Eating metamorphic Tremella is easily poisoned

Eating metamorphic Tremella is easily poisoned

Metamorphic Tremella Poisoning all occurs after eating rotten and metamorphic artificially cultivated fresh Tremella; the incubation period of metamorphic Tremella poisoning is 2-72 hours, most of which are 12-24 hours.

  The cause of tremella tremella poisoning: It is caused by the bacterial fungus A produced by the tremella tremella deterioration.

  Symptoms of Metamorphic Tremella Poisoning: After eating metamorphic Tremella that contains flavin toxins, people will have symptoms of nausea, rejection, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, dizziness, headache, and irritability.

In severe cases, coma occurs, teeth are closed tightly, and for a long time, jaundice and extensive bleeding of the skin and mucous membranes may occur, which can lead to death.

  There are no effective treatments for metamorphic Tremella poisoning, and vomiting, gastric lavage, and bowel lavage should be initiated as soon as possible, and treatments such as liver protection, kidney protection, and lower intracranial pressure should be used.

  Method for identifying spoiled white fungus: take a piece of white fungus and chew it in the mouth, and it is the spoiled white fungus that has a clear pungent taste, and consumers should not be fooled.

For your safety it is forbidden to bring 5 things to bed

For your safety it is forbidden to bring 5 things to bed


Wear a “watch” to sleep.

  Some people like to watch the watch to sleep, which will not only change the alternation of the watch, but also not good for health.

Because watches, especially luminous watches, have radium radiation, although the amount is extremely small, experts believe that continuous accumulation can lead to adverse consequences.


Wear “tooth” to sleep.

  Some people are accustomed to sleeping with dentures, often accidentally swallowing dentures into the esophagus, and the hooks of dentures may pierce the aortic arch next to the esophagus, causing major bleeding or even life-threatening.

Therefore, people who wear dentures are better off before going to bed to clean them, which is not only good for oral hygiene, but also safe to fall asleep.


Wear a “hood” to sleep.

  According to a survey of more than 5,000 women by the Institute of Civilized Diseases in Hawaii, the United States found that women who wear bras for more than 12 hours a day may suffer from diabetes more than 20 times more than those who wear bras for short periods of time or not at all.

Women wear bras to show beauty or protect their breasts, but it is not necessary to sleep at night.


Take “machine” to sleep.

  Some people put their mobile phones at their heads at night for the convenience of talking.

American expert James.

Cook pointed out that during the use and operation of various electronic devices, such as color TVs, refrigerators, and mobile phones, a large number of electromagnetic waves of different wavelengths and frequencies are released, forming an electronic mist that affects the human nervous system and physiological functions.Twisted and chaotic, although the release amount is very small, but it is inevitable.


Sleep with “makeup”.

  Some women, especially young women, are too lazy to remove their makeup before going to bed.

It should be noted that sleeping with a makeup makeup will reset your skin pores, cause sweat secretion, prevent cell respiration, and continue to cause acne and damage the face.

Therefore, it is necessary to remove makeup and wash your face before going to bed. You can remove the irritation of the makeup on the face in time to allow the skin to fully breathe, which can maintain the skin’s moisturization and make it fall asleep early.

