Leader Optoelectronics (002189) Series Report Two: The Power of Civilian Product Sword refers to 5G Mobile Phone Coating Leader

Leader Optoelectronics (002189) Series Report Two: The Power of Civilian Product Sword refers to 5G Mobile Phone Coating Leader

Report summary: Our Air Force analyzes Lida Optoelectronics ‘rapidly growing military products business. The company also has transitional technology transformation, extension and upgrading capabilities, and civilian products have achieved a leap from component to module to module.

Lida started with a military single-armed aiming observation equipment, and achieved the first domestic OEM production volume in the field of projectors.

After unremitting efforts, it successfully entered the consumer electronics market and replaced its place in the field of high-end mobile phone cameras.

In the next step, the main growth point of the company’s civilian products is the 5G mobile phone optical coating business, and its subsidiary Pangbang Optoelectronics has become a mainstream supplier in this field.

The automotive lens and mobile phone prism business grew rapidly.

In recent years, the company has transformed and upgraded its development through innovation-driven deployment of mobile intelligent terminals, intelligent network-connected automotive optical sensing modules and systems, and AR / VR optical waveguide devices.

At present, the company’s automotive lenses have achieved mass production, and more production lines have been completed and put into production; the development of 3D face recognition precision optical filters has also achieved staged results, which is expected to promote a new round of development of OLPF business; the company’s new developmentThe best CIOE2018 technological innovation award for AR optical waveguide devices; panoramic prisms for mobile phones, and under-screen fingerprint prisms have been successfully developed and achieved small batch production.

The optical component products have been equipped with Huawei P30, and technological breakthroughs or become industry standard.

The optical prisms produced by the company are currently equipped with Huawei P30 Pro periscope cameras. We estimate that the total allocation of Huawei P30 in 2019 will be 20 million units, and the company’s annual revenue will be around 30 million.

As a leading company in the field of smartphones, Huawei’s technological breakthroughs will become the industry standard in the future.

We predict that the periscope camera forecast business has a market space of approximately $ 600 million per year.

The subsidiary company Pangbang Optoelectronics has the world’s leading ultra-hard reflective 佛山桑拿网 film technology, mainly supplying 5G mobile phones.

Pingbang Optoelectronics was established in 2015, and Lida Optoelectronics and Nanfang Asset each hold 24% of its shares.

The sapphire-like superhard non-reflective film independently developed by Galvanized Optoelectronics is mainly used in mobile phone modules, automotive central control and fingerprint recognition modules, which solves the two major problems of mobile phones reflecting in direct sunlight and being easily scratched by sharp objects.

The second phase of Pingbang Optoelectronics is expected to be completed by the end of this year. It will achieve a total production capacity of 130 million pieces of super-hard optical coatings (annual) and drive the development of the coating equipment industry.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology 成都桑拿网 has officially issued a 5G commercial license. We expect terminal manufacturers to launch 5G mobile phones faster than base station construction. The demand for superhard films on glass, ceramic, and composite backplanes used by 5G mobile phones will increase significantly.

Company profit forecast and investment grade: The company’s 2019-2021 revenue is forecast to be 33.

1 billion, 38.

7.6 billion, 48.

7.6 billion, net profit attributable to mother is 2.

1.9 billion, 2.

6.3 billion, 3.

41 trillion, an increase of 31 in ten years.

37%, 20.

35%, 29.

28%, EPS is 0.

83 yuan, 1.

00 yuan, 1.

29 yuan, corresponding to the closing PE on June 10 is 24X / 20X / 16X, maintaining the “strongly recommended” level.

Risk reminder: The new-type civilian market has not expanded as expected, and technological progress has fallen short of expectations.

Dahua (002236): Excellent gross profit margin performance to achieve expected growth

Dahua (002236): Excellent gross profit margin performance to achieve expected growth

Proactively manage the distribution business and ensure the quality of operations.

The company’s G-end remained stable in the third quarter, while the B-end grew steadily, and the downward channel has basically stopped.

On the channel, SMB began to form 30+ plans in the first half of the year, showing a quarter-by-quarter growth trend; the quality of the distribution part was sorted out.

The highest revenue growth was mainly due to the company’s active control of distribution products on channels, ensuring business quality and repayment ability, reducing some high-risk and low-quality businesses, and the overall overseas business was still weaker than domestic.

The gross profit margin remained high, and expenditures in various aspects were still increasing.

