Chifeng City will invest 2 billion yuan to promote high quality integration development

  On August 4, the reporter learned from the 3rd Tourism Industry Development Congress of Chifeng City. This year, Chifeng City optimizes the industrial layout, actively doing a good job in key project construction, 53 key projects in culture and tourism industry, and strive to complete investment of 2 billion More than Yuan, fully build a special cultural industry, promote the construction of Hongshan culture, the Qidan Liao cultural industry system, open a new pattern of high quality integration development of Wenbao.

  This year, the good momentum of the high-quality development of tourism industry in Chifeng City and the promotion of cultural and tourism integration development is accelerating. In the first half of the year, the city’s planning launched 21 boutique tourism lines and 4 red tourism experience lines, and cooperated with Shenyang Railway Bureau to open the high-speed rail train, to the Yangtze River Triangle, Suzhou, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Foshan and Shanxi, in the Yangtze River Delta Taiyuan City and other customers are concentrated on promoting promotional promotion activities, organizing art, culturally, tourism goods, non-legacy, books, red culture "six into" scenic spots 106, and go all out to boost cultural tourism market confidence.

From January to June, the city’s tourism accumulated reception tens of thousands of people, achieving tourism income billions;% and 49% of the same period in 2019. In order to optimize the national tourism development environment, accelerate the creation of the domain tourism demonstration zone, this year, Chifeng City strengthens planning and design, and vigorously integrates the topic of the party history red education tourism theme line, accelerates the upgrade of the tourist scenic spot of the North Biki County, and strive to build Kash Kar Tengqi National Savings Demonstration Zone and Karaqin Banner, Ningcheng County Autonomous Region National Tourism Demonstration Zone, Southern Maanshan Ecotourism Rural Revitalization Demonstration Zone; Further strengthen the development of the inheritance, actively promote Bahrain Right Bange Chesill Cultural Ecological Reserve Declapted the creation of the national-level cultural ecological protected area, the Aruskor 沁 沁 Mongolian nomadic culture ecological protected area declared the establishment of the autonomous region-level cultural ecological protected area, and the regional overall protection of non-legacy resources was continuously added to add new vitality. (Reporter Wei Na) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu Ze) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

Campus food safety incident investigation, can’t be a pen "confused account"

Original title: Campus food safety incident investigation, can’t be a pen "confused account" in September this year, some students in the Eastern Gold Tower school in Bazhou City, Hebei Province have different degrees of nausea, vomiting, etc., leading to more than 100 students to the hospital, of which Students were diagnosed as acute glomerulonephritis. On September 23, Bazhou City released a survey: Golden Staphylococcus aureus was detected by testing, analyzing, analyzing, and partial samples. Referring to the relevant provisions of "Solid Safety Standard Food in Food Safety" (GB29921-2013) ", the test results did not exceed the highest limits of golden staphylococcus in this standard (1000 cfu / g). As a reporter, I interviewed this incident, reported that the results of the event were very concerned. Recently, a parent reflects: the child eats the most food eaten at the school cafeteria at noon at noon, but the sampling of the Bazhou City CDC does not include pig heart.

  Previously, the Bazhou Municipal Public Security Bureau has regulated according to the "Food Safety Law", "Public Security Management Punishment Law", and the penalty for the legal detention of the school’s legal detention is "refusing, obstructing, interfering related departments) , Institutions and their staff have carried out food safety supervision and inspection, accident surveys, risk monitoring and risk assessment, and "obstructing state organs according to law." These expressions are inevitable to make some parents suspect that the food specimens have been damaged, causing the investigation team to be sampling? During the interview, I learned from the relevant medical experts: the students are nausea, vomiting, and in line with S. aureus caused in the clinical symptoms caused by food poisoning; in addition, golden staphylococcal infections will make people suffer from acute glomerulos Nephritis.

Combine expert opinions, can not help but ask: So many students vomiting diarrhea, is it food poisoning incident? If the golden staphylococcal content in the food is really in line with national standards, why does the students have such a big response? What is the cause of the students’ sickness? Whether the sampling of the investigation team is complete? In the survey report of Bazhou City, these issues did not get a full solution.

