31 provinces and districts added 50 cases of native diagnosis yesterday, involving 9 provinces

At 0-24 November 0-24, 74 cases of new diagnosis cases were reported in 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps. Among them, there were 24 cases of overseas, 9 cases in Yunnan, 3 cases in Shanghai, 3 cases in Guangdong, 2 cases in Shaanxi, 1 case in Beijing, 1 case in Fujian, 1 case in Shandong, 1 case in Henan, 1 case in Guangxi), including 3 Example of the unscrupulous infection to confirmed cases (1 case in Liaoning, 1 case in Fujian, 1 Case in Guangdong); 21 cases of local cases (21 in Hebei, there were 18 cases of Xinji City, 3 cases in Shijiazhuang; Dalian City; 6 cases in Heilongjiang, all in Heihe City; 4 cases in Sichuan, all in Chengdu; 3 cases in Henan, including 1 case in Zhengzhou City, 1 case in Zhoukou City; 2 cases were in Lanzhou City; 1 case in Jiangxi, in Shangrao City; 1 case in Ningxia, in Yinchuan City), 3 cases were transferred to diagnosed cases (2 cases in Sichuan, 1 case in Henan). No new death cases.

There are 2 cases of new suspected cases, all of which are overseas input cases (all in Shanghai). At the same time, 46 cases were added to the hospital, and 1366 close contacts were released, and the intensive cases increased by 1 case higher than the previous day.

Overseas input existing diagnosed cases (3 cases of severe cases), existing suspected cases of 3 cases. Accumulated cases were confirmed by 9736 cases, and 9353 cases were cured, and there were no deaths. As of 24:00 on November 6, according to 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported, there were 1169 cases of diagnosis cases (including 32 cases of severe cases), cumulative cure discharge cases 91929 cases, cumulative death cases 4636 cases , Cumulative report confirmed 97,734 cases, existing suspected cases.

Cumulative tracking to close contact 1277,806 people, still in close contact with medical observation, 4,8133 people. 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported 35 cases, including 14 cases of overseas input, 21, 8 cases of Liaoning, 4 cases in Dalian; Jiangxi, all in Shangrao City 3 cases in Henan, including 1 case in Zhengzhou City, 1 case in Zhoukou City; Hebei, in Shijiazhuang City; Sichuan 2 cases, in Chengdu; Yunnan, 2 cases in Dehong Dai, Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture; To confirm 6 cases (3 cases of overseas); 20 patients were released on the same day (18 cases of overseas inputs); 442 cases of asymptomatic infections that were still in medical observations (337 cases were input outside the country). Accompanied by 28882 cases of diagnosis in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions.

Among them, 12,367 cases (12036 cases, 213 deaths were discharged, 213 deaths were discharged), 77 cases (75 cases discharged from hospital), and 13,742 cases of hospitals, 847 cases of death in the Taiwan region. (General Taiwan CCTV reporter Shi Yingchun) (Source: National Health Committee) (Editor: Tang Xiaoli, Han Qing) Share more people see.

Comprehensive news: Confliction of unity and cooperation in condense region gives Asia-Pacific development prosperity kinetics – multi-person persons highly evaluated Xi Jinping President Xi Jinping’s important speech at the Earlical Conference of the 28th leaders of the Asia-Pacific OECD

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 13th, Xinhua News Agency, foreign reporter reported that the President Xi Jinping was attended in Beijing in Beijing on the 12th in Beijing, the 28th leader informal meeting and issued an important speech.

Many people believe that Xi Jinping Chairman made a series of policy propositions of deepening regional cooperation, condensed the Asia-Pacific Group, and intended to promote the construction of Asia-Pacific destiny, promoting the development of the world economic recovery development.

Banbang Surjo, the Chairman of the Asian Innovation Research Center of Indonesia, believes that President Xi Jinping emphasizes "promoting the construction of the Asia-Pacific Destinum Community, and has a new chapter in which the Asia-Pacific economic cooperation" is very important and timely. The syndrome immunity is the current urgentity in the Asia Pacific region. While doing a good job in domestic epidemic prevention and control, China is actively imposing assistants in Asia Pacific and other regions.