Company Q3 gross profit margin 42.

14%, an annual increase of 6.

04 averages.

The product structure is optimized, product series are continuously upgraded, product competitiveness is enhanced, and the company’s profitability is further enhanced.

The expense ratio during a single quarter was 33.

80%, an annual increase of 4.

81 averages.

The average sales, research and development, and financial expense ratio continued to increase, reflecting that the company is still increasing investment in various aspects, channel sinking, 无锡桑拿网 market development, and new product launch at this stage.

Financial expenses increased by 1.

The 60 tiers were mainly due to a decrease in exchange gains.

While maintaining high expenditures, due to the better gross margin performance, profits still achieved growth.

The company’s profits continued to accelerate quarter by quarter.

Net profit attributable to mother in the first three quarters of 18.

7.7 billion, previously at 20.

06%, 10 from previous guidance?
The upper edge of the 25% interval.

The company guides the highest net profit attributable to mothers29.


8.8 billion, a 10-year growth rate of 15?

In Q3, the company sold goods in a single quarter, and received cash for labor services of 59.

40,000 yuan, an increase of 20 in ten years.

42%; Q3 net cash inflow in a single quarter was 3.

300 million in the same period last year.

We expect the security industry to continue to pick up this year. Security AI projects are expected to continue to land, the product structure will be upgraded, and the company’s profitability will be further improved.

We expect the company to realize net profit attributable to mothers in 2019-2021.



8 billion.

Maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: industry demand is lower than expected, overseas markets are lower than expected, and security upgrades are lower than expected.

Yutong Bus (600066) sales review in August 2019-sales slightly exceeded expectations

Yutong Bus (600066) sales review in August 2019-sales slightly exceeded expectations

In August 2019, the company’s passenger car sales were 5,349, a slight decrease of 0 every year.

8%, slightly exceeding market expectations.

In the short term, in the first half of the year, under the background of the decline in industry sales and the replenishment of new energy vehicles, the company still achieved sales, revenue and profit enhancement, which fully reflects the company’s competitiveness as a leader in the bus industry.

In the medium and long term, the company’s technology and manufacturing capabilities are leading the world, and its products are becoming high-end and intelligent. It is expected to benefit from the optimization of the industry structure and the expansion of overseas export markets, and maintain a “buy” rating.

5,349 units were sold in August 2019, next to -0.

8%, slightly exceeding market expectations.

The company sold 5,349 passenger cars in August 2019, -0 per year.

82%, cumulative sales of 38,494 vehicles from January to August (+14 per year.

45%), sales of new energy 重庆耍耍网 vehicles are expected to be about 1,000 units, the company’s passenger car sales from July overdraft brought about changes around August, slightly exceeding market expectations.

Looking at the structure of each model, the company sold 2,034 large passenger cars (+6 each time.

86%); 1,936 medium-sized buses sold (at least -9.

45%); 1,109 light buses sold (twice +0.


In the first half of the year, the company’s business grew against the trend, and its outstanding capabilities were prominent.

2019H1 company achieved revenue of 125.

05 ten percent (+4).

06%), net profit attributable to mother 6.

830,000 yuan (ten years +10.

78%), net profit after returning to mother 5.

2.2 billion yuan (+0 a year).

66%), under the background of the decline in industry sales and the new energy vehicle supplementary decline, still achieved growth, slightly exceeding market expectations.

In addition, the company’s operating cash flow has continued to improve for ten years, and the net operating cash flow for 2019H1 is 2.

07 million (2019Q1 is -17.

60,000 yuan, -11 in 2018H1.

900 million).

Excellent R & D investment, from electric to intelligent, networked.

The company has identified R & D funding. In 2018 and 2019, H1 R & D expenses were 18 respectively.

$ 600 billion and 2.

9.2 billion, accounting for 5 of the total revenue.

9% and 6.

3%, which is mainly used for the development of new technologies and new products, as well as the development of intelligent and network-connected development based on electrification. It is expected to promote the company’s product upgrades and increase the company’s scale.

It is expected that in the future, traffic in the park, ferry operations, and short- and long-distance buses will be some of the first scenarios for intelligent driving. The company will reserve intelligent network-connected technologies and products in advance to grasp the initiative. It is expected to bring the development trend of the intelligent network-connected era in the medium and long term.

The long-term beneficiary industry has been cleared, and the contribution of new energy has increased significantly.