Such an investigation conclusion is inevitably questioned for a campus food safety incident that the health of minors. In response to the status quo of the survey, a parent said helplessly: "Things have taken more than two months, I feel that this matter is like never happened." Have a parent to Bazhou City CDC, check your own children at the time. Vomit The test report has also been rejected by the other party. The staff of the disease control center said: The report only gives the government, not for personal. This kind of practice will only deepen the doubts of the parents, but no problem solving. Previously, the Ministry of Education has issued a number of issues, requiring all localities to strictly implement the school food safety accountability, the reasons and responsibilities of the school food safety incident, and the school and the implementation of the food poisoning incidents are implemented for the madring management. The responsible person must be seriously investigated. Nowadays, there are still many "unsolved mystery" for this incident, and I can’t fully answer the puzzle of parents and the public.

In this regard, a number of parents said: I hope that the relevant departments of Bazhou City or the superior department can restart the investigation, answer the above questions, and learn from the lessons to avoid similar events. At the institutional level, the state has clearly defined the key links such as the overall environmental hygiene, facilities and equipment, food procurement and storage, food additives in the school cafeteria, and food additives. As long as the school strictly implements relevant regulations, the relevant departments have fulfilled their responsibilities, and similar sudden campus food safety incidents can be avoided.

In the face of campus food safety incidents, detailed, transparent investigations are critical. In addition, the relevant departments cannot relax in the daily supervision of the school cafeteria.

Does the school cafeteria have to implement the food safety management system, whether the health checkup of the canteen practitioners and the training situation are in place? Every time you have a healthy detail of your health cannot be ignored.

(Reporter Zhu Hongyuan) (Editor: Wen Wei, Li Yihuan) Share more people to see.

230 volunteers serving 2021 Guangxi Auto Tourism Conference

Volunteers are on the conference.The organizer is mapped by the People’s Network North Sea October 25 (Peng Yuanhe) According to the 2021 Guangxi Automobile Tourism Conference, the Volunteer Activities held in the same period of the Guangxi Cultural Tourism Development Conference in the Guangxi Cultural Tourism Development Conference. Volunteer Service is this Auto Tourism Conference.Important connotation.

It is understood that in the 2021, there were 230 volunteers in the Guangxi Automobile Tourism Conference, composed of students from Guangxi Logistics Vocational and Technical College, Guangxi Materials School, Guilin University of Electronic Science and Technology North Sea Campus.They are spread on various exhibition areas of the conference, providing guidelines, introduction, distribution, service management, etc., while launching a low-carbon campaign promotion and garbage cleaning activities.(Editor: Peng Yuanhe, Huang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

Carry forward the great foundation of the Party and promote the party to build before, and the calculation rate

General Secretary Xi Jinping was first proposed to celebrate the spirit of the Party in the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and made a deep interpretation. He called on the whole party to continue to carry forward the glorious tradition. Below, we will talk about the difference between the great Justice party spirit, talk about four.

Carrying forward the spirit of the great website must strengthen the theoretical armed, stabilize the "rudder of ideas". The Chinese Communist Party’s centered struggle has included the spiritual password of the Chinese Communist Party why "energy" is an enriched mineral in a group. Through the system study of the General Secretary of the General Secretary of China, I comprehend the Chinese Communist Party "" ", it is his own advancement. In the process of struggle in a hundred years, the Chinese Communist Party has never given up Marxism. The guidance of this scientific truth has never shaken the belief in communism; it is there’s not your own special interest, always put the people’s interests at the highest position, and consistently for the people to make happiness; it is to keep the spirit of self-revolution, With strong self-repair, one hand can grasp the development, one hand to punish corruption, and fully promote the self-revolution. Recognizing Marxism "line", the Marxist science reveals the general rules of human social development, revealing the special laws of capitalist operation, revealing the historical inevitability of communism, still occupying the truth.

Marxism is not a learning in Book, but in practice repeated inspections, and continuous development, not only profoundly changed China, but also overrun the world, and still guiding practice in success.

Recognizing that Chinese characteristics socialism "good" is that it creates a rare economy rapidly developing miracles and social harmony and stability miracles, so that the great revival of the Chinese nation shows unprecedented prospects. At present, do a good job in the party building work, must be a hundred years of party history, this must be trusted from the party’s history, and it is unwavering the party’s words, and goes with the party. Carrying forward the spirit of the great website must keep in mind the initial mission, build a "believing root". There is faith in my heart, and there is strength under the foot. To enhance the belief in Marxism, the belief of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the confidence in realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Strengthen political beliefs.

