Consumption stocks stagnate, Hong Kong stocks smashed by smart money

Consumption stocks stagnate, Hong Kong stocks smashed by smart money

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These Hong Kong stocks were copied by smart funds after a year. Reporter | Edited by Yuan Yingqi |

Looking at the trend after the year, the computer, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery and electronic sectors rose strongly, increasing by 17.

5%, 16% and 15.


The gains in the household appliances and textile and apparel sectors fell to the bottom third and fourth in the industry, only 2 respectively.

6% and 4.


Other consumer goods, such as retail, food and beverage, and tourism sectors also underperformed, with only a few gains.

  Despite the short-term impact of the epidemic, the long-term trend of consumption upgrades remains unchanged.

Is the stagnation of consumer stocks a good opportunity for the layout?

If you want to make a layout, is it worth investing in a certain stock?

The proportion of institutional investment in Hong Kong stocks is high, and to a certain extent it can represent the institutional perspective.

Let us see that these “smart funds” have bottomed out some Hong Kong stocks consumer stocks after the year.

Image source: Feng, Zhou Heiya, Research Department of Interface News, Hotpot stocks are popular. From January 30 to February 18, the statistics show that Zhou Heiya (0023.

HK) Among all Hong Kong consumer stocks, Masukura ranks first.

Masukura 0.

86 averages.

During the same period, Zhou Heiya increased 7 ahead of time.


Zhou Heiya announced the opening of the franchise at the end of last year, increasing by more than 50% in the short term, and then falling again.

Zhou Heiya is still mainly in direct-operated stores, and labor and rent costs are allocated.

The impact of the epidemic will also be larger than the scale of the savory food that is mainly franchise.

In addition, the raw material prices of these marinated foods are expected to further 佛山桑拿网 increase in the future.

Zhou Heiya wants to catch up and I am afraid there is still a difficult road to go.

  In fact, Haidilao (0337.

HK) and his supply chain company Yihai International (0003.

HK) all gained Masukura 0.

36 averages.

Ranked third in all consumer stocks.

Xiabu Xiabu (0520.)

HK) also acquired Masukura over 4 million shares.

The suspension of the catering industry during the epidemic, especially during the New Year, was originally the peak season for the catering industry, which will always have a certain impact on this year’s performance.

It is obvious that the static price-earnings ratios of Haidilao and Yihai International are estimated to reach 82 times and 78 times respectively.

  Other food and beverage stocks include China Tobacco Hong Kong (0321.

HK), COFCO Meat (0101.
HK), Manor Ranch (0468.
HK) and Ausnutria (0400.

HK) also achieved Masakura with alkaline ratio.

  Traditional clothing was sold at a low price, and high-sports sportswear was lightened. Last year was a painful year for the apparel industry. For a long time, well-known brand clothing declared bankruptcy.

But it is undeniable that the bottom of the clothing industry has arrived in the “severe winter”.

Some “smart funds” have begun to copy traditional clothing.

Jiangnan Commoner (0173.

HK) ranked second in all Masukura Masukura and gained Masukura 0.

48 averages.

Others include La Chapelle (0525.

HK) and textile leader Shenzhou International (0721).

HK) get Masukura 0 respectively.

21 and 0.

19 averages.

  It is obvious that the sportswear stocks, which have always maintained a high degree of prosperity, have encountered severe reductions in their positions.

Take Li Ning (3888.

HK) as the head, lighten up 0.

81 averages.

Anta Sports (6100.

HK), followed by lighten up 0.

33 averages.

Xtep International (2343.

HK) and 361 degrees (1361.

HK) is no exception.

Li Ning and Anta Sports are estimated to be 40 times and 36 times respectively.

  In addition, Bosideng (3998) with outstanding growth in Air Force performance.

HK) also suffered an outstanding lightening of 0.

6 averages.

  Beer stocks are collectively cold. While food and beverages are optimistic, beer stocks are collectively lightening up.

China Resources Beer (2688.

Hong Kong) and Tsingtao Brewery (0817.

HK) were lightened by 0.

38 and 0.

37 averages.

Global beer leader Budweiser Asia Pacific (1257.

HK) positions remain unchanged.

All along, beer stocks in Hong Kong stocks have maintained high estimates.

Beer stocks suffered a wave of distortion before the festival, and the rebound was not obvious after the year.

This is mainly due to the increased uncertainty of the institutions’ expectations for the annual report.

In particular, Budweiser Asia Pacific ‘s first financial report was worse than expected, and it is also a shadow of whether beer stocks can improve profitability as expected.