With the implementation of supplementary policies, the development of the domestic new energy bus industry has shifted from policy-driven to market-driven.

The company’s new energy bus market share has always been at a high level and showing an upward trend. In 2018, the company’s new energy bus market share reached 24,621 vehicles, the first market share, reaching 27%, clearly ahead of the second BYD (13%).

7%) and other competition.

From January to July this year, the company gradually sold 12,992 new energy buses, with a market share of 31.

47%, far more than the second-pass Zhongtong Bus (11.43%).

In the future, the tax rebate slope will be gradually added to accelerate the withdrawal. The industry’s low-end and inefficient production capacity is expected to be gradually cleared, and the industry will gradually be concentrated, which will help the company expand.

Risk factors: New energy bus sales are lower than expected; the cost of power batteries has fallen less than expected; new energy vehicle policy fluctuations.

Investment suggestion: Maintain the company’s 2019/20/21 earnings per share forecast1.



20 yuan.

For now 14.

40 yuan, the corresponding PE is 13 respectively.



0 times.

In the short term, against the background of the decline in industry sales and the replenishment of new energy vehicles, the company still achieved contrarian growth, fully reflecting the company’s competitiveness as a leader in the passenger car industry.

In the medium and long term, the company’s technology and manufacturing capabilities are leading the world, and its products are becoming high-end and intelligent. It is expected to benefit from the optimization of the industry structure and the expansion of overseas export markets, and maintain a “buy” rating.

Consumption stocks stagnate, Hong Kong stocks smashed by smart money

Consumption stocks stagnate, Hong Kong stocks smashed by smart money

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  Three minutes to read the financial report | Consumer stocks weak?

These Hong Kong stocks were copied by smart funds after a year. Reporter | Edited by Yuan Yingqi |

Looking at the trend after the year, the computer, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery and electronic sectors rose strongly, increasing by 17.

5%, 16% and 15.


The gains in the household appliances and textile and apparel sectors fell to the bottom third and fourth in the industry, only 2 respectively.

6% and 4.


Other consumer goods, such as retail, food and beverage, and tourism sectors also underperformed, with only a few gains.

  Despite the short-term impact of the epidemic, the long-term trend of consumption upgrades remains unchanged.

Is the stagnation of consumer stocks a good opportunity for the layout?

If you want to make a layout, is it worth investing in a certain stock?

The proportion of institutional investment in Hong Kong stocks is high, and to a certain extent it can represent the institutional perspective.

Let us see that these “smart funds” have bottomed out some Hong Kong stocks consumer stocks after the year.

Image source: Feng, Zhou Heiya, Research Department of Interface News, Hotpot stocks are popular. From January 30 to February 18, the statistics show that Zhou Heiya (0023.

HK) Among all Hong Kong consumer stocks, Masukura ranks first.

Masukura 0.

86 averages.

During the same period, Zhou Heiya increased 7 ahead of time.


Zhou Heiya announced the opening of the franchise at the end of last year, increasing by more than 50% in the short term, and then falling again.

Zhou Heiya is still mainly in direct-operated stores, and labor and rent costs are allocated.

The impact of the epidemic will also be larger than the scale of the savory food that is mainly franchise.

In addition, the raw material prices of these marinated foods are expected to further 佛山桑拿网 increase in the future.

Zhou Heiya wants to catch up and I am afraid there is still a difficult road to go.

  In fact, Haidilao (0337.

HK) and his supply chain company Yihai International (0003.

HK) all gained Masukura 0.

36 averages.

Ranked third in all consumer stocks.

Xiabu Xiabu (0520.)

HK) also acquired Masukura over 4 million shares.

The suspension of the catering industry during the epidemic, especially during the New Year, was originally the peak season for the catering industry, which will always have a certain impact on this year’s performance.

It is obvious that the static price-earnings ratios of Haidilao and Yihai International are estimated to reach 82 times and 78 times respectively.

  Other food and beverage stocks include China Tobacco Hong Kong (0321.

HK), COFCO Meat (0101.
HK), Manor Ranch (0468.
HK) and Ausnutria (0400.

HK) also achieved Masakura with alkaline ratio.

  Traditional clothing was sold at a low price, and high-sports sportswear was lightened. Last year was a painful year for the apparel industry. For a long time, well-known brand clothing declared bankruptcy.

But it is undeniable that the bottom of the clothing industry has arrived in the “severe winter”.