Step by step by step in our country, we have a hard history of standing up. It is richer to strong, so that our advanced political attributes, lofty political ideals, noble political pursuits, pure political quality have a deeper understanding. , More strengthening "four awareness", firm "four confidence", and consciously, political consciousness and action consciously "two maintenance".

Snind to the ideal belief.

Carry forward the spirit of the great party, and repair the party history must be trusted. It is our unified ideal belief, condense ideological consensus, enhance party spiritual cultivation, and improve political ability. The party’s century course is a straightforward problem, understanding problems, solving the history of struggle, providing us with experience. Entering the new development stage, implement the new development concept, service construction of new development patterns, promote high-quality development, more need to find experience to history, explore the law from history, with historical enlightenment. This year is the year of the "14th Five-Year Plan", we must strengthen the ideals and beliefs, condense the power of faith, and constantly enhance the spirit of struggle, improve the work skills, and do not lose in the complex situation, do not retreat before the arduous struggle, It doesn’t have to be in my "spiritual realm and" integration must have me "history, forgiveness, and fight for the first time, for the Chinese dream of the Chinese nation. Carrying forward the spirit of the great website must adhere to the fine tradition and cultivate "political morality". The Communists’ "German", the core is partyality, and it is political nature.

We must promote the party’s fine tradition, inheriting the party’s red gene, always doing the Ming Dafa, keeping a grand morality, striker. There is a party in the heart. To make political understanding, the flag is clearly polished, and it is the first big German who must be respected by party members and cadres.

In the practice practice, I consciously succumbed to the overall situation, and resolutely safeguard the authority of the party, unswervingly use Xi Jinping’s new era of socialist thinking to armed the mind, condense the soul, do the ideology to the table, the action is tight Followed, it is firmly firm.

There is a mildew in the heart.

The public name is public, that is, to strengthen public servant awareness and insist on serving people. The history of our party is a history of born for the people, and the history of the people. In the founding of the Communist Party of China, in the founding of New China for more than 70 years, our party’s revolution has been engaged in construction, grasping reform, seeking development, and is always for the people, let the people live a good day. To continue to strengthen the awareness of the purpose, adhere to the people-centered development thoughts, and have selfless heaven and earth.

We must persist in the mass line, Daxing to investigate the wind, and continue to advance the "one person and one key, lead the problem" work.

To delve into the "I do practical things for the people" activities, the masses satisfaction as the only standard for evaluation work, so that the masses have more feelings.

There is a martial law in my heart. It is necessary to take the lead in carrying forward and promote loyalty, bright, fair, truth from facts, hard work, clean and honest values, actively cultivate noble healthy taste, carefully alone, clear and white, do people. Promoting the spirit of the great website must be truthful, and he is "responsible for" responsibility. " Know it is not difficult, the way is difficult.

It is necessary to further implement the party history education and implement the various decision-making deployments of the Municipal Party Committee, combine the actual problems, adhere to the problem-oriented, focus on attacking the hardship, and transform the great Justice party spirit into a forgiveness, active spiritual god, Really learn the history, understanding of thought, do practical things, and open a new bureau. Adhere to the development of the center and service. Conscientiously implement the party’s central decision-making deployment and General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions for Jiangsu’s work, promoting party members and cadres to fight for the first, and act as a strong image in the industry. In-depth development of "Helping ‘Zhenyi’" indivual. Adhere to the preparation of learning, strive to enter the position. Establish a sense of advancement of the gigma, and cultivate the spirit of "uncomfortable, struggle to first-class", guide party members and cadres, the crucial moment, the crisis is attacked, and there is a major struggle. Adhere to the style of style and improve efficiency.

In the introduction of the key points and assessment of the city’s organ work, the "three strongest" activities are deployed, deepen the "venting service" reform, strengthen the "store small two" consciousness, and fight "Zhenyi" brand, for boosting " Strategic "implementation provides strong style guarantee. (Contributed: Zhenjiang Municipal Committee and Municipal Organs Work Committee) (Editor: Zhang Li, Zhang Tao Ying).

Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympic Games released!Wuyi "concentric" highlights cultural heritage

  Tonight, in the scene of "100 days of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing", this Winter Olympics is released from the Winter Olympics.

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics medals, the circles are granted by the circles, the image is from the ancient Chinese concentric fortune, together with a five-ring.

The five rounds of the same heart, with the circle, expressed the Chinese cultural connotation of "Heaven and Earth", which also gathered the people of the Olympic spirit to share the people of Winter.