China advocates not only contributing to the promotion of economic recovery in the Asia-Pacific region, but also promotes global mutual benefit and prosperity and stability. China practices the Concept of Asia-Pacific Destiny Community with practical actions. Pedro Dias Poland, Dean of the School of Public Administration of Chile, Pedro Dias Polish, the President Xi Jinping, "To practice real multilateralism, persistence, not confrontation, inclusive, not rushing, integration," is very Agree, it is considered that this is a wise view of collective response to common challenges.

The Asia-Pacific region should promote regional economic development by strengthening cooperation to address new crown epidemic.

The Chinese Issue of Puebla, Mexico, China, said China INTRAINORTAR, China, said China has played an important role in fighting the global fight against new championships, especially in terms of vaccine and delivery of China’s anti-vloural experience. China’s continued growth in China, providing sustained kinetic energy for regional and global economic development. Cai Wei, a senior vice president of Thailand, said that the residential economic recovery requires the unity and efforts of members of the Asia-Pacific OECD, and it is important to promote the construction of the Asia-Pacific fate community.

China practice real multilateralism, promoting global trade development, and play an important role in promoting the recovery of world economy. Wen Dada, the well-known Vietnamese economist, said that persistence of multilateralism can promote the Asia-Pacific economy more open.

China announced the provision of vaccines and funds, support developing countries to cultivate antitrutation and restoration of economic and social development, and people are deeply encouraged.

Professor Galin Ni Nina, a Professor of Moscow International Relations, Russia, believes that President Xi Jinping emphasizes the construction of an open-type Asia-Pacific economy, which is an important development goal in the Asia-Pacific region as soon as possible.

China has applied to join the "comprehensive and progress across the Pacific Partnership Agreement" will play an active role in promoting the convenience of trade and investment liberalization in the Asia-Pacific region. Yuhong, senior researcher, East Asian Institute of Singapore, said that China has applied to join the "comprehensive and progressive cross-Pacific Partnership Agreement" and "Digital Economic Partnership Agreement", which is firmly committed to expanding the implementation of openness, which is conducive to Promote the integration of the Asia-Pacific economic. Hong Shenghui, director of the Asian Business School of Victoria University, New Zealand, said that President Xi Jinping emphasized the truly multilateralism, and believe that China will continue to expand and open, promote multilateral cooperation.

Andrew Ostrovsky, director of the China Social East Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said that China’s initiative to establish a high-level Asia-Pacific Free Trade Zone is very timely, will bring new driving force for regional and world trade. , Promotion of the global economic recovery of the era of epidemic.

James Lawrence Sissen, the Dean of the Australian Academy of Sciences, Australia, was very impressed by the initiative of Xi Jinping, "promoting innovation growth and digital economic development", and believes that digital economic and e-commerce will accelerate development in the context of new crown epidemic. The high level of development in the new economic field highlights the important role of China in the regional economy. Professor of the Department of Economics, Japan, said that Xi Jinping’s discussion is very important about the discussion of "Building an Open Inclusive, Increasing Growth, Interconnection, and Cooperative Asia-Pacific Destinum Community" is very important for the development prosperity of the Asia-Pacific region. Gu Qingyang, Associate Professor of the National University of Singapore, Gu Qingyang, is very agreed with the Chairman of Xi Jinping, and believes that the sustainable development of inclusiveness is an important direction of global development. China has made great efforts in green development, which is an important contribution to China’s global response to climate change and promoting green development.

Jin Taki, Professor, Political Diploma, Halu University, said that all parties in the Asia-Pacific region have only adhered to the open inclusive spirit, and adheres to cooperation under the multilateralism framework to adhere to the construction of an open economy, and they can share the entry of the epidemic, and continue to promote regional economic integration. In order to promote the contribution of Asia Pacific and global economic recovery and prosperity, promote the construction of the Asia-Pacific fate community.

(Participate in reporters: Lu Rui, Du Bai Yu, Hao Yalin, Tao Jun, Yin Nan, Zhang Xiaoying, Cai Yuya, Yellow River, Song Yu, Wang Yaoguang, Wang Ornament, Wang Lili, Guo Dan, Lu Huaiqian, Wu Wei, Zhu Yubo, Ze Liankov) (Editor: Yue Hongbin, Yang Mu) Sharing let more people see.