Some “smart funds” have begun to copy traditional clothing.

Jiangnan Commoner (0173.

HK) ranked second in all Masukura Masukura and gained Masukura 0.

48 averages.

Others include La Chapelle (0525.

HK) and textile leader Shenzhou International (0721).

HK) get Masukura 0 respectively.

21 and 0.

19 averages.

  It is obvious that the sportswear stocks, which have always maintained a high degree of prosperity, have encountered severe reductions in their positions.

Take Li Ning (3888.

HK) as the head, lighten up 0.

81 averages.

Anta Sports (6100.

HK), followed by lighten up 0.

33 averages.

Xtep International (2343.

HK) and 361 degrees (1361.

HK) is no exception.

Li Ning and Anta Sports are estimated to be 40 times and 36 times respectively.

  In addition, Bosideng (3998) with outstanding growth in Air Force performance.

HK) also suffered an outstanding lightening of 0.

6 averages.

  Beer stocks are collectively cold. While food and beverages are optimistic, beer stocks are collectively lightening up.

China Resources Beer (2688.

Hong Kong) and Tsingtao Brewery (0817.

HK) were lightened by 0.

38 and 0.

37 averages.

Global beer leader Budweiser Asia Pacific (1257.

HK) positions remain unchanged.

All along, beer stocks in Hong Kong stocks have maintained high estimates.

Beer stocks suffered a wave of distortion before the festival, and the rebound was not obvious after the year.

This is mainly due to the increased uncertainty of the institutions’ expectations for the annual report.

In particular, Budweiser Asia Pacific ‘s first financial report was worse than expected, and it is also a shadow of whether beer stocks can improve profitability as expected.

Detailed explanation of the largest tax reduction in history

Detailed explanation of the largest tax reduction in history

“Do not charge a penny over tax”, and actually let the profits of 2 trillion companies: Detailed explanation of the largest tax reduction in history ■ Reporter Zhang Zhi Ma Weihui Yu Yujin reported the “both inclusive tax reductions and structural tax reductions, focusing on reducingThe burden of bankruptcy in manufacturing and small and micro enterprises.

On March 5, in the “Government Work Report” (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”) made by Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council, clear requirements were set for tax and fee reductions this year.

  Sun Ruibiao, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and deputy director of the State Administration of Taxation, couldn’t wait for the end of the afternoon group meeting after listening to the “Report.” Taking advantage of the lunch break, he turned back to work overtime.

At this time, the State Administration of Taxation was busy running because of the tax reduction requirements in the Report.

  重庆耍耍网This “Report” puts forward the largest tax reduction plan in history.

  The highest, reduced to the main force of tax reduction, tax rate scale adjustment, the original applicable 16% tax rate was reduced to 13%, 10% tax rate was reduced to 9%, 6% tax rate has not changed, but according to requirements, all industries must be guaranteedThe tax burden is only reduced but not increased.

Sun Ruibiao said that the next step will be to take supporting measures such as increasing deductions for production and living services to ensure that the tax burden of all industries will only be reduced or not increased, and continue to move towards the simplification of the tax rate by three and two.

  ”Reduction is the main force in this round of large-scale tax reductions. The targets of tax reductions include the real economy such as manufacturing and transportation, which have a broad coverage and great strength, and reduce the burden on the real economy.

Shi Wenwen, director of the Research Center of Finance and Tax Law of China University of Political Science and Law, said in interpreting the Report.

  At the same time, the “Report” requires that cutting taxes and fees directly against the pain points and difficulties of current market players is a fair and efficient policy.

To ensure that all industries must reduce their burdens, and gradually reduce the burden of corporate mergers and social security contributions by nearly 2 trillion yuan.

  As soon as the policy of increasing tax deductions came out, we faced a problem of implementation time. Before implementation, we have a lot of work to do.

For example, the system needs to be upgraded. At the same time, we must do a good job of policy guidance to solve the questions that taxpayers may have.

In addition, the supporting policies mentioned by the Prime Minister must be followed up.

After the implementation of the policy, will it be possible to declare it so correctly, and will the tax reduction be in place?

We have to do inspections, and we must tolerate many excessive pennies.

This is all the next work.

Sun Ruibiao said in a panel discussion at the National Two Sessions.

