Zhu Ximei’s most effective fattening beauty

Zhu Ximei’s most effective fattening beauty

First, the daily fattening recipe arrangement 1, breakfast, get up with honey, wine, red dates and even eggs to drink bowls (can be activating blood, face red, summer autumn honey, ginger and honey in autumn and winter, eggs are earth eggs), thenDrink a bowl of porridge, steam a tomato in the compartment while cooking porridge, then drink a glass of milk, and eat an apple half an hour later.

Eat a cucumber after an hour.

  The key points of fattening: The persimmon persimmon is eaten and used, and must be cooked before it can be absorbed.


Lunch: Eat the steamed tomatoes in the morning for half an hour after the meal, and then eat a banana.


Dinner: Two potatoes, peeled, cut into a diced shape, cooked in a pan, put in soy milk, and then grab the walnuts for a minute.

(This so-called fattening effect is fast, and there are special functions), eat a peach or pear after half an hour, soak a foot half an hour before going to bed, drink a glass of milk.

When you drink the milk, you can leave the point where you put the compressed mask paper inside. After soaking it, stick it on the board. The most economical whitening moisturizing mask is it.

  Second, exercise yoga on Wednesdays and Fridays.

One hour of swimming on Saturday or Sunday, occasionally turning to hula hoop three, sleep 7 hours of sleep per day.