Cosmetics that are being monitored, more and more companies can not step on the thunder

  In the second half of this year, the practitioners in the cosmetics industry should make the product safety this string is tighter. It is reported that 18 cosmetics such as mask, children’s cosmetics, freckle whitening, claiming anti-wrinkle acne and promoting hair growth have been listed as a key variety of security risk monitoring by the State Drug Administration.

The scope of cosmetics key monitoring goods is expanded from 2 to 18 categories, and "net red" skin care cosmetics is first "staring". This risk monitoring will collect samples of about 1100 batches from the above 18 cosmetics and then test it.

  Enterprises or will increase the product safety to investigate the National Drug Administration recently released the "National Cosmetics Safety Risk Monitoring Program in the Second Half of 2021" (hereinafter referred to as the plan).

In the second half of 2021, the supervision department will focus on monitoring mask, bath foot, children’s cosmetics, claiming to be soothing, claiming anticinum acne, claiming to promote hair growth, moisturizing, and skin care, Bodybuilding, spray, nail oil, makeup, 淋 淋, "net red" skin care, hair care, freckle whitening, children’s toothpaste cosmetics total 18 cosmetics.

  What is worth paying is that in the first half of 2021, the monitored categories were only created, and children with cosmetics.

For the enlargement of the monitored goods from 2 to the 18 type, the practitioners in the cosmetics industry have said that the "big head" of the cosmetics enterprises in front of the plan will be introduced to push new products and delivery channels; after planning, the safety of cosmetics Test or will become a largest place for cosmetics. The person in charge of China’s small and medium-sized cosmetics said to China Business Daily reporters. In addition to sunscreen products, the routine test costs of other products are generally three or five hundred dollars. Now the effect of single products need to be detected, and the detection cost is also high. , Such as the test cost of moisturizing ingredients reaches 30,000 to 5,000 yuan, and the test cost of hair loss products is starting at 100,000 yuan.

If the test found that the product is not expected, then this test is also made. A cosmetic component test engineer in Beijing Zhongke Wiche Chemical Technology Tellors telling the Chinese Business Daily reporters. Due to the high test cost, cosmetics enterprises will be more cautious in the declaration of product efficacy, and will also evaluate product formulations in advance. Eliminate products that do not meet quality requirements.

Taking the mask as an example, although the mask production cost is low, now the ordinary moisturizing mask is also detected heavy metals, hormones, harmful substances, etc., the enterprise will not spend great price to send unqualified products to test.

  "Nethong" cosmetics were first included in the monitoring goods "to do a ‘net red’ cosmetics mean that companies should invest more expenses on traffic." A network belt anchor told China Business Daily reporters, a large amount of costs put into marketing After that, the company will not put too much energy on the control of product quality. In this plan, the National Drug Administration first proposed to strengthen the risk monitoring of "net red" skin care cosmetics.

At the same time, the plan also pointed out that this risk monitoring sample will take the main cosmetic operator underline and offline as a sampling object, and will be sampled in its cosmetics business.

Sampling of cosmetics stores, centralized trading markets, beauty salons, and e-commerce platforms that operate cosmetics. Since this year, the relevant departments have gradually increased the supervision of the platform sales on the cosmetics line. The "Regulations on Cosmetics Supervision and Administration" in January this year stipulates that e-commerce platform operators should register real-name registration within the platform in the platform, and undertake the management responsibility of cosmetics operators within the platform. "Tmall and other e-commerce platforms are also more stringent for reviewing product safety. The reporting spaces and approval of the new products have become long." The person in charge of the above-mentioned cosmetics company said. According to the planning and risk monitoring of the plan, the inspection work is carried out by the China Food and Drug Administration, Shanghai Food and Drug Research Institute, Hunan Provincial Drug Inspection Institute, Guangdong Pharmaceutical Inspection Institute, Sichuan Food and Drug Inspection and Testing Institute, Shenzhen Drug The six-family monitoring institutions of the study institute were responsible. The risk monitoring plan collects a sample of about 1100 batches, and the above monitoring mechanism should be submitted to the sample, inspection and inspection results before October 10, 2021.

  How can I not step on the thunder plan, the focus of this monitoring is the illegal addition of cosmetic components, and the risk monitoring project will focus on illegal addition of material, hormone, antibiotics, microorganisms, preservatives and other materials.