  According to the requirements of the “Report”, gradual reforms will be implemented. Both inclusive tax reductions and structural tax reductions will be implemented simultaneously, with a focus on reducing the burden on manufacturing and small and micro enterprises.

  According to Sun Ruibiao, since the 6% tax rate has not changed, it seems that these industries have not been affected, but the tax rate of upstream companies has decreased, so these industries can reduce the deduction. Therefore, the industry with a 6% tax rate, the actual tax burdenIs increased.

  In order to ensure that all industries can reduce their burdens, Sun Ruibiao said that the tax department will adopt supporting measures such as increasing resistance to deductions for production and living services to ensure that all industries can enjoy the benefits of tax reduction.

  ”Excessive tax does not mean that the original tax should be collected at 100% and collected at 120%, but the preferential policy is correct. Even if the excessive tax is collected, we must do an inspection and we can definitely collect an extra penny.

Sun Ruibiao pointed out.

  The first tax cut is always the highest.

  With regard to social insurance contributions, the Report states that the proportion of contributions paid by urban employees’ basic endowment insurance units will be reduced by 16% in various places.

This is a one-fifth reduction from the current 20% tax rate.

  In fact, tax cuts and fees have been one of the priorities of the state’s fiscal policy.

In 2018, the scale of tax and fee reductions reached 1.

At 3 trillion yuan, fiscal revenue was about 15 trillion yuan, and the scale of tax reduction was close to 10% of fiscal revenue.

  This year, tax cuts continue to be made, and small and micro enterprises’ tax cuts and fees have been spreading.

On January 9, the executive meeting of the State Council introduced a series of inclusive tax reduction measures for small and micro enterprises; On January 17, the State Administration of Taxation, in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance, issued the “Notice on the Implementation of Inclusive Policies for Small and Micro Enterprises””, Which clearly stipulates the specific content of the preferential policies; On January 18, two collection and management documents supporting the preferential policies for small and small-profit enterprise income taxes were officially released.

  Liu Baozhu, deputy director of the Revenue Department of the State Administration of Taxation, said that the long-term good tax and fee reduction policy is the theme of the 2019 annual work.

The State Administration of Taxation and 36 provincial-level taxation bureaus have all set up leading groups for the implementation of tax reduction and fee reduction, opened up information communication channels, and ensured the orderly progress of the work.

As of now, the taxation departments at the provincial, municipal, and county levels have all set up a leading group for tax reduction and fee reduction, led by the “first leader”, and issued “1 + 4” fiscal and tax documents and collection and management announcements to support the development of small and micro enterprises.Local tax relief documents have also been issued.

In addition, the pricing and management system was upgraded as scheduled, the statistical calculation was ready, and the supervision and administration office was in place, which effectively promoted the tax and fee reduction policy to take root.

  Pay attention to the continuous expansion of the scale of fiscal reduction of fees and taxes, which not only brings benefits to enterprises, but also puts some pressure on fiscal revenue.

  ”The difference in revenue and expenditure is more granular than in previous years. Because of the complex international and domestic economic growth and the downward pressure gap, coupled with the large-scale tax and fee cuts this year, fiscal revenue has increased significantly. Therefore, provinces and cities have lowered their fiscal revenue targets this year.
However, rigid fiscal expenditures have not decreased, revenues have decreased, and expenditures have increased in anticipation, leading to more obvious fiscal revenue and expenditure differences.
Shi said.

  It is understood that increasing investment efforts and reducing taxes and fees may lead to an increase in the deficit rate.

China has implemented an active fiscal policy for more than ten consecutive years. During the 2008 financial crisis, China implemented an active fiscal policy, and the deficit rate also went from zero in 2008.

11% rose to close to 3% in 2009 and then at 1.

The range of 5% -3% fluctuated within a slight range, and fell slightly to 2 in 2018.

6%, this year rose to 2.


  ”While reducing fees and taxes, it is also a big thing to balance the budget. The Prime Minister said in the Report that the scale of the deficit must be increased to two.

8%, at the same time tapping the potential and reopening some of the precipitation funds, which may involve hundreds of billions of funds and transformation. Current companies must report more profits and make more contributions. These are to help us reduce taxes and fees.jobs.
The pressure to cut taxes and fees is great.

Sun Ruibiao pointed out.
  In order to alleviate the pressure of tax and fee reductions on finances and support the reduction of burdens on enterprises, the “Report” requires that the government must live a tight schedule and find ways to raise funds.