The medal is simple and simple, reflects the requirements of the Beijing Winter Olympics "Simple, Safe, Wonderful", and emphasized with Beijing 2008 Olympic medals "Golden jade", showing the cultural inheritance of "Shuangyao City".

(Zhongqing report · Zhongqing Net reporter Cixin) Editor: Cao Jing.

Send water warm heart fields (a new era)

  Coven, head, bending, screw the valve … less than 3 minutes, Gansu Sunange River Township Agricultural Rural Comprehensive Service Center workers Gu Zhengli (above, left.

The Department of Publicity Department of the Suzhou County Committee is a map of the whole process of opening the water, and the action of sprier is hard to believe that he is 59 years old.

  The Dahe Township is located in the north foot of Qilian Mountain, the climate is drought, and the village near the village is short of water. Gu Zhengli lives here, mostly understands the dilemma of the herdsmen, "I went to the river at 6 in the morning, and wipe it home.

"To solve the problem of people’s livestock drinking water, the government has built Tanglier Beach Water Pipes in 1965. In 1979, the 17-year-old Gu Zhengli came to work here, and the Tanglier Yangshui engineering pipeline maintenance and water supply task of 3200 meters above sea level "Several earth complacence, 6 hardboard beds, 3 kerosene lamps, are all of our families. Gu Zhengli said that compared to living conditions, the working environment is more hard. Shortly after participation, Gu Zhengli met a problem: clearly opened the valve, but the lower reaches of the herdsmen reflected no water to eat. Time value in February, it is a brighter The key period of childging, Gu Zhengli understands the anxiety of herdsmen.

  I don’t want to think more. He takes the tools on the tool, and the top 20 degrees Celsius is cold, and the Tang Yulia is inspected.

"When I saw that the water was separated from the frozen soil, I knew that the pipe was freeze." Gu Zhengli introduced that the slope of the mountain area is large, the water flows, the upstream pipeline cracks, often means that the downstream also has pipeline freezing. . Find the problem, how to determine the freeze-free position? Gu Zhengli and colleagues dig a visual exploration every 50 meters, and the foot is excavated to accurately position. The local special geological climatic conditions have made Tanglier water conservancy water pipelines use a deep-buried flooring method, even so, there is still a risk of frozen bumps under extreme weather. "Don’t pass the pipeline, send it to the water, we will not go home.

"Over the years, Gu Zhengli has fallen how many processes have occurred.

Every time you work, add some repair, 2 meters deep soil, frozen, planer hard, he is hard to bite his teeth, cold and cold hands, hungry and eat with dry food, after the pipeline I am relieved to go home. "Now open the faucet, you can go out, thanks to the director!" Life, 74-year-old herders, Ansheng is grateful.

In the past, it is difficult to eat water. You need to take a dozen kilometers to bring back more than 100 pounds.

"It is still inconvenient, there is no road in the pastoral area, and the sand is rushing on the sand, and it will be 3 hours.

"Ansheng Rong said that as income increases, many herders began to build a water supply line, one with a water storage pool, one leading to home. Site, bury tube, prefabrication, maintenance, no matter which construction of water supply, Gu Zhengli gives Technical guidance and full participation.

In order to solve the pipeline leakage and fracture problem caused by geological changes and facilities, Gu Zhengli also strive for funds to the upper department, and it has built more than 210 kilometers, water supply points, water storage pool, and pumping station. Tang Her water The project water supply capacity is continuously enhanced, and the radiation range reaches 1.1 million mu. The ground is expanded, and the inspection route has also become further.

Sticking to Tangha Water Conservancy Project 42 years, Gu Zhengli’s footprint has spread outdated 1.1 million mu of mountain gutters. The mountain climate has changed, the winter is mad storm, the summer is head, but people can always see the figure of Gu Zheng, riding a motorcycle, walking in the mountains and horizontal mountains. Over time, Gu Zheng Chengcheng has a "live map" in the eyes of herders: Where is herders grazing, how long is the pump station, and the size of the pool is full, and how many herders of herders in each pool are in his mind. In 2000, Gu Zhengshi became a communist party member. With 42 years of working age, he will retirement next year next year, the most difficult to cut house is still a water conservancy project and herders.

"In the past, there is not much shortage of livestock, and now there are more than 200 households.

"Gu Zhengli said that more than 300 people around 5 animal husbandry villages and more than 60,000 livestock drinking water are basically solved.

