you have ordered “Dian San Xian”, “Dried Kidney Beans” and “Oiled Eggplant”, is it reasonable to eat nutrition?

Is it healthy to eat?

Nutrition experts will help you analyze.

  ”The meat is almost finished, let’s order some vegetarian dishes.

“Dining at the restaurant, do we have to take care of both the mouth and the health?”

“I want to eat three dishes of vegetarian dishes,” “I want to dry the beans.”. Is this a delicious combination of meat and nutrients?

  ”Washing the ‘oil bath’, the healthy vegetarian dishes have become unhealthy.

Nutrition experts said that the three fresh, dried beans, oiled eggplant, although vegetarian, but once oil, the conversion is higher than meat.

  The main ingredients of Di San Xian are potatoes, eggplants and green peppers.

After the potatoes are fried at high temperature, they will produce carcinogens such as titanamide; eggplant supplements vitamin P and inhibits keratin, which can reduce blood.

  The fried eggplants have become a small oil pack; the green peppers are “baptized” by the oil pan, and the vitamin C is almost exhausted.

  Dry beans, it seems to have nothing to do with oil, in fact, most of them are fried.

The oily dried beans have not only changed beyond the standard, but also have security risks.

If the beans are not thoroughly cooked, they may cause food poisoning.

When frying, the beans may be out of focus.

  Nutrition experts say that the vegetarian dishes should follow the principle of “two less and two more”.

“Let’s put less oil, add less salt.

“Two more” is to choose more seasonal dishes, choose more cold dishes, steamed stews and so on.

For example, at the moment, leeks and spinach are very nutritious seasonal dishes.

Secret: Running can suppress appetite

Secret: Running can suppress appetite

Which item of exercise weight loss can best burn fat?

People know that running can lose weight, but you know that it also has the effect of suppressing appetite!

  British scholars have found that people who participate in different types of sports such as jogging and swimming have different drought sensations and there are significant differences in the types of foods they need.

The result of this research overturns the general view that “the more sports, the more you must eat,” which helps people choose the right sports for their own needs.

  According to reports, Dr. Stensel, a sports science doctor at Ralph Baller University, found that people have different levels of fatigue after participating in different sports and the types of foods they need to absorb.

  For example, people usually don’t feel hungry after jogging, just want to eat foods that have more water but are not easy to fill their stomachs.

On the contrary, people usually feel hungry after swimming. They want to eat a small amount of food. After lifting, they need food containing protein or protein.

In addition, the sports environment may also affect the body’s sense of obesity.

For example, swimming in cold water makes people feel obese and wants to eat high-micro foods, and running in warm weather is the opposite.

It is generally believed that exercise contributes to increased appetite, but Stensel’s findings overturn this view, indicating that appetite is not necessarily related to exercise intensity.

  Stensell’s research is published in the new book, “The Impact of Resistance and Aerobic Exercise on Obesity.”

According to his preliminary analysis, the effects of different exercises on the amount of “chronic hormones” that control appetite in the human body are diverse.

The same high-intensity exercise, long-distance running in a hot environment may inhibit the secretion of “chronic hormones”, swimming in cold water has the opposite effect.

  However, moderate to low intensity exercise has little effect on the secretion of “pregnancy hormones”.

For example, after walking for an hour and walking in the same way, there is no difference in the sense of drought in the human body.

This research provides guidance for people to choose the right exercise to achieve more effective exercise goals.

  Stensell said that the inhibition of appetite in running projects usually lasts for a few hours after the end of the exercise. If you want to lose weight, people can choose to run without worrying about an increase in appetite after exercise.