Where is the oxidation enemy

Where is the oxidation enemy

Since birth, aging has begun its never-ending journey.
As the most visible organ, skin aging is particularly noticeable.
One of the main reasons why people get old is oxidation!
The effect of oxidation on the skin is mainly to stimulate cells to secrete melanin, causing dullness and spots, and to break down collagen, making the skin lose elasticity and relaxation.
If you do not do antioxidant maintenance, your skin will look like an apple exposed to the air?
  Where is the oxidation enemy?
A little bit of human body metabolism, for example, every time you breathe, you need oxygen, and free radicals are generated during the process. Under normal circumstances, free radicals are broken down into water and oxygen and discharged from the body.
But with increasing age, more and more free radicals cannot be automatically decomposed, and instead attack cells, causing damage and aging.
  In the book “Human Revolution”, the Genetic Diagnosis Office of Harvard Medical School in the United States once put forward: “If oxidation does not occur, according to human growth rules and genetic speculation, people can live up to 167!
“Why does he produce free radicals?
What are the causes of free radical growth?
Only by knowing this can we prevent the growth of free radicals at the source and slow down aging.
  The causes of free radicals are external and internal.
External factors such as pollution from ultraviolet rays, second-hand smoke, and radiation from electrical appliances will stimulate the body to produce excessive free radicals; internal psychological pressure, staying up late and other bad schedules, and colds and illnesses will also generate a lot of free radicals.The more free radicals there are, the more chance there is that they cannot be broken down, stay in the body and oxidize cells.
  Experts: After 25 years of age, topical and internal use anti-oxidant experts suggest that after 25 years of age, you can use topical maintenance or internal use to antioxidants, of course, from daily life and a balanced diet is the cure.
  <氧化兵团>  Oxidation will occur as long as you breathe. In addition, there are many internal and external factors that will cause excessive free radicals and damage skin and physical health. You need to rely on external forces to help the body resist oxidation.
  <作战计划>  Strategy 1: Keep attacking and defending. Maintenance is based on sun protection. UV rays in the sun are more likely to “oxidize” the skin than indoor lights. Therefore, daily sun protection can be said to be the basic common sense of maintenance!
For indoor work, you can choose sunscreen products around SPF30 / PA ++. If you need to go out or have just finished medical beauty treatments, it is recommended to use SPF50 / PA +++ high coefficient sunscreen products, and make up every 2 hours.
  单品推荐:  FANCL无添加防晒露30号 SPF30 PA+++  参考价格:¥228/60ml  利用紫外光反射剂作防晒,并加入补湿及抗氧化等护肤成份,高效对抗紫外光,让肌肤清爽无负担,The texture is gentle, moist and easy to spread.
Protects against sweat and grease, suitable for daily use or outdoor activities.
  网友:呆呆219 油性皮肤  刚刚败得防晒的东东,他家的东西向来都是很不错的,口碑也好,这款防晒露很适合油性肌肤的MM,我皮肤就很油,但是用上去很清爽,而且吸收很快,用后没有厚重的感觉,嗬嗬 而且是60ml哦量也多足够一个夏天了.
Very good sun lotion.
  LANCOME Lancome soft and soothing sunscreen SPF30 Reference price: 495 / 30ml Effective, light and cool texture, make skin feel soft and delicate and moisturizing.
Always light, flowing and softly infiltrated into the skin, providing the skin with a comfortable, gentle and pleasing sensory experience.
Mexoryl SX和Mexoryl XL组合,有效全面抵抗UVA以及UVB辐射  网友:luojieaier0325 混合性皮肤/受损发质发质/23岁  很好用的一款防晒霜,涂的时候有淡淡的香味,抹在脸There is a light feeling on it, it is quickly absorbed, it is not oily at all, it is well pushed away, and the moisturizing effect is very good. I have mixed skin, and I usually use sunscreen T area for several hours.Very oily, but after a few hours, this sunscreen is not oily in my T zone, which shows that it also has a good oil control effect, and the sun protection value is also very high. In summer, it is enough to wipe the face.Buy another bottle because the price is still a bit expensive.
  CLINIQUE倩碧超凡嫩白防晒隔离霜SPF40+/PA++  参考价格:¥395/30 ml  不含油份,质地轻盈,防止黑色素生成,加速肌肤亮白进程  网友:n_v116 25岁  一直对防晒霜不报任何幻想,觉得It is thick and oily on the face, the most important thing is that it has no effect!
Until recently, the sun was very strong and the wind and sand were very strong. Every day when I returned home, I felt that my skin was dark and yellow.
There were spots!
To be honest with this sunscreen, I am very satisfied. It is not oily or thick. It can be applied to the skin very quickly. Even after removing makeup, it seems to be whiter than pimple ~~ My husband said that I finally bought a product.Value for money!
  战略2:人海战术,抗氧化成分前仆后继  抗氧化保养的基本功就是“保湿+防晒”,市售保养品或多或少都含有抗氧化成分,只要加上彻底防晒,基本上效果已经有80分.
However, there are too many “internal and external problems” in life. Those who are busy with work, staying up late for a long time, and having an abnormal diet, who are full of oxidative crisis every day, it is best to prepare 1-2 bottles of antioxidant care products with high concentration of ingredients,The compound formula is adopted to combat the free radicals and adopt the “human sea tactics”: the antioxidant ingredients succeed and succeed before they have the chance to defeat the free radicals.
  Estee Lauder Fresh Nutrition Night Cream seize the golden hour from 10 o’clock to 2 a.m., so that red pomegranate can get close to the sleeping skin and exert its metabolic effect with half the effort.
Enriched with rich moisturizing essences, it reshapes the skin’s natural repairing function and rescues the stressed skin during the day.
Nutrients and antioxidants are released at night, injecting the “source of brilliance”-energy into the skin, giving the skin the healthy glow it needs the next day.
As soon as I wake up, my skin is beginning to reflect a beautiful glow.
  Reference price: ¥ 580 / 50ml Netizen: Sherlyx 35-year-old A very good night cream, very moisturizing, fresh taste, it feels more greasy when just applied, but the skin really feels very moist and smooth in the morning.。Very recommended for dry skin MM autumn and winter use ~~~~ even mixed type, I feel pretty good.