  I heard that Lao Gu is about to retire, and Ansheng Rong’s mood is a bit conflict: I am very distressed that he is running for so long, and it is worried that the line will not be solved.

  "You can rest assured, there is a problem, let me find me." Gu Zhengli said.

(Editor: Rona, Mao Siyuan) Sharing let more people see.

Shui District Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade Collaborate Multiple Units Assault Investigation Truck illegal modification points

In order to increase the impact of the truck illegally modified behavior, focusing on the source prevention and curbing the illegal limit overload behavior, the full maintenance of road traffic safety is continuous, recently, the Liuyi Shui City Shuicheng District Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade actively cooperates the Industry and Information Technology Bureau , The district transportation, the district market supervision bureau, Shuangshui Street Office and other units rapidly, take the initiative to attack the three trucks illegal modification dens near the Shenfu Testing Station of Shuihuang Highway, and have been transferred to the regional transportation management department for investigation.

According to the people’s report, the traffic police brigade organizes the police brigade organized the police team, the District Transportation Bureau, the District Market Supervision Bureau, Shuangshui Street Office, etc. The three carriage welding factories near the Waterhuang Highway, the on-site seized the illegal act of illegal modified trucks.

Through this assault, the illegal modification behavior of water urban trucks has been formed, from the source to prevent and curb the illegal over-limit overload behavior of the truck, effectively safeguard the transport order of the freight transportation of the truck, and effectively guarantee the safety of transportation in the water city jurisdiction. (Water City Public Security Bureau) (Editor: Li Yongxin (Internship), Chen Kangqing) Share Let more people see the recommended reading.

Seriously study the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping to deploy the ecological protection and high quality development of the Yellow River Basin of Shaanxi Province.

Original title: Seriously study the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping to deploy the ecological protection and high quality development of our province, this newspaper on October 25, the provincial party committee convened a meeting of the Standing Committee, and seriously learned the general secretary of Xi Xi Ping in depth promoting the Yellow River Basin Ecology. Important speech at the Protection and High Quality Development Symposium, research and implementation of measures, listening to the provincial government party group report on economic operation in the first three quarters and the recommendations of the next phase of work measures.

Liu Guozhong, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, presided over the meeting. The meeting emphasized that we must conscientiously study the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, keep in mind "the big people", deepen the ideological understanding, the correct political performance, strengthen strategic thinking, system concept, and insist on protection, to control, correctly handle protection and Development, development, and safety, current and long-term and other relations, strengthen the green low-carbon development path, promote the new progress of ecological protection and high quality development in the Yellow River Basin in our province. It is necessary to implement the provincial and economic responsibility, the urban county grasped the requirements, and the effectiveness of the national protection governance is taken to find the work of our province, and the common problem is found to make a short board in our province. Relevant projects, earnestly grasp the highlighted project rectification. The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to strengthen the disaster warning monitoring, the normalization of the reservoir and reinforcement of the reservoir, and the construction of disaster prevention and disaster reduction facilities, and the construction of the urban flood control and drainage system, and accelerate the construction of natural disaster defense lines. To implement the principle of "four water four" principle, do a good job in "Qin Dongshui Township" construction problem to rectify the end of the finishing, from the fine water resources, finely calculate the water resources, and explore the protection of water resources to the end Utilize the system, promote the water-saving technology. It is necessary to continue to do a good job in the treatment of soil and drainage and desertification, comprehensively complete the sewage preparation of the Yellow River Dry flow in our province, strengthen the pollution control of agriculture and the treatment of urban sewage. It is necessary to speed up the construction of a new standard for the construction of land space protection, strictly regulate all kinds of development and construction activities along the Yellow River. It is necessary to promote high quality development in the basin, relying on Qin Chuangyuan accelerate the pace of innovation and driving development, build the high-end energy chemical base in Northern Shaanxi, strengthen the interoperability and integration of the Yangtze River in the Yangtze River.

The meeting emphasized that the first three quarters of this year, the province has resolutely implemented the party’s central decision-making deployment, overturns all the efforts to prevent the exhibition and economic and social development, promote structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading, and improve new progress.

