Be wary of personality distortions

Be wary of personality distortions

They are a kind of social “freak”. Looking at the causes of these “freak”, we must not think about the issue of mental health and think of the gains and losses of our education.

  It is common sense to pay attention to hygiene and stay healthy.

However, when many people talk about health, they just think of strengthening exercise, increasing nutrition, and preventing diseases. These are definitely important.

But that’s not the whole meaning of “health”.

During one’s life, it is inevitable to abide by various contradictions and setbacks. Therefore, psychological factors also endanger people’s health.

If a person is physically fit but lacks rationality and abnormal personality, how can he be said to be “healthy”?

Therefore, the World Health Organization’s interpretation of health is: without physical defects and diseases, it must have a complete physiological, psychological state and social adaptability.

  Rethinking our education, we know that there is something about politics and religion, that we strengthen intelligence, and that we respect sports, but mental health classes are often ignored, and some people of insight have often screamed “to cultivate a healthy personality.”Exam scores, “” prestigious school “in the voice.

With the intensification of social competition, the acceleration of the pace of life, and the transformation of various contradictions in the period of social transformation, we will all encounter a mental health problem.

Without the guidance of correct mental health knowledge, human psychology can easily be distorted under social pressure, deformed, collapsed and collapsed, and finally exposed to society in an extreme way to alleviate internal conflicts.

  We are in a social group.

The individual certainly needs a space for self-development, but the individual space must merge into the large space of society.

Something that hurts someone like Ma Jiajue for some personal shackles is a typical manifestation of inability to adapt and adapt.

Sociologists have designed some standards for our personal mental health, including “continuously learning, understanding ourselves, adapting to the environment, controlling emotions, venting appropriately”, etc. We do not hinder comparison and find a good psychological support point.