  The safety problems of cosmetics appear in the ingredient addition.

The above-mentioned cosmetic component detection engineer said that the safety issues of cosmetics are mostly illegal to add disabling substances or ultra-range using limited substances, and illegally use unapproved raw materials. Previously, illegal additive phenomena in children’s cosmetics and whitening and hair loss products was relatively serious. The relevant departments expanded the scope of cosmetics risk monitoring, which allows more companies to realize the importance of product safety. "For enterprises, risk monitoring can serve, remind companies to have more efforts in the safety of products.

"The relevant staff of the Shandong Provincial Food and Drug Administration said to the reporter that after receiving the safety risk monitoring of cosmetics, the Local Food and Drug Administration will also organize investigation and processing according to the provisions within two months, and will be filled in the information system as required. Survey processing results. Senior beauty brand management expert Tian Qin brand consultation CEO Luo Wenqin said to reporters that in the environment where the current cosmetics social e-commerce is now, new regulations will certainly bring a certain impact to live e-commerce. A series of cosmetics new regulations Introduced, from a long time, it is good for the entire industry. Some of the illegal companies in this industry will be sieved, and some quality companies will get better opportunities.

(Reporter Ma Jia).

74 new drugs into medical insurance negotiations have become a new high – interpretation 2021 new national medical insurance drug catalog

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 3, Suggestion: 74 new drugs into medical insurance negotiations into power and new high – Interpretation 2021 New version of the national medical insurance drug catalog Xinhua News Agency reporter Peng Yunjia, Zhao Jiulong This is a healthy dividend for hundreds of millions of people – – The new version of the national medical insurance drug catalog knocked down "Sleeper hammer" on the 3rd after 6 months: 74 new drugs in medical insurance, the 67-priced drugs in which the negotiations successfully increased, and the price reduction was new.

  What are the new version of the national medical insurance drug catalog? Which signals are released? When is it landed? The reporter interviewed the relevant person in charge of the National Medical Insurance Bureau and the industry expert. The first incremental price reduction in high-value drug price reduction was created as "civilian price", and the medical insurance drug catalog negotiations were first incorporated into high-value drugs, and the price reduction range was unprecedented.

  "This negotiation is expected to be more than 30 billion yuan to be reduced by patients in 2022.

Huang Huobo, Director of the Department of Medicine and Drug Administration, National Medical Insurance Bureau, introduced by the National Medical Insurance Bureau, newly added 74 drugs are expected to increase in fund expenditures in 2022, which is basically quite equivalent to the fund space of drug price reduction in the catalog. On the point of view, the fund expenditure will not increase significantly. According to the original deputy director of the National Cancer Center, Shi Yuankai, the former deputy dean of the Cancer Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, some original prices expensive drugs issued "civilian prices", in line with "guarantee basic" Location, after negotiations, successfully entered the directory. For example, the Nosotto Sodium injection of 700,000 yuan per needle is used to treat spinal cordymia, after negotiation, it has reached a significant price of most patients; The cost of over a million resequences, the price will also drop below 300,000 yuan after the negotiation is successful.

  It is worth noting that according to the defined payment range, the annual treatment cost of all drugs in the national medical insurance drug catalog is not exceeding 300,000 yuan. "The medical insurance fund calculation is not the lowest price, but the reasonable price." Zheng Jie, a group of national medical insurance negotiation drug fund estimates, medical insurance negotiations And other factors, by measuring the price that can be used to find a majority of patients, the largest range benefits. Tumor drugs, add new drug negotiations, and new high, new high, from this sub-medical insurance negotiation result, 117 drugs included in the negotiation range have been successful, and the success rate is reached, and the negotiation is high.

  "In the new drug, there were 18 medicines for tumors." Shi Yuankai introduced that the average increase of new tumor drugs reached%, covering lung cancer, lymphoma, breast cancer, liver cancer, gastric cancer, myeloma and other tumors. Taking lung cancer drugs as an example, with the volt metathil into the medical insurance drug catalog, the three generations of EGFRTKI targeted drugs that are currently listed in China have entered medical insurance, not only provide more treatment options for lung cancer patients, but also further decrease Patient treatment costs. In addition, some new targeted drugs have also been incorporated into a new catalog, such as my country’s first original HER2 antibody coupling drug Vissery comb, which will increase the level of medication in patients with gastric cancer. The reporter noted that the directory adjustment was included in 7 rare diseased drugs, including the condensation solution of Aga-suction solution, the treatment of protein amyloid soda, and the like.