  Lancome Youth Oxygen Emulsion Reference Price: ¥ 720 Lancome Youth Oxygen Essence Lotion is specially created for Asian skin. The perfect anti-oxidant, oxygen-enriched skin care for early aging. Antioxidant, skin care day after day, recovery.New live young.

A hydrating formula with cutting-edge aerobic energy, which allows skin to absorb richly.

The drops are translucent and infiltrating, awakening the skin soft and bright.

After cleansing your face in the morning and evening, take an appropriate amount on the palm or cotton pads, and pat your face gently to condition your skin for a fresh and tender skin.

  Netizen: nigh1234 mixed skin / oily hair, my skin is relatively dry, so I like to use the hydrating effect is significant, this one is very suitable for my skin, soft and gentle, the skin absorbs quickly, long-lasting shrinking moisturizing, letThe skin is smooth and supple, has good antioxidant properties and can delay aging.

  Strategy 3: Airborne troops, health food to complement the beauty experts suggest that taking healthy foods internally, anti-oxidation from the body, multiplying inside and outside, the effect is better!

  FANCL collagen-free beauty skin drink Reference price: ¥ 298 / 50ml × 10 Fancl third generation HTC beauty skin collagen drink (with Q10 ingredient) 1, HTC collagen-beauty skin ingredients: HTC collagen has two major benefits for skinIn fact, it has a short molecular structure and the same structure as collagen in the body, so it is easily absorbed by the body and reaches skin cells in the shortest time.

Studies have confirmed that skin absorption of HTC collagen is 4 times higher and faster than ordinary gum proteins.

2. Coenzyme Q10-antioxidant component: It is also very important to protect the existing collagen from further damage and reduction.

We therefore added Coenzyme Q10, a powerful antioxidant naturally produced in the body, to TENSEUP EX.

It can effectively protect skin cells and collagen from oxidative damage, and at the same time enhance cell energy and promote skin metabolism.

3, other active ingredients: TENSEUP EX also contains other skin beauty active ingredients, such as blueberry extract, intercellular lipids, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and vitamin E to give the skin flawless protection.

Exclusively marketed in Japan, adding Q10 ingredients makes skin protein more easily absorbed by the skin!

The Q10 ingredient can activate the skin’s fine casualness, make the fine casual muscles more active, replenish the skin’s deep energy, and bring out beautiful skin full of radiance.

  Netizen: The ideal type of collagen supplement for night and night neutral skin. Since it was discovered 4 years ago, it has been taken intermittently. It is very effective in hydrating and lubricating the skin. Basically, it can be very obvious in three months.For people who have good skin, the improvement is more flexible.

It is more expensive, more than 20 yuan per day, which is a disadvantage. Hehe recommends the reason: to improve skin problems from the body, skin care effect is completely lasting, unique and smooth, repair formula, for various problems such as rough, dry lines, excess, etc.The smooth repairing elements make the skin completely improved, restore smooth and translucent, firm and flawless.

Do cancer patients avoid eating hair?

Do cancer patients avoid eating “hair”?

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Ms. Zhang: Someone in the circle of friends said that mutton, seafood and other “fat” cancer patients need to eat. Is there any reason for this?

A: The question about the taboos of cancer patients cannot be generalized. It depends on people, because of illness, and because of the law.

It varies from person to person depending on the patient’s different constitution.