The central government should open up and reduce expenditures, increase the profits paid by specific national financial institutions and state-owned enterprises, reduce general expenses by more than 5%, and reduce the “three public” expenses by about 3%, and all long-term deposit funds will be recovered.

Local governments should also take the initiative to tap the potential, vigorously optimize the expenditure structure, and activate various types of funds and assets through multiple channels.

  ”We must earnestly give market participants, especially small and micro enterprises, a clear sense of tax and fee reduction, and resolutely fulfill their commitments to the enterprise and society. No matter how many difficulties, we must make this important event a success.

“The report states.

Tell you that people of all ages are the best at getting up

Tell you that people of all ages are the best at getting up

We have always been good at going to bed early and getting up early. To children, young people, middle-aged people, and old people are truthful?

Is this really the case?

We all know that older people sleep for a short period of time, and the next day is still good.

In fact, people of all ages have different requirements for sleep time.

How many times do people of all ages get up?

  [20 years old]09:30 However, it seems a bit late for white-collar workers who want to go to work at 9 o’clock, but remember, the discussion here is only the ideal time to get up.

According to Dr. Kelly, when you are awake, two things control your brain-one keeps you awake and one drives you to sleep and rest.

This is caused by several different hormones: melatonin, sleep hormones, orexin, and sober hormones.

For people between the ages of 20 and 30, the secretion of orexin will not exceed melatonin until noon.

  [30 years old]08:10 Dr. Kelly said: When you enter 30 years old, your brain, lungs and muscles will enter a “slow development” state, so your biological clock will remind you to get up earlier.

  [40 years old]07:50 In this age group, your awake hormone will start to secrete when you fall asleep, so you will get up earlier.

  [50 years old]07:00 has entered the second half of life, so your brain ability is very clear about what kind of sleep you should have, so it only takes you a few minutes to get you into deep sleep.

  [60 years old]06:30 Your body knows that the most beneficial time is to get up with the sun.

Getting up at this time is great for physical fitness arrangements for the day.

  [70 years old]At 06:00, you will easily wake up, because your biological clock will be about half an hour earlier.

  Knowing when people in each age group get up, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t sleep well.

There are many individual differences. Even if your sleep time is shorter than that of your peers, your mental state is very good, which means that your body needs not to take too long to rest, and you sleep enough.

Be wary of personality distortions

Be wary of personality distortions

They are a kind of social “freak”. Looking at the causes of these “freak”, we must not think about the issue of mental health and think of the gains and losses of our education.

  It is common sense to pay attention to hygiene and stay healthy.

However, when many people talk about health, they just think of strengthening exercise, increasing nutrition, and preventing diseases. These are definitely important.

But that’s not the whole meaning of “health”.

During one’s life, it is inevitable to abide by various contradictions and setbacks. Therefore, psychological factors also endanger people’s health.

If a person is physically fit but lacks rationality and abnormal personality, how can he be said to be “healthy”?

Therefore, the World Health Organization’s interpretation of health is: without physical defects and diseases, it must have a complete physiological, psychological state and social adaptability.

  Rethinking our education, we know that there is something about politics and religion, that we strengthen intelligence, and that we respect sports, but mental health classes are often ignored, and some people of insight have often screamed “to cultivate a healthy personality.”Exam scores, “” prestigious school “in the voice.

With the intensification of social competition, the acceleration of the pace of life, and the transformation of various contradictions in the period of social transformation, we will all encounter a mental health problem.

Without the guidance of correct mental health knowledge, human psychology can easily be distorted under social pressure, deformed, collapsed and collapsed, and finally exposed to society in an extreme way to alleviate internal conflicts.

  We are in a social group.

The individual certainly needs a space for self-development, but the individual space must merge into the large space of society.

Something that hurts someone like Ma Jiajue for some personal shackles is a typical manifestation of inability to adapt and adapt.

Sociologists have designed some standards for our personal mental health, including “continuously learning, understanding ourselves, adapting to the environment, controlling emotions, venting appropriately”, etc. We do not hinder comparison and find a good psychological support point.

Where is the key to revealing a man?

Where is the key to revealing a man?

“The male leprechaun wants to eat you, the female leprechaun wants to marry you”, this is the new TV series “Journey to the West”, the pig Bajie said to Tang Seng in the case of a full steamed bun.

The way that Xitian learned from the scriptures, Tang monk did experience countless temptations. Considering from the perspective of humanization, a mature man must have tried his best to face Hu Meijiao.