The maximum benefits of rare diseases in the medical insurance fund will also reflect the fairness and praviness of basic medical insurance. It is reported that new drugs in 74 catalogs involve 21 clinical groups. In addition to tumor medication and rare diseased drug, including 20 chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, psychosis, hepatitis C, AIDS, etc., 2 new coronary pneumonia treatment, 12 other fields, patients benefit A wide range of faces. Innovative drugs accelerate the medical insurance to speed up the new version of the catalog, a total of 11 drugs are called out of the catalog.

  "In the review process, experts will be alternative as an important indicator. The drug being toned has a cost or better drug in the catalog." Huang Huobo introduced, this is more new drugs, good The medicine is included in the catalog, further accelerates innovation drugs into medical insurance speed, improve the availability of new drugs, good medicines. In addition to the access to the external drugs, this adjustment has changed again to the competitive environment in the catalog, and some drugs that exceed the admission agreement budget have also been cut again, and the efficiency of the medical insurance fund is improved.

  The reporter learned that in the exclusive drugs in 67 negotiations, there are 66 drugs that have been listed last year. The new drug increasing rate reached 99%, and the release of more new drugs, good medicine enters the medical insurance. According to the "Progress of China Medical Insurance Drug Administration", since 2018, the proportion of medical insurance drugs has increased year by year, and the dominant is further consolidated, and the rationality of clinical medication has been improved. According to reports, the new version of the national medical insurance drug catalog is officially implemented from January 1, 2022. "In order to promote the new version of the catalog as soon as possible, we will implement measures such as negotiation drugs to ensure that the negotiation drugs will be adjusted according to the agreement." Huang Huobo introduced that the National Medical Insurance Bureau will guide the fixed-point medical institution to strengthen linkage, according to clinical treatment Demand, timely, new drugs, especially negotiating drugs, are included in the organization, and guide all localities to implement the "Dual Channel" management mechanism to improve the accessibility of negotiation drugs through fixed-point retail pharmacies.

Cao Pu: Xi Jinping’s important discussion on people-oriented

Professor Cao Pu Central Party School (National Administration) Director of the Ministry of Science and Socialist Teaching and Research Adheres to the people-centered, and is the general secretary of Xi Jinping, after many occasions, multiple meetings,A major proposition that repeatedly emphasized.This major proposition reveals the fundamental political position of our party to persistence and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics, and is a red line that runs through the Chinese characteristic socialist thinking through Xi Jinping.According to the discussion of General Secretary Xi Jinping, this course is primarily exchanged five issues: First, the people’s first: "Always put the people in the highest position in the heart"; Second, the people’s main body: "Relying on the people to create a history of history"; three, people share: "Down to achieve all the people in common prosperity"; Fourth, the people’s judgment: the party’s "ruling effectiveness" can only be "speaking"; five, "people are power": adhere to the mass route, alwaysPolitical advantage.

Qingtongxia Reservoir Area Wetland: Swan Youth Dance

People’s Network Yinchuan February 25 (tolerant, Liang Hongxin) After the rain and water, everything began to sprout.Nearly 100 white swans play on the open lake in the wetland Nature Reserve in Ningxia, Ningxia.

According to the Monitoring and Construction Management Bureau of the Qingtongxia Reservoir Area, last winter, to this spring, the white swan has been active in the bronze gorge reservoir area, and chooses the winter of the bird island.

In recent years, with the improvement of the ecological environment and the continuous increase in wild animal protection awareness, the number of swings in winter is increasing year by year.The wetlands of the Qingtongxia Reservoir area provide a rich food source and a unique habitat.At present, the protected area has found 187 birds, including 9 kinds of national-level protected birds, Chinese autumn sand ducks, gold carvings, jade sea carvings, etc., the national second-level protected birds have a white tonna,鸯, big swan, small swan and other 34 species.