Such as obesity and dampness, avoid eating fat and thick, so as not to help wet oysters; temperament deficient or yin physique should eat cold and cold products, prevent cold accumulation in the body, damage yang; weak heat or impotence physiqueDo not eat mutton dog meat and fried hot fried foods such as frying, so as not to hurt the yin and smoldering; damp heat body does not eat alcohol and tobacco, eat less spicy products, avoid heat and heat.

Different local tumors vary according to the disease, and different conditions are different.

Tumors with above-mentioned diseases, such as head tumors, diabetes, esophageal cancer, etc., should not be served with spicy and dry products, such as tobacco and alcohol, betel nut, mutton, dog meat, etc., because the body is above the positive position, the warm and dry products are prone to heat and fire.The tumors that are under the disease, such as intestinal cancer, gynecological tumors, etc., eat cold and fat, etc., because the abdominal cavity is in the negative position, cold and fatty, easy to hurt the sun and help the wet.

Tumors with hemorrhagic disease need to avoid spicy and warm dryness, because it helps the yang heat to aggravate bleeding.

Patients with expected survival patients are required to avoid taboos, but patients in the terminal phase must correct them. The principle of “stomach is to supplement with happiness” is as follows. As long as the patient wants to eat, he or she wants to get nutrition and pleasure as he or she wants.

Because of different treatments, patients with radiotherapy avoid spicy and warm products, because radiotherapy is a kind of heat, food spicy and warm products like oil on the fire; chemotherapy patients should be light to care for the stomach, should not eat raw cold fertilizerGreasy, because of chemotherapy is easy to hurt the spleen and stomach, cold and fatty, easy to gather wet oysters and more hurt the spleen and stomach; implanted patients with qi and blood deficiency, avoid alcohol and tobacco, dry, cold; interventional treatments do not eat shrimp and crab seafood, because of the treatment oftenAccompanied by skin itching, diarrhea and other reactions, cold seafood is easy to aggravate symptoms; patients taking Chinese medicine should pay attention to drug and food taboos, such as ginseng to avoid radish, Banxia avoid mutton and so on.

In the circle of friends, it is said that you should avoid eating lamb, seafood and other “fat”, which can not be mechanically performed. Cancer patients should be informed of the diet under the guidance of a doctor.

Jinan industrial tourism through train into Fu brand Ejiao

Jinan industrial tourism through train into Fu brand Ejiao

On the morning of October 12, Jinan reporter, tourist woodpecker, some citizens walked into Fujiao Group, visited the raw material yard, Wolf Creek, Fujia Ejiao production base, China Ejiao Museum, and opened the “Ejiao Culture Health Tour”.

The first stop, visit the beautiful scenery of Wolf Creek.

The Wolf River, also known as Longxi, originated from the southern mountainous area of Hongfanchi Town. It was formed by the water of Hong Fan Jiuquan. It flows through Hongfanchi Town and Dong’a Town. It passes through Dongping Town of Shandong Pingyin Ejiao Factory and enters Daqing River.
At least 26 meters, it is the source of ancient buttercup drinking water and bubble gum.

The second stop, visit the raw material yard.

The suede inside the raw material yard is based on the standard of the Lion Mountain, which was purchased from all over the country. The Fukjia Group has 13 fur purchasing bases in the country.

After the acquisition, the worker’s master should pick the whole skin without any insects and smashed, without mold, after drying, the code book, and spare.

The third stop, visit the Ejiao production base, Guajing.

It covers an area of 480 mu and has a construction area of 30,000 square meters.

It is located at the leading level in the same industry in the country. According to the new GMP standard, on the basis of maintaining the traditional characteristics, it adopts domestic production of cutting-edge equipment and quality control methods, and roots quality control and testing in each production workshop to ensure product quality and becomeDomestic first-class demonstration base for intangible cultural heritage of Ejiao.

According to the process flow, the corridor was designed. The whole process of Ejiao traditional craftsmanship is in front of you, and the mystery and charm of the craftsmanship are felt at zero distance.

The fourth stop, China Ejiao Museum.

In the Ejiao Museum in China, I have a detailed understanding of the history of Ejiao, the legend, the folk song, the origin of Fujia Ejiao, the Daoguang decree, the quality of the Fujiao Group, the technology, the integrity, the many honors the market has earned, and the famous Mobo.