However, whether it ‘s the daughter of the king of affection, or the rabbit spirit and spider spirit of Israel, they have replaced the heart of the “brother of a wonderful man”.

  Supporting the cause and opposing success In the eyes of the poet, every woman is the lotus before the Buddha five hundred years ago. Naturally, everyone has a brother Tang Seng in his mind.

No matter if he is dignified or not, he is only very good, and those men who can’t be found, for you, can’t eat Tang Seng meat in his mouth.

Women always take it for granted that as long as men like it, as long as there is love, they will stop.

So he loved a person, he took out his heart, lungs, and even undressed. Once he decided to move forward, he thought he had never thought of himself, so he moved his grief, inferiority, and beat himselfIt was a piece of cake.

In fact, there are many reasons that prevent a man from stopping, because they almost understand from their lifetime that love is not enough.

  From the perspective of the fairy priestess, it is good to be bitter and tired, but for the Tang monk, it is the glory and the lifelong pursuit.

Fifty years ago, if you could n’t catch a man ‘s stomach, do n’t even try to grab his heart. At that time, everyone was about the same time. Chinese men have no career at all. Now, this sentence can be changed to: If you ca n’t catch himDo n’t even try to grab his heart.

  Regarding the man’s so-called career pursuit, whether it is actual or empty, if you love him, support him fully; if your existence hinders the way he can succeed, the wise choice is, “Get out and let Comrade LeninGo first!

“A girlfriend who stuck me with nothing and added nothing. When the office romance was in full swing, she resigned with her boyfriend.

After spending several months at home, neither found a job.

The boy decided to go back to his hometown and start his own company, and the girl was crazy.

Asked dozens of times a day whether you love me or not, will we be separated.

The boy’s attitude became increasingly cold.

Finally one day, he said to his friend in front of the girl that I would not talk about marriage until my career was successful.

  If you fall in love with a man who is in the period of professional wasteland or rising, and there is no way to help him become famous with speed, after a brief passion, it is likely to harvest an inexplicable freezing rain.

The speed of cooling will make you doubt that the love words that are still in the ear are all false.

Those women who were crying and screaming to get married during the trough of men’s careers, in their own view, this is not to be forsaken, and to men, this is nothing to add.

  Normally, there will be several iron buddies on the man’s “learning the scriptures”. They will become white dragons and horses, and then they will become bearers.

These people, the least visible is the charming look of a woman.

Their greatest ability is not to slander you or to ridicule him.

  Men can’t stand being despised, especially when they can’t stand being held emotionally.

As a result, he frowned, glared, and sang “Where there is no grass in the end of the earth”, and he was riding a dust.

  Deeply in love and eager to deliver excessively deep work, Xiu En’s dazed woman is particularly prone to follow in this regard.

In fact, you may not be his obstacle. Maybe you are born with a vengeance. Blame you for naively thinking that people all over the world want to see your love endlessly increased, but they do n’t know. People in this world,All have a congenital gloomy mind.

The so-called “deep love and longevity” is exactly what they made to convince the Tang monk brother.

  Love should be hidden for a while, and once love is forgotten, it is easy to be isolated.

Even his friends and family think that you are naive and nauseous, I am afraid that it is only suitable for love and not suitable for marriage; even your friends and family may not agree with you for destroying your thousand years of practice for a monk.

Without the love of the Confederates, it is difficult to last, and often, the side that is particularly loved, it is easy to make yourself lonely.

You have a high fever, who dares to give you a raise and a firewood?

  Because I love a person so much, and eager to give myself all to him, I finally lost him.

This is the story of the Banshee and Tang Monk.

If you can’t understand why he can’t love or dare not love, and can’t understand his concerns and intentions, love is superficial after all.

Understanding why you ca n’t eat Tang Seng’s meat may not restore love, at least it will make people feel relieved.

  Those who have experienced “I finally lost you”, the unhealed injuries are not lost, but they do not understand why they lost.

Several medicated diets to help you adjust postpartum insomnia

Several medicated diets to help you adjust postpartum insomnia

New moms will feel dizzy, palpitations, shortness of breath, and general weakness; they will soon turn yellow and lose their hair, and often have symptoms of sleep disturbances, such as short sleep, sleepless, sleepless, easy to wake up, or sleepless all night.

