When you step on love, your body wants the most.

When you step on love, your body wants the most.

Are you accustomed to starting your sex life at midnight and stereotyped the alarm clock when you get up.

But do you really understand your biological clock?

Do you hear the signal from your body?

What is perfect sex is that you and he are “stepping” on the point of “want”.

The body and emotions are ignited, and I am afraid that the climax says “no”?

  Five situations women want to “make” to recall your most memorable sex experience, and perhaps find that they are the most sexual in certain situations.

The following five coefficients are thus accessed.


I have a strong desire, I want it very much, and my mood is very relaxed.

  ”At the time, I had no sex for almost a year. After chatting with my boyfriend who had just talked for a month, he took me home. It was already more than 5:00 in the morning. I asked him to wash his face, take a break and go back. As a result, heHold me in one hand.

In fact, I have already thought about what will happen when he is asked to send me home.


The other party is good, very considerate and good.

  ”My boyfriend is gentle and considerate, and there are often unexpected surprises with him.

He always finds a comfortable place, puts music and drinks a little wine, so I feel right away.

He is not the kind of person who sleeps when he finishes his head. He will put a pool of warm water and bathe with me.


The two are in love, after the romantic foreplay.

  This usually happens between sweet lovers, but there are special examples, such as “Although, I feel the best time is with a foreigner, when I have been divorced for two years, and he may trim myNeed, just at the hotel where he stayed, at 10 o’clock in the evening, he poured a glass of red wine to me. We first chatted on the sofa, then he kissed my ear, kissed my cheek, hugged me tightly, I never hadPassed this feeling of being ruined.

After taking a shower, he took me to bed. The only thing I thought of at that time was that I had to let it go and enjoy the moment in front of me.

He is very tall, I am very petite, but he is very pity and jealous, step by step into my entry into the good environment.


For a long time, reunion or special day.

  ”He was on a business trip for a month. When he got home, he hugged me tightly, as if he wanted to melt me in his arms.

When the climax, the whole body can not help but be happy, trembling, hope to close contact.

This time is the best, the climax can come two or three times.

“Sexual Anniversary will be done” On the first anniversary of our sex, he prepared a candlelight dinner, and I also put on the last year’s dress.

The theme and clothes are full of energy and teasing, and the result is natural.


In a stimulating, adventurous atmosphere, such as outdoor sex or worry about the wall has ears.

  ”The most memorable one was at 2 in the morning. In an unmanned alley, I didn’t want to happen at first, but they were very close to each other, and then they were getting bigger and bigger. It happened. Halfway through, peopleSome are sober, very worried about someone passing by, but some people are very stimulated, and later became a good example of my flirting with my boyfriend.

“In a thrilling, adventurous atmosphere,” once I went back to his house with my boyfriend, we started watching movies in the room, the film saw it halfway, he started kissing me, I didn’t refuse, and I reacted, when his parents prepared dinner in the kitchen.
We did not take long, but it was very enthusiastic.

“Women’s sexual desire is not caused by changes. Women’s two peaks of sexual desire.

  Is there a gradual change in a woman’s sexual desire?

As early as the 1920s, British female scientist Marys?

Tops conducted a long-term and in-depth study on this.

She found that women’s sexual desire fluctuations are closely related to their menstrual cycle.That is, in every 28-day menstrual cycle, most women will have two peaks of libido, one in two or three days before and after ovulation, and one before menstruation.

  Some experts have conducted an investigation into unmarried women in North Carolina, USA.

It was found that women who had premarital sex in this state occurred mostly before and after menstruation, and the frequency of orgasm was also high.

The time for married women to reach orgasm is mostly before and after menstruation.

  Use the sleeping position to provoke desire.

  When you are going to sleep, if you feel that your body is exhausted without a little desire, you may want to ask him to hold you in your arms from behind and maintain an “intimate” posture.

This is a very sensational movement that makes women feel more sexy.

Keeping this position to fall asleep, many couples find that they will wake up from their dreams in the middle of the night and continue to linger.