Shanghai released the "Opinions" to build a modern public cultural service system

"Shanghai’s opinion on promoting high quality development of public cultural services" issued a strong construction of modern public cultural service system (Reporter Li Junina) Recently, "Shanghai City’s Opinions on Promoting High Quality Development of Public Culture Services" by the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee propaganda Department, Municipal Travel Service, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, and the Municipal Finance Bureau jointly issued. "Opinions" requires the concept of "people’s urban people’s construction, people’s cities as the people", and strives to plan "145" public cultural services high-quality development, and focus on building socialist modern international metropolis with world influence. Matching modern public cultural service system. First, we must adhere to the overall situation of the National Strategy and the Shanghai Development Gradient, fully implement major decision-making deployments and "14th Five-Year Plan".

Second, we must adhere to excellence, accurate grasp the new situation, new needs, new tasks, and new requirements.

Third, we must adhere to the cost-effective plate, strong weakness, and shortboard, and fully promote the high quality development of public cultural services.

Fourth, we must adhere to the principal status of the people and build a synergy in the construction of Shanghai public cultural service system.

"Opinions" clearly put forward, to actively promote the construction of high-quality development of Shanghai public cultural services to continue to achieve new achievements, to the end of the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, basic public cultural services have continued to improve, and public cultural space layout is more balanced, product The system is more perfect, the resource allocation is more efficient, social participation is more active, smart service is more friendly, and the urban civilization and the comprehensive improvement of citizens’ cultural literacy. The people enjoy more fulfilling, more rich, and more quality spiritual cultural life.

"Opinions" clearly proposes five major tasks of Shanghai public cultural services: constructing new public cultural space, enriching the new supply of public cultural services, plotting new pictures of public cultural activities, enhancing the new level of digital cultural services, and stimulates public cultural development kinetic energy. (Source: Liberation Daily) (Responsible: Yan Yuan, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Share more people to see.

Territory disputes, economic recession, political consensus in 17 years, 3 oil crisis deeply affects the world

  [Comprehensive report of Global Times] Recently, the demand of the global energy market and the continuous shortage of supply, which makes the oil and natural gas markets into turmoil.

People can’t help but think of 3 global oil crises in the 1970s.

They have brought serious impact on the world economy and to a certain extent, and the direction of the international political landscape.

  In 17, the 3 Petroleum Crisis 1973-1990, a three oil crisis occurred in the Middle East.

The first oil crisis broke out in 1973, but its roots have been buried more than 20 years ago.

After World War II, Israel’s support of the United Nations has been surrounded by the Middle East surrounded by the Arab States, and began a constant territorial dispute with the surrounding Arab countries.

October 6, 1973 is an important religious festival in Israel – Atonement Day, Egypt and Syria have to take the territory of Israel’s eating, choose to launch an attack on this day, and call the Sinan War.

Although in the support of the United States, Israel has obtained the victory of this war with a young enemy, but the Arab of the battlefield will continue to use the oil as a weapon and combat it behind the United States, Japan, and some European countries.

The Decision of the International Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) mainly made the country’s national oil output country (OPEC), and enjoying the Western countries of many years, the Western countries that have been low-oil prices have been eloquent. On October 16, OPEC announced that oil prices rose by 70%, reaching the dollar per barrel, and adopted embargo on the United States, Japan and some European countries.

At that time, oil imported from the Arab countries accounted for nearly half of these countries, and many national oil stocks were seriously insufficient, and they can only support one and a half months.

The shortage of oil has caused high price to rise, and then the price of department store has flooted.

In less than a month, Europe and Japan have to turn to support the Arab countries’ demands. Because of its own oil, the United States is longer, but in the face of the domestic rising prices have to retreat, urge Israel to return to the relevant territories of Egypt, Syria. But by the end of 1973, oil prices have soared to 11 US dollars per barrel, and the price has doubled and eventually triggered a global economic crisis that lasts several years. The second oil crisis is in 1979-1980, the guided fire of this crisis is the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979.

In the beginning of this year, I have been a beautiful Iranian King Ballitzer regime by religious leader Holmene, and Iran has built the Islamic Republic, and there has also happened the Iranian hostage of the world.

In this influence, the price of crude oil rose sharply, soared from 12 US dollars per barrel to 40 US dollars per barrel. I have experienced the consumer of the first oil crisis, and I started panic purchase, and the gas station rose again. Subsequently, in 1980, the war has caused sharp decline in oil production, which has triggered the global economic recession.