Next, we must insist on steady and advanced work, complete and accurate and fully implement the new development concept. Under the premise of adhering to high quality development, put steady growth in more prominent position, accurate finding problems, in-depth analysis, and formulate more Targeting measures, especially the effective way to strengthen the industry, expand investment, strengthen economic operation, support "five" enterprises to release production capacity, fully honor the support policy of small and medium-sized micro enterprises, and the gas driving project, especially industry projects Initiate production, developing county economies to ensure economic operation in reasonable intervals. To prevent all kinds of risks, resolutely control the spread of the epidemic, do a good job in difficult people to help help, and ensure that the masses are warm. (Editor: Sun Ting, Wang Qingshu) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

Since January 1, the full implementation of Xiangyang urban "that is submitted to obtain a permit."

Chutian Express News (correspondent Liu Yue Yang An Yun reporter Ding center bolt) December 11 from the real estate registration center of the city was informed Xiangyang Natural Resources and Planning Bureau and the Municipal Housing Construction Bureau jointly issued a work program, since January 1, 2022 onwards urban areas will be fully implemented "submitted to obtain a permit." This marks the next Xiangyang public to buy real estate, property warrants will no longer be waiting impossible.

"Submitted to obtain a permit" means when submitted with the statutory conditions for the completion of the first registration of new housing submitted, registration of real estate development companies and institutions, housing construction, taxation and other departments linkage, to apply for registration of real estate buyers who submitted an application in the field.

The implementation of "submitted to obtain a permit" range: from January 1, 2022, the urban (Xiangcheng District, Fancheng, New District, Tianjin East District, Economic Development Zone Yuliangzhou) to obtain pre-sale permit approval real estate development projects.

Specific workflow of real estate registration department shared municipal building housing sector has pushed the record information to large data office.

Real estate development companies and home buyers in the signing of the "real estate sales contracts" shall be recorded in the parties agree to apply the relevant provisions of the notice of registration.

Full implementation of the new housing notice of registration.

After buyers who signed a contract for the sale of new housing completed and filed in a timely manner to do the hall ( "E sinks do" Mobile APP) through the network of real estate registration application for pre-order online notice of registration of real estate. Notice of registration has been handled, when the contract for the transfer fee will not be repeated.

After the completion of the housing, real estate development enterprises should be in accordance with "joint completion and acceptance of" working mechanism, commissioned by the mapping unit qualified to carry out "multiple probe one" work, timely completion of housing, land measurement, planning and completion of the measurement. Real estate development enterprises to obtain the "construction project planning conditions to verify the completion and acceptance of proof", the mapping unit based on mapping results and technical report after auditing public housing measured area.

Completion of the project "joint final acceptance" in the process of registration of real estate development enterprises accepting synchronization mechanism to apply for home ownership for first registration.

Real estate registration agency within obtaining city natural resources and planning department push "construction project completion and acceptance of planning conditions to verify the proof," shared City building housing sector "completion of the construction filing form and acceptance", the synchronization for the development of enterprises for home ownership for first registration.

Real estate development companies submitted 30 working days before the notice is served Shou Fang buyers, so buyers well in advance and the cost of clearing the examination room and other preparatory work. Meanwhile, buyers in accordance with the agreed notice period, to submit a supplemental agreement (the difference between the predicted and the measured area) and other relevant information to the real estate development enterprises.

Submitted the same day, the real estate development enterprises in working days (due to the line at the tax department audit), field service network logon Hubei government transfer of registration application for new housing in the real estate registration office network to handle hall owners have been delivered to homes, property warrants issued ( e-certificate), can be submitted to achieve accreditation.

Shenyang Music Academy Red School History and Mi Party Class "Talking about the Story of Lu Yipi"

In order to implement the important instructions of General Secretary, General Secretary, General Directive to use the red resources, in the important historical moment of celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China, Shenyang Music Institute production red school history and micro-party class "Telling the story behind Lu Yuri", party classYoung teachers Liu Wei said.The speaker Liu Hao led everyone into the History of Shenyang Music Institutions, the concert hall, telling the story behind the photo, recalling the memory behind a piece of cultural relics, revisiting Lu Yuru starting from Yan’an, taking the northeast, a few times, and finally rootedShenyang’s hard history, incentives and guides the teachers and students to remember history, do not forget the junior, 砥 砥, is struggling, inheriting Lu Yi tradition, inheriting red gene, creating more quality, cultivating more excellent art talents,Prosperity and development of socialist literary business contributing wisdom and strength.(Editor: Qiu Yuszhe, Tanglong) Sharing let more people see client downloads.