text Chapter One Hundred and Seventy Announced
? When the child Zhou Zhuoqun sat back in front of the game console again,I just feel the constant humming in my ears,There seem to be voices of doubt in all directions。
He is completely out of shape,After all, he is only less than seventeen years old,The fragile nerves of a teenager can’t seem to bear such a heavy pressure,Full of distracting thoughts。
And his opponent,Kim Jong-hui from the Korean team is full of confidence,In great condition。
The opponent’s infinite kills are banned,Mentality will inevitably be greatly affected,This is a rare opportunity。
Although many players will feel a little invincible,But who would really care about such things!At least from the game rules,No problem at all。
The game continues。
The child’s Iori only has blood,Plus I am completely absent,Was quickly killed by Kim Jong-hui’s Kagura Chizuru。
Second round,Kagura Chizuru to Daimon Gengoro。
Kim Jong-hui’s Kagura Chizuru played very well,At the beginning, it hit the door with a heavy hand.,Then take a congratulatory message,Hit the door continuously,The blood volume is over half in an instant。
Lu Menglin shook his head repeatedly,Unexpectedly in 1998,Someone played the skills of Kagura Chizuru to such a superb level。
Even if it’s him,I also think that when the masters use Kagura Chizuru,Is the most difficult to deal with。
Hit Kagura Chizuru,Basically rely on gambling,Take it away if you win,If you make a wrong bet, you get beaten yourself,Is a very tricky character。
The kid’s Iori Gengoro played reluctantly,In the end, it was reduced to a situation where only heavy legs could exchange blood with the opponent。
quickly,Daemon Gengoro was killed by Kagura ChizuruKO,There is only one character left in Team Menglin。
Kim Jong-hui’s Kagura Chizuru still has nearly half of his health.,After adding the victory and blood,Reverted to two-thirds of his blood。