  At the end of 1990, the Gulf War caused the third oil crisis. After the war, the United Nations resolution implemented an embarrassing sanctions against Iraq, causing the total amount of the world’s oil supply to approximately 20%, and the international oil prices rose to $ 42 per barrel. This crisis has a short period of time, and the impact on the economy is less than the first two crises.

But there is also a saying that the third oil crisis has built early in 1986. After the 1980s, as the OPC organizes unconfigured, as well as some emerging oil-producing countries, oil prices continued to decline, and oil power returned to the United States, Japan and Europe’s main consumer countries.

In 1986, oil prices were pressed to 10 US dollars per barrel, so that the international oil market has seriously chaos, which violently impacted the world economy and financial system.

This crisis has led to the later Iraqi invading Kuwait and the bay war.

The plummete of oil prices also triggered the fiscal financial situation and indirectly leading to the disintegration of the Soviet Union. Oversion of the struggle against petroleum control, the three petroleum crises, and its impact on the world economy is far less influential to the international pattern. The crisis is more infiltrated by countries to compete for development space and petroleum control.

  The first is the rise and fall of OPEC and determines the international status of the Arab countries. After the end of the World War, the Middle Eastern oil mining rights and pricing rights have long been monopolized by Western oil companies, and the oil prices have even maintained at $ 1 per barrel.

Western countries sit with low oil prices. In the 1960s, the establishment of OPEC was not united because of the dispute between oil export interests. However, with a few Middle East wars arising from the conflict, the Middle East countries have prompted the Middle East countries to unite, and OPEC has increased in the international oil market, and OPEC has risen to a political force that cannot be ignored in the world. The game between oil exporters and major consumer countries has become an important factor in the first oil crisis.

With other factors such as the outbreak of the second oil crisis and the war, OPEC has more intensified. This depressed oil control is returned to the United States. The subsequent oil prices have brought the third oil crisis. .

In order to counter Opak, all petroleum consumption powers in Western Europe have set up international energy organizations, and hug the group to curb OPEC’s international voice, and it is also easy to communicate with OPEC with OPEC. Second, the oil crisis has prompted countries to pay more attention to the national strategic status of oil. The three petroleum crisis has prompted the United States to identify the core interests of the United States in the United States. The US international layout is in order to strengthen the control of the Middle East.

Other countries also regard oil as strategic materials, have established state-owned oil companies to strive to grasp the life of the oil in their hands as much as possible. At the same time, countries have also focused on vigorously developing new energy industries.

More importantly, the three petroleum crises deeply affected the trend of the world, the division of the Arab world, the Soviet Union, etc., it is not difficult to see the traces of the oil crisis.

  The Japanese car takes the opportunity to counterattack the oil crisis to people’s daily lives. The energy crisis and the economic crisis that are accompanied by the Japanese car have brought opportunities. During the oil crisis, in order to reduce oil consumption, the US gas station takes a limited time oil supply policy, and speed limit measures are also taken in highway traffic. US cars with large fuel consumption become more uneconomical. Lightweight, the Japanese car fuel consumption is counter-attack. It is using the oil crisis, Japan Toyota Motor Company mainly pushes small provincial oil sedans, and the price of open-covered advertising offensions and preferential prices have won the US market. Other Japanese brands such as Nissan, Honda followed.

According to statistics, in 1970, the sales volume of this Open in the United States in 1970 has only 1300, and its sales have jumped to 100,000 in the first oil crisis.

  After the oil crisis, the country’s pursuit of the diversification of oil-source, on the one hand, develop alternative energy, improve energy structures to reduce oil consumption. In order to reduce excessive dependence on single energy varieties, the world’s major oil consumption is striving to develop different energy varieties, and the R & D investment in nuclear energy, wind energy, solar energy is increasing. Energy-saving technology for vehicles such as vehicles is also an important design indicator due to unprecedented attention due to an unprecedented attention due to the reasons of the oil crisis.

