Tell you that people of all ages are the best at getting up

Tell you that people of all ages are the best at getting up

We have always been good at going to bed early and getting up early. To children, young people, middle-aged people, and old people are truthful?

Is this really the case?

We all know that older people sleep for a short period of time, and the next day is still good.

In fact, people of all ages have different requirements for sleep time.

How many times do people of all ages get up?

  [20 years old]09:30 However, it seems a bit late for white-collar workers who want to go to work at 9 o’clock, but remember, the discussion here is only the ideal time to get up.

According to Dr. Kelly, when you are awake, two things control your brain-one keeps you awake and one drives you to sleep and rest.

This is caused by several different hormones: melatonin, sleep hormones, orexin, and sober hormones.

For people between the ages of 20 and 30, the secretion of orexin will not exceed melatonin until noon.

  [30 years old]08:10 Dr. Kelly said: When you enter 30 years old, your brain, lungs and muscles will enter a “slow development” state, so your biological clock will remind you to get up earlier.

  [40 years old]07:50 In this age group, your awake hormone will start to secrete when you fall asleep, so you will get up earlier.

  [50 years old]07:00 has entered the second half of life, so your brain ability is very clear about what kind of sleep you should have, so it only takes you a few minutes to get you into deep sleep.

  [60 years old]06:30 Your body knows that the most beneficial time is to get up with the sun.

Getting up at this time is great for physical fitness arrangements for the day.

  [70 years old]At 06:00, you will easily wake up, because your biological clock will be about half an hour earlier.

  Knowing when people in each age group get up, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t sleep well.

There are many individual differences. Even if your sleep time is shorter than that of your peers, your mental state is very good, which means that your body needs not to take too long to rest, and you sleep enough.