After the event, we also prepared Fu Jiang tea and gelatin cake for everyone to taste.

At this event, everyone fully experienced the unique charm of the hometown of Ejiao, witnessed the transparent production process, and the quality assurance that Fujia Ejiao can see!

It is unanimously considered that this journey is a journey of relaxation, experience, health and leisure.

When you step on love, your body wants the most.

When you step on love, your body wants the most.

Are you accustomed to starting your sex life at midnight and stereotyped the alarm clock when you get up.

But do you really understand your biological clock?

Do you hear the signal from your body?

What is perfect sex is that you and he are “stepping” on the point of “want”.

The body and emotions are ignited, and I am afraid that the climax says “no”?

  Five situations women want to “make” to recall your most memorable sex experience, and perhaps find that they are the most sexual in certain situations.

The following five coefficients are thus accessed.


I have a strong desire, I want it very much, and my mood is very relaxed.

  ”At the time, I had no sex for almost a year. After chatting with my boyfriend who had just talked for a month, he took me home. It was already more than 5:00 in the morning. I asked him to wash his face, take a break and go back. As a result, heHold me in one hand.

In fact, I have already thought about what will happen when he is asked to send me home.


The other party is good, very considerate and good.

  ”My boyfriend is gentle and considerate, and there are often unexpected surprises with him.

He always finds a comfortable place, puts music and drinks a little wine, so I feel right away.

He is not the kind of person who sleeps when he finishes his head. He will put a pool of warm water and bathe with me.


The two are in love, after the romantic foreplay.

  This usually happens between sweet lovers, but there are special examples, such as “Although, I feel the best time is with a foreigner, when I have been divorced for two years, and he may trim myNeed, just at the hotel where he stayed, at 10 o’clock in the evening, he poured a glass of red wine to me. We first chatted on the sofa, then he kissed my ear, kissed my cheek, hugged me tightly, I never hadPassed this feeling of being ruined.

After taking a shower, he took me to bed. The only thing I thought of at that time was that I had to let it go and enjoy the moment in front of me.

He is very tall, I am very petite, but he is very pity and jealous, step by step into my entry into the good environment.


For a long time, reunion or special day.

  ”He was on a business trip for a month. When he got home, he hugged me tightly, as if he wanted to melt me in his arms.

When the climax, the whole body can not help but be happy, trembling, hope to close contact.

This time is the best, the climax can come two or three times.

“Sexual Anniversary will be done” On the first anniversary of our sex, he prepared a candlelight dinner, and I also put on the last year’s dress.

The theme and clothes are full of energy and teasing, and the result is natural.


In a stimulating, adventurous atmosphere, such as outdoor sex or worry about the wall has ears.

  ”The most memorable one was at 2 in the morning. In an unmanned alley, I didn’t want to happen at first, but they were very close to each other, and then they were getting bigger and bigger. It happened. Halfway through, peopleSome are sober, very worried about someone passing by, but some people are very stimulated, and later became a good example of my flirting with my boyfriend.

“In a thrilling, adventurous atmosphere,” once I went back to his house with my boyfriend, we started watching movies in the room, the film saw it halfway, he started kissing me, I didn’t refuse, and I reacted, when his parents prepared dinner in the kitchen.
We did not take long, but it was very enthusiastic.

“Women’s sexual desire is not caused by changes. Women’s two peaks of sexual desire.

  Is there a gradual change in a woman’s sexual desire?

As early as the 1920s, British female scientist Marys?

Tops conducted a long-term and in-depth study on this.

She found that women’s sexual desire fluctuations are closely related to their menstrual cycle.That is, in every 28-day menstrual cycle, most women will have two peaks of libido, one in two or three days before and after ovulation, and one before menstruation.

  Some experts have conducted an investigation into unmarried women in North Carolina, USA.

It was found that women who had premarital sex in this state occurred mostly before and after menstruation, and the frequency of orgasm was also high.

The time for married women to reach orgasm is mostly before and after menstruation.

  Use the sleeping position to provoke desire.

  When you are going to sleep, if you feel that your body is exhausted without a little desire, you may want to ask him to hold you in your arms from behind and maintain an “intimate” posture.

This is a very sensational movement that makes women feel more sexy.

Keeping this position to fall asleep, many couples find that they will wake up from their dreams in the middle of the night and continue to linger.