The first batch of public rental housing application started in Yuxi Entrepreneurship

  China News Agency, November 15 (Reporter Yan Xu) reporter learned from the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of Fuzhou Municipal People’s Government, in the 15th, as soon as date, Fuzhou City launched the first batch of public rental housing applications in the Entrepreneurship. On the same day, Fuzhou Municipal People’s Government Taiwan Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office and Fuzhou Housing Security and Real Estate Administration issued an announcement on matters concerning the qualification of public rental housing security subjects in Fujian Entrepreneurship in Fujian Entrepreneurship in 2021. According to the announcement, in accordance with the application conditions, the employment of the ENTERTY ENERGRY is in accordance with the application of the employment, which can be accepted from the regional port of the area, the region of the regional, Hong Kong, Macao, Thaijiang District, Taiwan, Macao, Taijiang District. Jincan District Taiwan and Hong Kong and Macao Office, Minhou County Taiwan Hong Kong and Macao Office, Fuzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone Party Group Work Department submitted the application materials.

  According to the relevant implementation plan of the Housing Association of Employment, Entrepreneurial Housing Security Project, the public rental housing application conditions, including: in Fuzhou Drum Tower, Tajiang, Cangshan, Jinan Si’an District and University City ( With high-tech districts, there is a stable work, sign a labor contract with the service enterprise institutions, or in the above region, independently started in the above areas, the person in charge of the company’s legal representative or individual industrial and commercial households; Inner); I am a spouse, minor children in Fuzhou Drum Tower, Taichung, Cangshan, Jinan Si’an District and University City (including high-tech district) without their own housing.

  The relevant person in charge of Fuzhou Taihang and Australian District, said the first batch of champagne gardens in Jinan District, located 550 sets in Jin’an District. According to the regulations, 1 people household for rent 45 square meters, 2 people households rent 55 square meters, 3 people and above households 305 square meters of households; 70% of the rent standards, ie all The price is RMB per square meter.

  In recent years, Fuzhou, as a Taiwanese, ancestral, is the first to try to trial in the housing security of the Employment of Employment, and actively implement the benefits of the benefits, and promote more Taiwan’s employment, and effectively build a Taiwan community. A home city. (End) [Editor: Yang Yongqing].

“What else,She might find that we were together in the morning,Feel uncomfortable,I’m jealous!”Guo Meili driving the car,Smile,Speak very frankly。This is a confident woman,Always as stable as Mount Tai。Xi Zhen compares with her in this respect,That’s really not a difference。

Xia Jian’s heart is like Ming Jing,But he still deliberately asked:“What jealous did she eat?”This sounds,He and Xi Zhen seem to have nothing to do。
“I see!She is jealous”When Guo Meili said this,Xia Jian has snored slightly。
Mountain wind is coming。Xia Jian abandoned the official and left,Can he really do as he wants?Just when Xia Jian half closed his eyes and pretended to fall asleep,His phone rang crazily at this time。
“Pick it up!So noisy”Guo Meili said loudly。
Xia Jian sat up straight,Take a look at the phone。Qin Xiaomin called,In the missed call this morning,Qin Xiaomin played。Are you picking up or not picking up now?Xia Jian is very conflicted。
Phone broke and rang,one by one,It looks like it won’t work if you don’t pick up。Xia Jian thought for a while,Connected to the phone。Qin Xiaomin’s angry voice came from inside.。
“Xia Jian!You’re still a man?Why don’t you answer my call?Even if you quit,I have to hand over the work.!Are you such a character?”Qin Xiaomin is furious,Drill straight into the ears with a loud voice。
Xia Jian quickly laughed:“Mayor Qin misunderstood,How can i not answer your call?Go to the hot spring this morning,I put my phone in the closet when I entered。The waiter brought it in just now,So don’t be angry”Xia Jian said with a smile。
“Humph!You will enjoy it!”Qin Xiaomin on the phone snorted coldly。
First1745chapter Sensible mother
? Pingyang Zhen,Office of Deputy Mayor Tong。Qin Xiaomin frowned tightly,She just called Xia Jian,Xia Jian’s answer made her angry。
“Mayor Qin!Is Mayor Xia still reluctant to come back??”Tong Jie asked quietly。
When Mayor Qin was about to speak,Secretary Lu of the town committee knocked on the door and walked in。He smiled at Qin Xiaomin:“Mayor Qin!You came just right。Mayor Xia is now unorganized,Come if you want,Don’t say hello or say hello。I haven’t seen anyone for more than a day now”