  Medicinal diet conditioning lotus seed lily soup ingredients: 250 grams of lean pork, 30 grams of lotus seeds, 30 grams of lily.

  Method: Put the above three ingredients into a casserole and add boiled soup.

  Indications: Suitable for postpartum women with insomnia and insomnia.

  Yejiao rattan porridge ingredients: Yejiao rattan 60 grams, previous rice 50 grams, 2 jujubes, sugar.

  Method: Soak the Yejiao in warm water for a while, add 500 ml of water, fry about 300 ml of medicinal juice, remove the drug residue; add rice, sugar, jujube, and 200 ml of water to cook into a thick porridge.Cover tightly and serve for 5 minutes.

Take it 1 hour before bed every night and eat it while hot for 10 days.

  Indications: Suitable for women with poor sleep quality.

  Zongzixiang with porridge ingredients: 5 grams of gardenia, 100 grams of rice, 30 grams of fresh plantain, 6 grams of incense, 6 grams of angelica.

  Method: Wash the plantain, boil the juice with the rice dumplings, incense sticks, and angelica to remove the residue; cook the juice with the previous rice and cook.

  Indications: Suitable for postpartum women who are in a bad mood, prone to excitement and insomnia.

  Ingredients for millet jujube porridge: 100 grams of millet, 15 grams of pickled jujube kernels, and 30 grams of honey.

  Method: Boil jujube kernels and boil for 15 minutes, add millet to cook porridge after extending the sediment, and add honey before eating.

  Indications: Suitable for postpartum sleep disturbed women with dry stool.

Chinese patent medicine for anti-angina

Chinese patent medicine for anti-angina

Angina is a disease caused by hypoxia caused by insufficient blood supply to the coronary arteries.

In addition to various predisposing factors, angina pectoris should be treated according to the patient’s condition.

Many Chinese patent medicines in recent years have a better effect in the treatment of cardiac colic. They can relieve coronary artery occlusion and increase myocardial area oxygen supply by reducing myocardial hypoxia and expanding coronary vessels.

  Sanqi Guanxinning is an oral tablet made by extracting the active ingredients from the Araliaceae plant Panax notoginseng.

It can expand coronary arteries, increase coronary blood flow, reduce peripheral vascular endothelium and intra-aortic pressure, slow heart rate and myocardial oxygen consumption, inhibit platelet aggregation, and reduce blood viscosity and plasma concentration.

Suitable for coronary heart disease angina and hyperlipidemia.

Each time 1-4 tablets / granules (each tablet / 100 mg), 3 times a day, after meals, 1-6 months for a course of treatment.

A small number of users have dry mouth, nausea, stomach discomfort, headache, occasional red blood cells, reduced flakes, loss or disappear after stopping.

  Ligustrazine is an umbelliferous plant, Chuanxiong.

It can dilate small arteries, increase coronary blood flow, anti-platelet aggregation, improve microcirculation and cerebral blood flow, and improve heart function.

Applicable to coronary heart disease angina pectoris, occlusive vascular disease, cerebral thrombosis, vasculitis and so on.

Tablets, 2 tablets each (50 mg each), 3 times a day, served after meals, 1 month for 1 course of treatment.

Occasionally, stomach discomfort, dry mouth, lethargy, etc. after oral administration; supplemented with cerebral hemorrhage or bleeding tendency.

  Heart music tablets (total flavonoid tablets) are oral tablets made from soybean plant soybean extract soybean compound, soybean compound (soybean), syringic acid and the like.

Can significantly increase coronary blood flow and cerebral blood flow, and can reduce heart rate, myocardial contractility and blood pressure, improve myocardial oxygen supply.

It is suitable for the treatment of angina pectoris caused by mild coronary heart disease, dizziness caused by precordial discomfort and hypertension, headache, insomnia, and symptoms of limb numbness.

Take 2-3 tablets (50 mg each) 3 times a day.

Most people have a slower heart rate after taking the drug.

  Xintong oral liquid is an oral liquid prepared by scientific methods such as Astragalus, Ophiopogon japonicus, Salvia miltiorrhiza, and seaweed.

It has the functions of nourishing yin and nourishing yin, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, softening and strengthening phlegm, and treating the specimen with the same treatment.

Applicable to coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction (chest pain, qi and yin deficiency).

Each time 10-20 ml (10 ml each), 2-3 times a day, 4 weeks for a course of treatment.

No obvious side effects.